Breaking News: A Confirmed Cameo in “Rogue One”

Since this might constitute a spoiler, I’m putting the details under the cut…

Non-spoiler update 8/7:  NBC will air a new Rogue One trailer on Thursday during its Olympic coverage.  NBC must be so jazzed for ratings it’ll happily run a trailer from its rival’s parent company!

As we all hoped, Jimmy Smits will be reprising his role as Bail Organa in “Rogue One!”  Even though it has not yet been announced on or through any other official Star Wars source, word came right from the horse’s mouth when Smits appeared today on CBS’s “The Talk.”  From Cinelinx:

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story sits at a point in the Star Wars timeline where it’s prime for some iconic character cameos. The film’s first trailer already revealed the return of Mon Mothma, and Darth Vader has also been confirmed to have a small (but significant) role in the film, and many speculated based off a brief glimpse from the Celebration Sizzle Reel that Bail Organa would also be making an appearance.

Bail comes from the Prequels, the adoptive father of Princess Leia and one of the primary founders of the Rebellion against the Empire. Today, Jimmy Smits, the actor who portrays the character in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, confirmed he has a cameo in this year’s upcoming Rogue One! The actor himself confirmed the information on The Talk:

“Can you say the word cameo?” he said laughing. “Can you say the words small part?”

Okay, now you’re getting my attention. Just get that publicity thing going already!



10 Responses to “Breaking News: A Confirmed Cameo in “Rogue One””

  1. Nariel Says:

    Great news! That makes me more interested in seeing “Rogue One”. I really liked Jimmy Smits as Bail Organa and Genevieve O’Reilly was also excellent as Mon Mothma in those deleted scenes, so I’m glad she is back.

  2. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    This is great news! Jimmy Smits is back as Bail Organa.

  3. LadyJediScientist Says:

    After the PT bashing campaign that went with TFA, I wasn’t that excited about Rogue 1. I wasn’t even sure I would see this film. However, Mon Mothma and Bail are in this film, plus we get Saw. And George visited the set. I may change my mind. 🤔🤔

  4. jayoungr Says:

    Yay? I’m still not jazzed about the “grim and gritty” movie.

    • Mike Jones Says:

      If you don’t mind me asking: how come you’re not that high on the “grim and gritty” aspect of it? Rogue One will essentially be giving us an in-depth look of the day-to-day look for the war between the Empire and the Rebellion. After all, it’s called Star “Wars” for a reason 😉

      • jayoungr Says:

        No, I don’t mind. 🙂 Two reasons. First, because “grim and gritty” isn’t what I want from Star Wars. I want operatic high adventure with big, inspiring themes. And second, because I’m just plain bored with “grim and gritty.” I view it as kind of taking the easy way out. Plus, it bugs me that a lot of people seem to assume that grittiness is somehow an automatic badge of quality.

        Your mileage, quite obviously, may vary. If it does, well, you’re the one who’s getting the movie you want, so consider yourself lucky.

        (Am clearly a bit cranky today, sorry!)

    • DiLillicious Says:

      I kinda think it’s awesome that this new Star Wars era allows us to see all kinds of different tones. TFA certainly wasn’t grim and gritty, but if this one wants to be then it can do that without jeopardizing the overall consistent tone of the franchise.

      • jayoungr Says:

        Out of curiosity, how can you be so sure it won’t jeopardize the overall consistent tone of the franchise?

      • DiLillicious Says:

        Because it’s a spin-off. It’s its own individual thing. If Rian Johnson or Colin Trevorrow were out talking about how Episode VIII or IX was going to be grim and gritty, I’d be annoyed, but here I don’t think it’s an issue.

      • jayoungr Says:

        A spin-off is still part of a franchise and contributes to its tone, since a franchise is everything related to the fictional world. Maybe you meant to say it wouldn’t jeopardize the overall consistent tone of the main film series?

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