Disney Event Teases Us With Stuff We Cannot Have

…Unless you live in Japan.


Just past this woman’s shoulder is a very nice Amidala dress from Japanese designer Anrealage, as part of its Star Wars line.  If you pop over to Just Jenn’s Twitter feed she has close up pictures.  This was set up as part of an event in L.A. to launch the Destination Disney Style YouTube channel.

Just Jenn managed to also get a shot of a TPM backpack that I know I’ve seen before for sale exclusively to Japanese consumers.

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One Response to “Disney Event Teases Us With Stuff We Cannot Have”

  1. LadyJediScientist Says:

    I seriously do not understand their logic on this. Why can’t we have Prequel themed women’s apparel? The older hate boys don’t like the ewoks either, but there is still ewok apparel & accessories for women. Simply because the guys don’t like it doesn’t mean the women share their opinion. I want Padme dresses!!!

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