AOTC Clone Trooper & Battle Droid From SH Figurarts Coming In October

Tamashii Nations has released photos of its upcoming AOTC clone trooper and battle droid (sold separately) from the SH Figurarts line.  You can check them out on Toyark’s site.  I think it’s pretty cool you can change out the battle droid’s head for Threepio’s, just like in the movie!

These babies are due out in October and will retail for about $47 apiece.


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5 Responses to “AOTC Clone Trooper & Battle Droid From SH Figurarts Coming In October”

  1. Dave Strohmenger Says:

    It seems like they’ve released the most prequel toys of any manufacturer recently. It makes me wonder if anti-prequel sentiment is more common in the US than the rest of the world.

    • Jacobesico Says:

      I think it might be.

      I live in England and there are quite a few Prequel related merchandise in our shops.

    • Artiom Says:

      I had the same thought. I live in Moscow and I noticed there’s a lot of prequel related Lego and toys here.

    • Captain Fordo Says:

      Prequal haters are the same thing as SJWs. There a loud minority who love to bitch and moan about problems that dont exist, while ignoring real issues. There idiots in short, and the loud minority.

  2. Hoggle Says:

    Reading the AoTC graphic novel brings home how integral alot of the cut scenes were to the film’s full narrative potential 🎨 💢
    The mystery with Dooku for example, when he has the build up by Jocasta Nuu in the library with Obi, then later him trying to get not only Obi but Padme to join him, going on about the republic’s shortfalls, there’s alot more doubt there in the story about Dooku’s motivations. The shooting script would give us the, we know the Jedi suspect Sith behind creation of army from debate in Palpatine’s office tying up a coloring to a major character segment’s portrayal & adding to background of dread in RotS later (along with giving us the prequel Luke rushes into trap warning of tESB much clearer when they take up the offer) etc etc

    GL’s shooting scripts were GREAT in the prequels (check out RoTS initial shooting script for that also), just the editing/putting together of them was average by comparision (& that’s from a pov that totally rates highly their flawed brilliance as is in the GL 6 film star wars).

    A properly/fully realised extended edition/SE trilogy of Prequels re-incorporating majority of shooting/shoot scripts along with majority associated deleted scenes/sequences, would blow everyone/thing away & be Bestness. 🔶

    Those droids figures are fun, if they had slots for 3 or 4 pens on the back, would be hard for me to resist not wanting on my desk when writing stuff. 🍉

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