More Independent PT Tee Designs

The Kessel Runway interviewed the proprietors of Beep Boop Beep Clothing, an independent company that makes a lot of cool saga t-shirt designs (some Disney too).  I bought their Barbie-style logo Padmé shirt a little while ago.  Now they have a sweet new Queen Amidala design.  They apparently have a lot of limited edition designs that come and go fast too.

Anyway, this is the money quote from The Kessel Runway interview that emphasizes the point I made yesterday in my post on what we can learn from Legends fans:

Your range includes Padme’ Amidala inspired designs – what are your thoughts on the lack of licensed Padme’ Amidala themed apparel?

We are honestly quite surprised that there aren’t more! We feel like with many of Star Wars lesser-known characters as well as character from the prequels (like Padme), that many big-name brands don’t represent them because they think they won’t sell enough. They think all the business is with Leia, R2 merchandise, etc. I think part of the reason why our shirts have such a loyal fan-base is because we realize that the fans that are very invested in the Star Wars universe care very much about other characters too, and crave to see more of them. (In fact, our Max Rebo tee is one of our best-sellers) Padme isn’t as mainstream of course as Leia, since she hasn’t been around as much and wasn’t the original Star Wars girl. But being very close to many people in the geek community we know that she means a great deal to women.



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One Response to “More Independent PT Tee Designs”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    They know their customers – I wish the design had more of …well, something like they’ve shown with Rey, Jyn and Leia – I do want to support all things prequel but using just makeup as your image doesn’t really do much for me and certainly doesn’t say Star Wars or Padmé or prequel films to anyone except the hard core. And actually it’s Amidala represented here, not Padmé.

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