SWCE Open Thread

Ahsoka-rama, new Rogue One trailer, and other shenanigans drop all weekend at SWCE!  Are you at the con?  Are you watching stream video when you really should be working?  Are you following along on social media?  Do you even care?  Chat about it here (but read the Rules of the House).

Update 7/15:  It was all about Ahsoka and Rogue One today.  For some reason Lucasfilm showed a short new trailer only to the audience at SWCE that apparently has Vader in it; there’s no SDCC panel and there’s no D23 this year (tickets just went on sale for 2017).  So I have no idea what they are saving it for.  But a sizzle reel was shown to the audience and online and folks claim to have spotted Bail Organa in the background.  As for Ahsoka, there’s lots of news about her!  Aside from the exclusive Funko Pop figure for Hot Topic coming this fall (her “Rebels” incarnation), the cover art for the upcoming YA novel was revealed as well as some digital cards for the Topps Star Wars Trading Card app.  The Ahsoka Untold Tales panel is posted in its entirety here.  Some of it is stuff I’d heard before from last year’s Clone Wars panel at Celebration Anaheim but a lot is new, including lots of new sketch art and Dave Filoni’s plans for her fate on the show.  Watch and pull your hair out that such a cool ending never got to be used!  And could we see her return on “Rebels?”

Meanwhile TPM concept artist Doug Chiang and visual effects supervisor John Knoll along with Kevin Jenkins appeared at the ILM Archaeology Panel that live streamed (I didn’t watch, I actually had to work, heh heh).  Apparently Chiang spent a lot of time talking about how many miniatures were used in TPM ;).  And Chiang managed to bump into fellow TPM alum Ray Park:


And here’s Dave Filoni and Sam Witwer (Maul’s other alter ego) with a cosplayer:


Update 7/16:  It was mostly about Thrawn today but not much news prequels-wise.  Maul will be back on “Rebels” and there’s going to be a TPM read-along book for kids coming out in January.

Update 7/17:   Aaand, show’s over.





21 Responses to “SWCE Open Thread”

  1. Jacobesico Says:

    I saw that footage of Season 3 of Rebels. Ezra sure looks more mature.

    I think they’re going for that Return of the Jedi look.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Yeah. Except with that new haircut, Ezra’s nose looks bigger.

      • Brian47 Says:

        It was great to see that extended clip, plus with Hondo back in action. They are following an interesting track with watching Ezra noticeably grow and mature on this show season by season.

  2. Eduardo Vargas Says:

    Rogue One looks interesting, except for what looks like Tatooine 3.0.

    George went to the Rogue One set and met Gareth, yet he never went to the TFA set…

    The plot thickens

    • fundhund Says:

      I really liked the first trailer, but the more I see (and hear!) about it, the more anxious I become.
      Somehow Disney still plays their “it´s all practical!” campaign, and it really strikes me as odd that these days everyone involved in SW has to be a fan! It´s not enough to star in a movie and do a good job, you also have to make the nerds believe you are one of them.
      Putting that aside, I kind of like the new characters already, so I´m gonna wait with further rants until I have seen the whole ting.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        I find that annoying too. Who cares as long as you do a good job? Being a fan is icing on the cake.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It’s annoying that they saved their short trailer of specialness exclusively for those at SWCE lucky to get into the room; if you weren’t so fortunate and couldn’t get in, you didn’t get to see it. Neither has anyone not at the con. I don’t know what Lucasfilm is saving it for; there’s no LFL panel at SDCC next week and there’s no D23. I just think it’s a crummy way to treat fans.

  3. Edward Diego Says:

    Some fans spotted a person that looks like Jimmy Smits aka Bail Organa within the Rogue One Celebration Reel. Disney does not ignore the PT and continues to build bridges to the OT.

  4. Brian47 Says:

    In this video of the ROGUE ONE Star Wars Celebration Panel Highlights, director Gareth Edwards talks about Lucas towards the end, when he visited the set and Gareth gives all credit to Lucas for everything that is happening now in the SW universe.

  5. bansheegun Says:

    Totally lost it when Filoni started talking about the scene where Ahsoka said goodbye to Anakin for the last time. Truly amazing what they have done for Ahsoka over the course of almost 10 years. No other Star Wars character makes me that emotional.

  6. Jacobesico Says:

    The trailer of Season 3 of Rebels looks amazing.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Dave Filoni is the one guy who seems to care about the saga and wants to bring it all together. Ergo we have Thrawn back and a new novel coming from Tim Zahn.

      • skywalkerskater11 Says:

        I have to disagree–any time Filoni brought anything from the EU into TCW, it contradicted the (at the time) canon and just made EU fans angry. I wish they would just leave Legends completely out of the new canon and continue it as a separate story.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Probably isn’t going to happen.

      • skywalkerskater11 Says:

        I know, but I can hope 😉

      • Captain Fordo Says:

        Skywalkerskater11, remember that Filoni is doing things better than Disney and actually ares about the saga and myths of it.

        While the EU was great, it was already a web of where what goes. I’m still angry Disney axed it.

  7. lovelucas Says:

    Not watching…not caring. I really can not make myself care. I do care about Dave Filoni and I do care that Gareth Edwards gives the credit to George. I also read that the story from Rogue is from George, that it was to be the TV series that never happened. If that’s the case Rogue will be the new film I will see. Still have not seen TFA and won’t until it’s on tv …free.

    • Brian47 Says:

      Well, technically the story originated from John Knoll who brought to Lucas around 10 years ago when the live-action TV series was being developed. According to the panel, they worked out that the timeline just wasn’t correct, for what years the TV series would cover versus when the Rogue One story would occur, and so Knoll’s idea was shelved. Knoll then brought the story to Kennedy when Lucasfilm decided to make the anthology movies. I still think it’s a worthwhile Lucasfilm project to support, as Knoll is part of that inner core of PT crew and it includes a main character from the Clone Wars TV series, a character created by Lucas.

  8. Jacobesico Says:

    It should be interesting to see where Rebels will go. I’ve been hearing that it might tie in with Rogue One.

    I’m not that excited about Rogue One but if Rebels sets up the story, then it might be worth a view.

  9. Hoggle Says:

    just for a little dash of extra randomness fandom, Hoggle’s Prequel & Saga Fan fic’s story summary of ‘never was cannon’ episode 7, which am going to make into a star wars screenplay by years end 🌱

    Star Wars VII: Windmill of the Whills.
    Disintegrations are destroying the Galactic Guild peace.
    Massive armadas of universally shunned ex-empire troopers appear out of nowhere
    striking against independent planetary systems.
    The equally powerful and feared Leia Organa, Empress of the
    ruling Equality Guild in the galactic alliance of peace and justice, has sent out agents as
    Guild planets are being lost to a spreading chaos.
    Luke Skywalker, leader of the Jedi Knights, while on a mission searching for
    council with the mysterious Jedi Rangers about the crisis, has found himself in
    the Moendo caves following the leads of an old friend…
    opens wth big battle between two space armadas above a planet’s atmosphere.

    Luke on ground in camouflage power like chameleon watching in forest surrounded by unaware Quarra hounds pack

    spaceships start to turn into limited color palatte, environment round Luke starts to close in
    Twilek Princess & her best friend are binary windriding & doing stunts over feeoolong plains on a diff planet. female Twilek Princess and female friend bantering about Galactic going ons
    friend goes way up high and sees this same spaceship conflict happening over
    their planet, no limited color palette. They journey back home to tell royal family
    Luke loses his concentration as surrounding start zeroing in on him, quarra’s attack, Luke uses lightsaber and force to kill them, just before surroundings all zoom into him, he throws lightsaber to tree, cutting it down, then goes unconscious.
    When Twilek & friend back home, everything is in chaos and her family has been killed, everyone acting weird. Twilek Princess is taken Prisoner, tells friend to let it happen or she (the friend) will be
    killed. Twilek Priness is taken to local Hutts as slave.
    Friend journeys into wastelands to rescue Twilek, is ambushed by bandits, starts using windriding skills to fight them.

    A Female Jedi Ranger arrives on the scene, & between two of them, beat all the bandits. Ranger impressed by friend’s acrobatic skills.
    Ranger had felt planet change, knew something was up & came to investigate, is told what’s happened, they both journey to Hutts
    After Luke has been ejected from Nexus situation, involving opening film mega space armada clash & Quarra hound pack attack part of first act, Luke is groggy & lightsaberless in his black robe, awakening in a crystal cave, he asks R2 what happened, n r2 beep beeps boop boop!
    Luke turns around, it’s Obi1 Ghost, who smiles at Luke, then turns around, & further back Younger Jedi Anakin materialises, walkin up & takin his place beside Obi….
    Luke is even more overwhelmed than was just coming out of
    The gist of the conversation: Obi 1 has to move on now, so as this is his last time he has been able to bring Anakin with him as Yoda was able to do at his last time, re end ROTJ, before he had moved on. It was through Luke that OBi1 is able to move on. They, the Jedi, yoda & himself, didn’t create Vader but they had lost
    the aspect of force energy that would have avoided Vader & the Emperor’s empire coming to be. This allowed Sidious to reach into the dark of the force far further than he could have normally……& otherwise meant he may not have been able to trap Anakin the way he did also…
    Anakin – “It was through you i was able to fight and defeat
    Vader for the first time Luke, but i am not entirely free of him. He is my final hurdle still before i can see Leia & be re-united with Padme, your mother”
    Obi- I am going now Luke, we will be reunited again but never again here. Anakin, this last time, i had missed your departure greatly & am now whole.
    Obi & Anakin, turn to one another, grasp each others
    arm, and do a warm and long handshake, before fading out.
    Luke walks out of cave a wee distance and finds his lightsaber near the trunk of a tree.
    Han Solo & his son to Empress Leia, have been sent on a diplomatic envoy by Leia to visit Hutts on twilek planet, her powers alerted het that something was going on to find out about here.
    After arriving, Solo grills the Hutt in Han way about what is going on, he knows not to mess with Leia’s guild and her connections, particularly her relations to other Hutt cartels, this Hutt better not mess up the other Hutt business arrangements, wat’s he up to…..

    Hutt is abit shifty about all this, taken back by this visit of Leia’s
    righthandman, decides to have his lastest slave girl entertain them and smooth things over. Twileks are very artistically generally, royalty more so, she asks the band to play a traditional twilek lament, and using her binary windriding skills even without strong winds, does an amazing dance ( like a hyper acrobatic ice
    skating except with twirlers also) that is a sad lament for what has just happened to her and is a mourning for her family.

    This is done in a large tiled circular pit arena in the Hutt residence, where guests look down supported by railings. Han & Leia’s young Jedi son is like, ‘Who is she? She is beautiful!’
    Her dance is so good that the other denizens of the Hutts, even bounty hunters, start getting feisty in support of her. Then is revealed that her friend and the Ranger are in the audience incognito also.

    The Hutt flustered, orders her back to her cell. Han & Son unable to intervene as on official business and would contravene the guild wider arrangements. Han starts giving the Hutt another ear full…
    at night, Solo son, anyway sneaks out from Hans lodgings & back to Hutts opulent palace to find & free Twikel Princess. He uses the force, quite aggresively/darksidey on journey through Big
    sprawling Hutt residence/complex against any guards in his way. He eventually bumps into the Jedi Ranger and Twileks friend, who also intent on freeing her & in process of finding her also.
    They free the Twilek Princess and smuggle her away when leave.
    When party arrives back to the Millenium Falcon, Luke arrives and lands his X-wing and exchange information on what has been going on with him.
    Leia then calls by Hologram, she’s gotten first big break, spies have said the Clone rebellion is sending part of it’s fleet to a particular planet for a new takeover. The female Ranger’s planet knowledge and what she has just found out from Empress Leia, she wants to go to another planet instead.
    Twilek’s friend is annoyed the Guild wouldn’t have freed princess, decides to go with Ranger; Princess Twilek feels slightly annoyed by this, when doing her official duty to be going with, Han, Solo son, goes with them to a planet to meet Leia who has assembled a fleet. Luke says he will up with them there when it is time.
    Clone fleet moves in on planet
    Leia & Twilek Princess in command center, Han captain of cruiser, son leading fighter group in Millenium, best jedi friend his wingman.
    Leia has set up plan but doesn’t know why ( as usual, this is her great power though) two sides engage
    Ranger & friend, on another planet, see this battle takin place above their planet, except in a limited color palette.
    Leia’s force is in shambles, communications gone, different commanders from alliance getting paranoid, are taking a hammering from Clone forces, some commanders near breakin points, some seeing red at own, attackin anything etc generally, things not going well
    -cut –
    Environment starts zeroing in on female Ranger & Twilek best friend ( is like hypespace except in reverse ) Ranger gets knocked out, but friend is able to use her binary windriding clothing
    and skills to avoid wind gusts zeroing in on her in the collapse of matter and wind rides on their outskirts instead; she glides into this as the portal collapses.
    Finds herself on bridge of main Clone commander spaceship in dreamlike situation, the whole situation of what is happening is totally different here. Voice of Ranger in her head guides her to making a choice to not listen to the Creepy Ship Commander and kill him although nothing about that choice makes any sense in what is presented or knows in what is going on here from this perspective in the armada battle that is being fought against Empress Leia’s alliance forces. After she beats him and his close aids in a duel using her acrobatic wind riding and newly learnt Ranger skills with her staff, the ghost of Sidious comes out of commander hisses at her, then disappears into a wall, she is then sucked out of the bridge on the spaceship in a wind portal.
    in real time, no limited color palette, Commander of clone head spaceship, collapses dead
    Empress Leia feels shift, sends signal, entire galatic guild alliance from different parts of the galaxy, all different factions of ships, enter out of hyperspace, totally surrounding the clone fleet, Luke is with them in a main cruiser, communicates to them all ‘told ya she’d do it’.
    – cut –
    Solo son, who had been holding off Clone attacks on ships almost singlehandedly with his best friend & jedi wingman in behind, is able to quickly rally a fighter squadron, leads attack and takes out head clone bridge on their command center. Clone fleet is now
    surrounded and have nowhere to go. Leia’s guild force ceases attacking. Clone fleet starts individually calling in surrender to Leia.
    victory parade size of New hope not TPM, Twilek Princess presents female friend and Solo son with medals. Clone and Guild spaceships in the air, and guild plus clones mixed in parade audience.
    – the end –


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