Man Recounts The Time Hayden Creamed Him At Basketball

This apparently happened years ago but someone waited until now to share the tale with Nerdist, a tale of pickup basketball and Hayden Christensen going into Anakin mode when teased about his playing skills:

The game was tied at 19, and Hayden had the ball. I was on him, tight, and was looking to avoid a screen by the kid from Dawson’s Creek. I watched Hayden dribble left, before crossing over to his right, causing me to lose my footing and collide with the leg of my own teammate.

I was left wallowing on the ground like a B-1 Battledroid following the Battle of Geonosis. As I looked up and watched him put in the game winner, I knew that for the rest of my life, I would be known as the guy who got crossed over by Anakin Skywalker.

Also, peruse Anakin’s high kill count vs. Darth Vader’s in the saga.  You’ll be surprised.


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One Response to “Man Recounts The Time Hayden Creamed Him At Basketball”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    It’s feels good, doesn’t it? Hayden can lay it down but chooses – never – to make a production out of it. So many critics questioned his physicality.

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