Debate On What’s The Best TCW Episode Ever

Bryan Young and Jamie Greene debate on which is the best TCW episode.

Come to think of it, that’s a pretty tough question1



6 Responses to “Debate On What’s The Best TCW Episode Ever”

  1. Heidi Says:

    The best? Ooo… that’s a tough one. I have favorites but that’s different than “the best”. I, personally don’t think I could choose one. Is there even one? The crew behind TCW outdid themselves every episode.

    I’m confused by this statement though…
    “It introduces Ahsoka Tano, arguably the most vital new character introduced to the saga since the original trilogy”

    I thought Padme was pretty vital, so I would definitely argue that.

    • SWPN Says:

      While I like the character, the fact that Ahsoka was created for a spin-off work makes her anything but vital. And “since the original trilogy”?! Please…

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      Now I’m stuck remembering the worries I had during the initial publicity for Clone Wars that Ahsoka was somehow intended to “replace” Padme, given some lamented and others gloated over how the movie character having had the bad grace to die went against her character as it had been established before or even “invalidated” her… Fortunately, a way being found in the initial Clone Wars theatrical feature for Padme to show up before the end of the movie (along with Ahsoka’s own character, of course) went a long way towards eliminating those worries.

      Still, as much as I hate to “pick favourites,” I do find myself thinking Clone Wars tried so many different things a “favourite episode” might depend even more than usual on what caught your fancy or suited your preconceptions.

  2. Leon Lind Says:

    While I do over all like TCW and think that some of the storylines like Ahsoka’s last story, the Bounty Hunter/Box ones with Obi-wan, the one where they all become slaves, and Season 6.. I have to ask, aren’t you a little offended that they changed Anakin so much? I mean the writing of him feels pretty similar to the prequels, but they got an actor that sounds nothing like Christensen and instructed him tp play a mix of Han and Luke, going for a more easy to understand and straight forward story with his character, rather than the unic and complex Anakin in the movies. Even the character model doesn’t really look like him, the other character looked very similar to their movie counterparts. They through in some prequel refrences from time to time but over all I’m pretty sure that whoever was making that show was not a big fan of the prequels, especially not Hayden’s Anakin.
    Any thoughts?

    • senatorbinks27 Says:

      I have the same problem with it, and have been saying so for years. But the rest of the series is by and large great in spite of it, and it’s clear that Dave Filoni has a deep respect and admiration for George Lucas that has only grown with their collaboration through the seasons, so naturally we still love the show.

      As for the question in the topic, never not “Bombad Jedi”.

      • Leon Lind Says:

        Yeah I like it, but I think especially in the first three seasons a lot of episodes lack tension. The best episodes are the ones that surprises you and tries to do unice and experimental things, but then there’s just regular episodes where they’re in a war or something trying to survive, and I’m just sitting there half bored knowing the faith of pretty much every single character on screen except for maybe a few Clone troopers. What I meant to say in my original comment was that thos stroylines I mentioned are AMAZING. That’s what’s so annoying, I want to call it a great show, but there’s about as much mediocre as there is amazing if you look at every season of the show, which is the only fair way to do it.

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