What’s Rick McCallum Up To Now?

Jedi News managed to notice an article in Variety on what PT producer Rick McCallum is up to these days.  He runs a production company out of Prague and is apparently married to a Czech woman now:

But being a little enchanted while shooting in the Czech Republic is not uncommon for most producers.“After working in over 50 countries, I always have a great time shooting here,” McCallum says. Most recently, Film United worked abroad and at home as co-producer of “A United Kingdom,” a true story featuring David Oyelowo and Rosamund Pike portraying the romance between Botswana’s first president and an English woman. Film United’s body of work spans a dozen features, including George Lucas’ Prague-shot, World War II-set “Red Tails.”


2 Responses to “What’s Rick McCallum Up To Now?”

  1. Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

    Glad that Rick has a good life and job… and respect that he’s doing his thing, but wish he (or Dave Filoni) was (were, whatever) in charge of Lcuasfilm instead of Kennedy, or even Igor if he has something to with what’s going on (although Rebels is an exception to all this, personal opinion)… aside from that unneeded rant, glad good ol Rick is happy and productive.

  2. lovelucas Says:

    It’s just not the same. I wonder if Rick was given a heads up about Disney. After all those years with George….Rick was always one of the best parts of Celebration. He gave and gave and gave…all to the fans.

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