New Shirts From George Shot First

George Shot First has unveiled its second wave of pro-Lucas tees, Vote of Confidence.  Show that no matter where you stand politically, you’re backing Lucas.


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13 Responses to “New Shirts From George Shot First”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    Jeez – I wish they could have found a more flattering image of George – and they could have. He looks like a Ridley Scott inspired old prospector of the West.

    • George Shot First (@georgeshot1st) Says:

      Dang! 😦 Sorry you don’t like it! We think it’s pretty cool and iconic. We’ve always thought of GL as being a maverick and a trendsetter and this image really encapsulated for us his pioneering, no nonsense spirit. Oh well. Different folks, different strokes.

  2. Kingpun Says:

    I wanted to make a shirt in this style with Jar Jar on it that says “Wude” but never got around to it.

  3. Hunk a Junk Says:

    Nice. Perhaps future runs could have additional text options. Perhaps “Original” or “Genius” or “His Were Better.” 🙂

  4. Edward Diego Says:

    Some might argue there is a certain irony in the fact showing the word CHANGE along with Lucas’ image.

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      I was thinking that too. For Lucas haters, this may only seem to validate their criticism. “Yeah, that’s the problem. He kept changing things that didn’t need to me changed! *belch*” I’m not a marketing genius, but I think the message to get across needs to convey the points that 1) Lucas was true creative visionary and architect of Star Wars’ success 2) His six movies were more original, creative, insightful and ground-breaking than Disney’s fan-service fluffery and 3) that artists deserve to tell the stories and make the art they feel they need to make without fan censorship or self-important demands.

      • George Shot First (@georgeshot1st) Says:

        The irony is intentional, Edward. We love puns and double (or triple) meanings and CHANGE referred not only to our enthusiasm towards the idea of The Maker returning in some way to his saga but also Lucas’ predilection for tweaking his masterpieces.

        In our minds, it’s another reason we love the guy. While we may not be thrilled with every single change he’s made, we love that he cared enough to keep going back to perfect his magnum opus.

        The point of George Shot First is to confront the fan culture head-on with a sense of humor and goodwill, and we want our shirts to spark friendly, good natured discourse between all kinds of fans.

        (And just to clarify, we don’t consider the haters as fans. Fortunately, they don’t have a sense of humor, so they aren’t likely to understand our shirts anyway.) 😉

      • andywylde77 Says:

        I agree completely with this assessment here. I have gotten so tired over the years of having Lucas’ name and reputation dragged through the mud because he did things with his property that some people just didn’t like. Well to those people I say, GET BENT! It was property to do with as he so desires. And that is what he did. I respect the man on many levels. But him going against the status quo and tweaking his films and such, only made me respect him more.

        And I always laugh(in a sad way) how it pains some folks to give this man the credit he deserves. I have seen people praise everyone BUT Lucas when it came to SW. And Indiana Jones as well. But when the blame needs to be laid at someone, sure enough it was ALL Lucas who got it. When it came to the good things, rest assured people like Marcia, Gary, Kasdan etc. got full credit. As we can see with Kasdan, he doesn’t really understand SW all that well if episode 7 is anything to go on. But I don’t know how much input he really had on this. If it was a lot, then he never truly understood SW. And how episode 7 turned out for me, well it shows me just how important Lucas was to SW. Lucas is SW. No matter how many clowns claim the contrary, that simple fact will never change.

        It’s funny how Disney and co. didn’t want to use Lucas’ ideas for the new trilogy. And in turn used his ideas anyway. Well hey Disney, don’t want to use Lucas’ ideas? Well don’t use Vader, Luke, Han, Leia, Chewy, R2, 3PO etc. But one can see the point I am making..Tee-Hee

        Another thing that these whiners did that made me sick, was say things like:
        “Well if Lucas only released the theatrical versions, he wouldn’t get so much hate”

        Oh so what we seem to have here are some kind of “fan negotiations?” So if Lucas just gives into every fans demands then those specific fans won’t be a bunch of ungrateful pricks to the man? WOW! What a real payoff right there(rolls eyes so hard they popped out of my skull)

        This fandom…I tell ya!

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Steven Spielberg said in an interview that Lucas will be an executive producer on Indy 5 :).

      • andywylde77 Says:

        Oh that is good to hear. I am pretty happy to know he has some involvement.

    • George Shot First (@georgeshot1st) Says:

      Tried to respond to this earlier, but it didn’t take. Apologies to LP if this is double-posting…

      The irony is definitely intentional, Edward. GL’s predilection for tweaking and arguably perfecting his magnum opus is yet another reason why we love the guy. Ok, so maybe not every adjustment is to our liking, but that’s okay, and it’s part of the point of our whole message. You can love Star Wars and respect its creator without always agreeing with him about everything.

      With this particular design, we got a kick out of the multiple interpretations CHANGE could elicit out of different types of SW fans. For some folks, it would be a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement of GL’s need to tweak; for others it would be a clarion call for getting GL involved back in the SW franchise. Regardless, it’s all in support of The Maker and fans who respect his role in the saga.

      Fortunately, the haters don’t really have a sense of humor. So we doubt they’ll understand it anyway! 🙂

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