Surprise! It’s the SWPAS Summer Shirt Series

I tried something like this before and it wasn’t too successful but since 1) one can never have too many Star Wars t-shirts and 2) they definitely don’t make enough fun prequel ones, I thought I’d give it another shot through Teespring.

The first design quotes the wisdom of Qui-Gon Jinn from TPM.  It’s perfect for those fishing trips or evading sando aqua monsters.  Choose from the basic unisex t-shirt, ladies t-shirt, or ladies tank top.  Or, just go with the always figure-friendly sticker.

This campaign lasts until July 7, so come check it out now.  Look for design #2 real soon, based on a design I recently made for myself!


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5 Responses to “Surprise! It’s the SWPAS Summer Shirt Series”

  1. Hoggle Says:

    Synchronicity, i had my first ever star wars t-shirt dream last night so guess i’ll post it ( & no it wasn’t a wet one, tehehe )

    On the back of it, it the two suns, star wars logo underneath & above the Tattooine landscape line leading into below the homestead pod huts on the left with abit more landscape/horizon shot wrapping around onto the front ( in a vibrant colored but subded dust or dawny tone), with then (& it was like a surprise) morphing into that Padme pic from AotCs from that super nice looking tee that was linked to in a post a while back, and the tattooine landscapey colors end & remainder color not pink like the Tee was but something else.

    I don’t know what was going on with that, i mean by rights it should have been a wet dream!

  2. lovelucas Says:

    Just bought mine…..2 for 1 = the Big Fish of Ewan McGregor and Tim Burton… Love the color combo!

  3. Thorin Milliken Says:

    Very cool! We need more Prequel shirts, especially celebrating the mighty Qui Gonn. That reminds me… I’ve got some collector tie dye style shirts from when TPM came out that are amazing! Here’s a link to my favorite one.

    And then of course, the Sebulba one…

  4. Michael Says:

    Nice! Way to go, LP!

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