A Look At Queen Amidala’s Iconic Throne Room Costume

starwars.com posted a piece on Queen Amidala’s iconic throne room costume from TPM:

The dress may have been a huge part of our first look at one of the major players behind the story of Star Wars, but it also introduced the first inklings of an aesthetic that fans could expect, hinting at the intricacies of new planets and wild new character designs that we had never seen before. For this writer, the iconic throne room costume was a first look at the wonders of Naboo, a complex new world in unexamined territory that only the pages of Legends stories had begun to imagine at the time. The bold red and gold of the costume are celebrated in real-life Chinese culture as a hue that represents good luck, joy, vitality, and recognition; that translated to a new kind of hope in the galaxy for the 10-year-old who first laid her eyes on Queen Amidala at a Scholastic book fair in 1999. Watching her gaze at the rooftops of Theed in one of the early TV spots, the bulbs of her dress gleaming in the sunlight, made her look exactly as Leia had once described her — kind, but sad.



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4 Responses to “A Look At Queen Amidala’s Iconic Throne Room Costume”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    I have that honking huge Dressing a Galaxy tome and it really is magnificent. Bought it at the store as you exited the exhibit in LA. Lugged it around for my entire stay and decided it was more deserving of protection than any luggage piece so it was my carry-on. Worth the money – beautiful detail etc and lots of stories of the creation/inspiration for all of the costumes but especially those of Padmé. Lots of historical research in so many cultures. Trisha was the perfect choice for costumes and it’s criminal she wasn’t even nominated.

    • rynnbowers Says:

      I loved that book. I still have it and wishes I was able to get the limited edition that had the pieces of actual fabric inside it as well. I also have the two large star wars chronicles books that show every character in their costumes and when I say every character….I mean every character.

      Queen Amidala was the first character I ever saw in a tv spot dor the movie. She is the reason I went to see episode one. It piqued my interested with this very outfit. I went in not knowing anything about star wars and came out of the theater wanting to find out about the movies and the characters….namely the Naboo.

      Trisha went above abd beyond with all the costumes and like you said Padme’ s costumes in particular. I wish they had explored more of Naboo in the films and even in the EU. The elected kings I wonder how they dressed and the mark of remembrance if they somehow incorporated or even had it as well. The only king of naboo that is ever mentioned was king Varuna (Amidala’s predecessor).

      It is sad that we will never be able to explore the past in the films and that disney is all about the new films….as good or bad as they may be…but at least we can still look back with the Star Wars Chronicles and definitely the Dressing the Galaxy books to see the amazing detail and work that went into making the characters we all know and love be as stunning as they can be on the silver screen.

  2. Jacobesico Says:

    Has to be my favourite costume of the PT.

  3. Kim Says:

    So lovely. The headdress is just perfect, too.

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