Guest Post: Review of Marvel’s TPM Hardcover

Text and photos by LadyJediScientist

Just arrived today is Marvel’s hardback edition of The Phantom Menace graphic novel. This volume includes all four issues of The Phantom Menace comic as published by Dark Horse in 1999. Also included in this edition are all four of the art covers, along with the manga adaption cover art, the four photo variants, the cover art for the paperback edition and the omnibus cover as published by Dark Horse. The sketch work for the Marvel cover is included as well.

This edition is very well bound and the content of the novel has not been altered, as far as I can tell, from the 1999 printing. The book is 120 pages long, which is 8 pages longer than the Return of the Jedi volume. I only have two major complaints about this edition. First, an introduction was not included. For the Marvel editions of episodes 4-6, an introduction by one of the cast members from the films was included in each volume. Given Ewan McGregor’s enthusiasm for the prequels, I doubt there would have been an issue with him writing a brief intro to this book. If not him, then why not Samuel L. Jackson or Dave Filoni? Additionally, the paper the novel is printed on is a bit thin. This compliant has also been voiced in regards to the original trilogy adaptations. Hopefully, Marvel will correct this problem for future publications.

Overall, The Phantom Menace Hardcover is a lovely edition and in my opinion, is worth the purchase price. I look forward to seeing what Marvel does with the Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith adaptations.





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4 Responses to “Guest Post: Review of Marvel’s TPM Hardcover”

  1. Bob Clark Says:

    I want to see reprints of the dark horse mangas of the saga. I only ever read the ANH one, but it is absolutely fantastic.

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      If you’re willing to deal with “digital comics,” the manga versions are available on Comixology. Although I managed to buy the print versions years ago, I quite liked the manga versions of the “old movies”; I just wish there had been comparable adaptations of the “new movies” (even TPM, which was adapted, got only half the length of the others…)

  2. Hoggle Says:

    Looks like a nice package & keepsake compliment to the film , thanks for the review LadyJS 👒

    It’s interesting the slight variations that are in the prequel comics to the versions of the theatrical films. Like the dual with Maul on the ship’s ramp. Makes me wonder the process of the comic adaptations, were they based off the initial shooting scripts for the movies, combinations of those and early cuts, artistic licence etc ?

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      I’d be tempted to suppose it a matter of working from the script. So far as that goes, the original Marvel adaptation of Star Wars was clearly based on the novelization (Luke talks with Biggs on Tatooine, Han confronts “Jabba” even if a random alien stands in for whatever special effects had been intended to cover up the person filmed at the time, and the X-wings are “Blue Squadron,” as they were meant to be before it was realized painting blue stripes on the models wouldn’t work against bluescreen). Their adaptation of The Empire Strikes Back included the “Wampas attack the Rebel base” subplot (even if the creatures were only shown as arms) and a lead-in to the medical centre scene that would have those who love to freak out about “unknown incest” that much more worked up; for that matter I can tell a certain number of scenes were being drawn without benefit of on-set photos (Yoda’s a tiny thing with spindly legs, obviously not hiding Frank Oz’s arm reaching up from under the set; the Cloud City gantry is based on pre-production paintings).

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