Some Interesting Reads

shazbazaar at Star Wars Report started a new  series discussing the balance of the Force.  Of course, there’s lots of talk about the prequels:

While some fans charged that this seemingly scientific explanation removed the mysterious nature of the Force, Qui-Gon’s words did no such thing. He simply expanded this idea of the unity of all living things inherently linked to the Force. In the first episode of The Clone Wars, “Ambush”, Yoda encourages the three clones with him by explaining that each of them the nature of the Force and their connection to it as individuals, even though they may not sense it, “All around us is that which we need to prevail…In the Force, very different each one of you are…Clones, you may be, but the Force resides in all life forms.”

Meanwhile, did a little bio write up about Darth Maul.


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4 Responses to “Some Interesting Reads”

  1. Hoggle Says:

    Midi-chlorians remain an open question on a number of levels, they are often critized as narrowing or taking away from the force mythos but i think it’s actually more the opposite in adding to it in any number of ‘potential’ ways.

    Part of an extrapolation that i liked, was that they are representative of the inter-section between destiny and fate. Fate in that they are un-individualised essences of their name sakes who govern both the movement of planets & zodiacal energies in the galaxy. Destiny in that in a number of ways & future possibilities, their energies have a consciousness that can be listened to & worked with in helping individuals and groups overcome problems or achieve goals, or on greater levels in creating natural harmonies & understandings to specific times and places in the galaxy.

    The Sith experiments with midi-chlorians to create life were in this sense, then actually unbeknown to them, manipulations with Zodiacal energies, which would soon metastasize into manipulations on galactic levels with zodiacal energies to stop life. Following that train of fandom thought, i had it that the initial first successful experiment, actually was a result of the Midi’s Guardian orders interference in getting Anakin & his balancing counterpart into galactic time as the means by which their Guardian order’s head could manifest & grow into her galaxy transforming threshold required of an ancient accord and prophecy.

    Could fanfic on, but i guess the point is, that the midi-chlorians were NOT a taking away from the force mythos but were more like an big open door to further horizons it seemed to me. 🌃

  2. Rebel Je'Daii (@SWForce4EU) Says:

    The problem with denying Darth Plaguies by James Luceno from the canon is that Lucas actually did a lot of hands on discussion with him to be sure he understood this stuff. Presumably he did that to allow the book to try and clear up misconceptions. Such as people’s belief Anakin was created by Plaguies (based on Palpatine’s lies- why would they believe Palpatine? A habitual liar? ) by emphasizing all Plaguies experiments failed and that he was horrified to discover Anakin. It emphasized that Anakin was very much created for the purpose of bringing balance to the Force.

  3. lovelucas Says:

    Key wording is that the Force resides in all life forms…..fanboyz have a problem with that.

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