A Look At A Scene From ROTS

Smitty’s Gelato has a great post on the scene from ROTS where Anakin and Obi-Wan bid each other farewell before Obi-Wan goes off on his mission:

Brothers’ Farewell captures an unfortunate reality about human relationships. Anakin and Obi-Wan both realize that all is not right within their relationship, yet still insist on overlooking it. When people love each other, they prefer to wish away their conflicts, if only to avoid feelings of awkwardness and uncertainty. Dialogue works as a grand act of denial, an inert magic spell stubbornly chanted in hopes of gaining mastery over reality. Images provide honesty and insight that words cannot.

On a lighter note, here’s some of Palpatine’s doodles done for SW Prequel Appreciation Day.

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6 Responses to “A Look At A Scene From ROTS”

  1. Hoggle Says:

    It’s a great and well played Anakin & Obi scene.

    In isolation, i find it is a recurrence of the same beats and nearly same situation that there was between Qui-gon & Obi. Obi was wanting further recognition in the Jedi Order was part of the dispute, but it was in the context of Qui-gon wanting to end his training of Obi and take on Anakin instead. Obi was not happy about being cast aside like that in front of the council and made sure Qui-gon knew he didn’t approve of Anakin, essentially in front of Anakin too.

    Anakin was wanting further recognition in the Jedi Order, and Obi sided against him, excluded him from rest of the council meeting along with the rest of council members where he was given the mission Anakin wanted, and let him know after he didn’t approve & cast dispersions about his friendship with Palpatine.

    Obi apologised to Qui-gon, & Qui-gon said he would become a great Jedi Knight; Anakin apologised to Obi & Obi said Anakin was a great Jedi Knight. And for the most part he was.

    Anakin, to me though, was exposed to Palpatine’s Sith Master telepathic powers, the identity of which he was completely in the dark about at the time & was having his force perceptions subverted after his execution of Dooky at Palp’s direction made him liable to Sith powers. Anakin is being haunted by Palpatine in the guise of his worst fears, which were about losing the only thing that made complete sense & meaning to him of Padme’s love, as his friendship with Obi was mingled with the Jedi Code & Order, both of which Obi had failed to accomodate & integrate to Anakin’s different traits & background to those of a normal Jedi Padawan. As the Jedi Order had similiar roots to their failings, once the Sith returned onto the galactic scene for them also. 👾

  2. smittysgelato Says:

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Anakin, to me though, was exposed to Palpatine’s Sith Master telepathic powers,

    I don’t agree. I believe that Anakin’s downfall came from his own inability to control and balance his emotions. It’s the same problem that plagued Obi-Wan and the rest of the Jedi Council.

    • Hoggle Says:

      I don’t discount that aspect in how it was to me LadyL either.

      That’s how i see a dark Jedi but the type of dark Jedi Anakin is, which to me is a major character thread of his in AotCs, was significantly more influenced by the mode of Jedi training that the PT Jedi embodied, with the exception of Qui-gon. That’s not to say that the Qui-gon mode can’t produce Dark Jedi, just that in his style it’s going to be more like commision than omision issues.

      From the PT & OT, i’d say that potential dark Jedi or light Sith are essentially the same place, they have just gotten there from two opposite sides, & there are two modes of it whatever the case. But that’s getting into potentially more whispy threads in the movies so i’d probably be boring to speculate over too much 🎬

  4. Nariel Says:

    Very interesting analysis of that scene.
    And I love Palpy’s Doodles XD

  5. Jacobesico Says:

    The next time they meet, everything changes.

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