And Yet More Videos

Chris found some real gems on YouTube, like this rarely-seen t.v. ad for AOTC:

This AOTC featurette likely came from the DVD:

And here’s a t.v. ad for ROTS (which turns 11 today, as TPM turns 17) featuring rave reviews for the flick:

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4 Responses to “And Yet More Videos”

  1. Hoggle Says:

    That was a cool blue screen featurette. (y)

    As i’ve commented before, for me Natalie was a significant tonal bridge in a number of ways for RoTS particularly & had the knack of just slotting in depending on the scene, story situation and character dynamics in making it all integrated & bringing out the layers. So those comments seem pretty significant in what was to me.

    I thought Hayden was basically spot on through out in AotCs, apart from one line when Padme fall from ship wouldn’t have been my pick for it’s take. Overall i find AoTCs is the best in terms of acting through out, doesn’t get the wobblies at all anywhere to me in that dept. The romance is exactly what it was & the chemistry is just right for that.

    RotS, Ewen has a few relatively ‘flat’ scenes with Yoda to me in its final third, & Hayden has some more akward ones when he is being abit more stylised, acting more from what he thought the character was suppose to be in a scene rather than being more his bringing to life out of the character, Anakin’s sith has abit of that layered init to me, alongside his naturalistic acting instinctual take seems to me which the majority of the time is at the forefront for alot of great scenes through out but it seems like there is abit of stuggle there as to what it is which in a way suits the character arc all the same.

    The mix of performers and character roles for the prequels generally was a real strength & flavor to GL’s films. Oh, & Watto is the first great fully integrated CGI dramatic character for films.

    Maybe this time next year, i’ll have some hopefully interesting prequel trilogy fan videos to contribute of my own.

  2. Christian Says:

    Cool! Thanks for posting these!

    Chris 🙂

  3. fundhund Says:

    I really like that blue screen featurette, too. Nice thoughts from Natalie there!

  4. lovelucas Says:

    New York Times and Boston Globe pretty much rave reviews – including “the best Star Wars” – everyone forgot this.

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