J.W. Rinzler On The Prequels

A fan site called Star Wars News Net has an exclusive interview with Star Wars book author J.W. Rinzler, who gave the world “The Making of Revenge Of The Sith” plus similar books on the OT. He was supposed to have a “Making Of The Force Awakens,” co-written by Mark Cotta Vaz, but for mysterious reasons the book is on hold. (H/T to Cedric for finding this.)

Anyway, Rinzler was asked about the prequels and this is what he had to say:

“The Prequel Trilogy is really good storytelling, that’s what people also forget. You can peel back the layers. George wanted to do a book called Star Wars In History. Well, I read all these essays by historians on Star Wars, most of the time they’re writing about the Prequel Trilogy, because it’s so rich in content.”

“It’s a very, very interesting story, and a really difficult story to tell, which he (George) manages to do with very few brush strokes. People take it for granted, but it’s not easy to do. If it was, there’d be more films like Star Wars out there, and there aren’t any.”

“In the Prequel Trilogy, everybody had ideas about what they wanted it to be. A lot of people wanted it to be Darth Vader hunting down the Jedi. You know, George had his own ideas about the story he was going to tell. I think it was so different from what a lot of people, at least a few very vocal people wanted, that people reacted very badly to it. I think the kids who saw it just love it. That’s something some of us older folks don’t want to admit, that for people growing up with it now, they prefer the Prequel Trilogy to the Original Trilogy. They actually like it better. As those people get older, the Prequel Trilogy will be reviewed and revisited. People also forget that the Original Trilogy was not perfect.”


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14 Responses to “J.W. Rinzler On The Prequels”

  1. timontatooine Says:

    You tell ’em, Rinzler!

  2. Artiom Says:

    My friends, leave a good comment there, lets help prequel support!

  3. Hunk a Junk Says:

    And it’s THAT simple, Lucasfilm. YOU, the company George founded — ya know, the guy responsible for the jobs that now put food on your table? — should be the ones saying this to the fan community. YOU should be the adults in the room and stick up for the guy who started it all, not throwing him under the bus with “practical effects” dog whistles and OT pandering. It’s not that hard, and maybe, just maybe, by being positive about the entire saga, instead of cowering in fear that some loudmouth hateboys will say mean things about you, you’ll lower the tension and make Star Wars fun for ALL the fans. Hows about doing THAT, huh?

  4. hansolo1138 Says:

    Perfect summarion of why I love the Prequels.

    The majority of people who hated the Prequels had their own idea of what they wanted it to be, and were angry when it didn’t turn out that way. Well, those people and nostalgia addicts who complain about anything that was made after 1999.

  5. Michael Says:

    Well said, Mr. Rinzler. Well said.

  6. Nick Skywalker Says:

    Boom. Couldn’t have said it better.

  7. Keith Palmer Says:

    Some of Rinzler’s editorializing in “The Making of Return of the Jedi” left me wondering if he really “got” that movie, and the saga as an extension; this is more heartening. Certainly, too, he could have seen some of the unimpressed period reviews Mike Klimo went to some lengths to point out a few months ago…

    When it comes to “the making of Return of the Jedi,” though, I am conscious of the reports just about everyone seemed to be burning out on the process then (and did contrast it to how the mood in Rinzler’s “The Making of Revenge of the Sith,” even if without the benefit of hindsight, seemed more positive), and got to wondering if George Lucas, intent on preserving the “Darth Vader really is Luke’s father, and he saves his son” surprise, left everyone else working on the movie just sort of dwelling on “is a victory won with Ewoks one worth winning?”, which didn’t quite inspire a lot of fans in the late 1990s…

    I had just heard about “The Making of The Force Awakens” winding up in limbo, and fear that might have something to do with the little matter of George Lucas selling Lucasfilm “so new movies could be made,” only to wind up absent from the production…

  8. Cristian Martinez Says:

    Speaking of the Revenge of the Sith, now Blim is announcing in ads in internet that they would pass that movie, and maybe the other Prequels. To me was very surprising that they showed that ad, without issues, without shame, it a very positive thing.

    Never the less, even with this flow of Prequel support, I not going let my guard down, after all, you cant trust Disney or the Original Star Wars fans.

    • senatorbinks27 Says:

      Will you please stop with the “Original Star Wars Fans” thing? It’s been made very clear that many of us saw IV-VI first and fell in love with Star Wars that way, and we still love, support, defend, and fight for I-III as well.

      • fundhund Says:

        Exactly. I grew up on the older ones as well, but love the prequels just as much, or maybe even more. My priorities tend to change, though. While ROTJ was the first SW movie I ever watched, and I definitely hold a soft spot for it for that very reason, it´s probably the one I nowadays enjoy the least. Of the original six, that is.

    • Brian47 Says:

      Agreed, can we not turn this into Us vs Them? I get that in my Star Trek fan circles with Original Series fans vs. everything else. I’m an Original Star Wars fan from 1977 and of course I love both those films and the prequels.

      And on another topic, what the heck is Blim?

      • aastacia Says:

        Yes wondering about Blim too? 😀
        I want to concur that OT fan does not mean anti-PT. AND that it’s not just people who saw the PT as kids who love the PT. I saw all the OT as they came out when I was a child. I saw all the PT as they came out as an adult. Then I watched them all on dvd with my kids when I became a parent. Love them all. Love that they have been a part of my whole life!

      • lazypadawan Says:

        I had to look it up…Blim is a Spanish-language streaming service a la Netflix or Hulu.

  9. lovelucas Says:

    However….it’s hard to feel the love or assume there is more support for the prequels when even those who do voice support no longer work at anything Star Wars. I’m not saying this is why JW Rinzler no longer works for Disney/Lucas film but you have to note the timing. FWIW – I attended two of his sessions at Celebrations and the dude was ecstatic about the prequels, Star Wars and the vision of George Lucas. He was so enthusiastic, loved sharing stories from the set. He really loved and continues to love the depth of the prequels and this was at a session in 2005.

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