ROTS Set To Music From “Les Miserables” & An Essay On ROTS

The same person who did the TPM and AOTC videos with music from the musical “Les Miserables” is back with ROTS:


And yes, she plans on doing Eps IV-VI next.

Meanwhile, this blog totally agrees with Camille Paglia’s take on ROTS.


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5 Responses to “ROTS Set To Music From “Les Miserables” & An Essay On ROTS”

  1. Nariel Says:

    I love these “Les Miserables” videos – amazing concept and execution. Great article, too.

  2. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Very good article, even if ROTS is not my favorite Prequel movie.

  3. Jacobesico Says:

    That article was brillant.

    It sums up my thoughts on ROTS in a nutshell.

    I usually refuse to have a favourite Star Wars movie but if I really have to choose, then ROTS would be it but only very narrowly as the other five are just as amazing in their own way.

  4. Keith Palmer Says:

    There was a lot to take in in the essay, but I did take particular note of the comment “the new movies are to the ‘historical epics’ of the 1950s as the old movies are to the serials of the 1930s,” having recently got around at last to watching Ben-Hur and Spartacus. (I of course already knew about the podrace being compared to Ben-Hur’s chariot race, even if some of the first comparisons were a little too barbed and smugly “that settles that” for me…)

    I’m not quite into musicals for some unfortunate reason, but the effort that’s gone into these Star Wars/Les Miserables “mash-ups” impresses me all the same. Too, there’s the thought that although the term “space opera” came from disparaging references to “horse opera” and “soap opera,” there’s something to drawing straighter connections to “opera” itself…

  5. Hoggle Says:

    Overall, RoTS i put as best prequel & equal best film with TESB.

    It’s not my fav. prequel though, that is AoTCs & it doesn’t reach the overall narrative feel & for a good 2/3s, general story momentum of AoTCs. It also doesn’t get close to TPMs galactic culture & world building type of story telling.

    But it’s got a lot of great culminative epic events and scenes for overall story & characters through out, along with all production realisations at a consistantly & packed amazo star wars level for story telling.

    In their different ways, RoTS never achieves the filmic rythme heights of either TPM or AoTCs but it never encounters or makes any major detours or breaks in it’s rythme as i find to be in the two prior prequels comparatively.

    ROTS also has the best standalone soundtrack of any Star Wars movie but in the movie itself, it does get used too bombastically overtop diff cinematic narratives to me in later third of movie particularly.

    It always struck me as being abit ‘out of sync’ Padmes comments in the only scene of full senate type stuff ( who’s world building presence was missed abit, particularly given the plot ) of thunderous applause etc This doesn’t seem the Padme character of two prior films, nor of cut rebel alliance scenes. Sure it could just be a moment but wat the point.

    Anakin’s deeds on Mustafar are happening silmultaneously also. This is part of the more etheric expositional threads that ran through GLs six & never fully expressed or dwelved into, but Padme should maybe be reacting to Anakin’s further currents in the force given their prior established connection in that area of previous scenes & upcoming ones relating to her mysterious death. Padme should be defiant but somewhat overcome or purturbed by the feeling or draining of death in that scene as relates to mysterious life force issues – condescending & defeated just feels like an off note, the biggest thing that always stuck out to me out of all RoTS’s scenes.

    I am being very nitty picky & still rate RotS very highly 😎

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