Buzz feed’s Tribute To Padmé Amidala’s Costumes

On May the 4th, Cathy Ngo posted on Buzzfeed about Padmé’s amazing costumes.

Granted, it’s nothing you don’t already know but 1) it is Buzzfeed after all and 2) it’s amazing someone posted this on Buzzfeed and totally got away with it.


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13 Responses to “Buzz feed’s Tribute To Padmé Amidala’s Costumes”

  1. LadyJediScientist Says:

    Looking at these photos, I am flabbergasted at how the Academy couldn’t be bothered to at least nominate Trishar Biggar for an Oscar. Utterly ridiculous!
    On a slightly lighter note, I am still hoping that Her Universe will eventually do a Padme line, especially with the increased interest in both the Prequels & the Clone Wars.

    • Nariel Says:

      I have been saying this for years. Talk about being snubbed! This is one of the reasons why I don’t even bother with the Oscars anymore 🙂

  2. Jacobesico Says:

    The Throne Room gown has to be my favourite.

    Being that it was the first costume that Padmé wore.

    I also think that it helped define the Prequels and to me it is as iconic as Princess Leia’s buns.

  3. Hoggle Says:

    Although fantastic in TPM’s regal scenes (along with Natalie’s general flair with the character), it’s almost a pity many of those costumes were not helping bring to life a more mystical slightly non-human feminine/yin alien race and culture as a good proportion of them could certainly invoke that kind of backstory <(")

    I like TPM alot, was a great re-introduction to the mysterious pre-OT Star Wars cinematic galaxy & if not for it's clunky final fifth section in the movie, may have been the best prequel and perhaps best film out of GL's six Star Wars, as the plot probably breathes in a way similar to RoTJs cinematically in world building atmosphere with the exception that it is an introduction and more expansive.

    • lazypadawan Says:


      • Hoggle Says:

        It wouldn’t be hard to imagine many of the more elaborate & regal constumes, particularly in TPM, being representative of character types or cultures with magical powers if that better way of putting my meaning.

        I just find Gungan/battle droid army battle (i like it’s build up quite alot), bit of pre-Gungan meet stuff and space battle stuff, abit draggy to everything else in film & narrative flow comparatively. That’s just me being a bit picky & actually is because i have been a big fan of the TPM. Way more a tweaking impulse than a dismantling one as they come from different places.

  4. Dave Strohmenger Says:

    Of course it starts with “Some Star Wars fans despise the prequels…”

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Laying down cover fire. In any case, most of the comments were positive, which is surprising.

    • Mike Jones Says:

      This isn’t saying much, but at least they use the word “some” instead of using deceptive, misinformation-laced term like “most” or “many” (which click-bait sites will unfortunately put emphasis on). [remember: PT hates are in the loud and vocal minority despite of what they like to think on the Internet (as various stats and data have shown]

      • Mike Jones Says:

        *PT haters (misspelling; forgot the “r” before the “s” in the word “haters” lol)

  5. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Very lovely article. But I do wish she had went into more detail of Padme’s costumes in “AOTC” and “ROTS”.

  6. lovelucas Says:

    Lots of focus on TPM but I welcome any and all attention to Trisha and her designs for the prequels. Wish I had a 2nd chance to see them all in person. I went through the Designing a Galaxy exhibition in LA twice but…I want more and I know I shouldn’t.

    • LadyJediScientist Says:

      Perfectly understandable. I went to the Power of Costume exhibit in Seattle & I really didn’t want to leave! The costumes are just so stunning! The amount of detail that went into each outfit just left me breathless.

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