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I just saw this reblogged on the Tumblr feed.  Originally posted by anakin-skylord:

I’m tired of prequel bashing
I really am, I expect to see it on every article about Star Wars and even in some of the most unexpected places, I just wish people would realize that these movies are important stories and important to the history of the saga.

I think.. I really think it would be great if we could band together and be hashtag prequel positive, to see such an influx of prequel love and happiness and defense will surely get the attention of higher ups at Disney, Now I’m NOT saying they are ignoring the prequels or that they will or that anyone involved with the movies hates them or that they will be decanonized.. I’m just saying.. I wish it felt less like us prequel fans are sitting in the sidelines and waiting to be noticed.

We should talk about our prequel love, our favorite movies, scenes, why it’s important that Hayden acted as Anakin the way he did, the fact that Anakin was supposed to be that way, we should talk about our admiration of the worlds and the beautiful effects..CGI as well as practical.. those CG effects were done by people who spent a lot of time and have a LOT of skill to be able to do it and the fact that the prequels get shit on for CGI the most is an insult to every digital artist of any form out there.

We should take to the social media streets, to facebook and twitter, to buzzfeed, to youtube, to anywhere that will let us have a space, an opinion… We should not let ourselves be silenced as the thing we love is pushed to the background as a moment in history that still exists but will never be referenced or spoken about again.. We must speak out! We must talk about our love for everything the prequels had to offer (and if you could do it without “The prequels were great despite what they had to work with” and “The prequels SUCKED but I loved them” “I loved the movies, except Jar Jar” etc, Because that’s not prequel positive, that sounds like backhanded bashing and it’s weird when I read stuff like that from so called prequel likers/lovers or defenders.)

Be open about your prequel love! Rise up against the people who think the prequels have no merit, no importance and that the only fans are “stupid little kids that don’t know any better”

STAR WARS is love, and we should spread our love of the prequels to every corner on the internet until there is no question about it anymore, The prequels are here to stay, and they deserve respect and recognition!

A good day for that is…May 20, Prequel Appreciation Day!

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14 Responses to “Post Of The Day”

  1. susanbowes Says:

    I have a Facebook account and am always defending the prequels, even on supposed prequel lovers pages. I agree that everyone who loves the prequels as much as we do should shout out our love for the prequels, as well as ALL of the movies in the saga.

    I’ve seen videos on youtube where people have commentary shows on SW, some giving their theories of what happened in TFA. I wouldn’t know how to set up something like that, but I suggest someone with the know how should start a commentary on youtube of our own where people can voice their appreciation of the prequels, stating our reasons for loving it. That would be one way to have our voice heard.

  2. Artiom Says:

    I’m hundred percent on it too! Online activity is the activity accessible to all of us. Many times I leave a positive comment about prequels, like prequel video, subscribe to a prequel defending group (which are growing in numbers, by the way) and even shame prequel bashers sometimes – although I in general rarely comment on the Internet or do such “geek” stuff.
    Let’s band together and hashtag prequel love! Maybe we can coordinate it together (maybe here on on some Facebook group).
    I’m sure things will get positive for prequel trilogy (it already does, as it seems more and more appreciation is shown on the Internet). And we must keep on being loud about what we enjoy.
    There is a saying, the one who has the truth is the stronger one. And the fact that prequels are great and beautiful movies is the truth, so we’re stronger!

  3. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    We must talk about our love for everything the prequels had to offer (and if you could do it without “The prequels were great despite what they had to work with” and “The prequels SUCKED but I loved them” “I loved the movies, except Jar Jar” etc, Because that’s not prequel positive, that sounds like backhanded bashing and it’s weird when I read stuff like that from so called prequel likers/lovers or defenders.

    Amen! Do you know how often I encounter these kind of articles? And I get sooo tired of them. I find them insulting and worst of all, dishonest.

    • Mike Jones Says:

      I know exactly what you mean. Some defense articles aren’t really doing any justice to what they’re defending at all (and one sees these in certain click-bait geek media sites). How are they meant to defend something if they come off as validating the haters by throwing shade still? It’s ridiculous! Either write out a good defense that doesn’t list out all the same talking points descriptively -and in general, doesn’t come off half-baked – or don’t do a defense at all because when that happens, the writer essentially has written an article that isn’t convincing anymore as he/she has weakened what they suppose to argue for about (at least that’s how I see it)

    • susanbowes Says:

      I couldn’t agree more Ladylavinia.

  4. fundhund Says:

    I try to. Mainly on youtube, but sometimes all the hate just feels kinda overwhelming. That the prequels suck, is almost treated like a self-evident fact in many places.
    Unfortunately I don´t know how to make videos, but there have to be some people capable of doing this who actually like the films, right? I mean, surely not all people gifted at filmmaking can be haters?! I would love to see a shitload of videos pointing out the great things about these movies.
    I do have to admit though that I recently felt some things changing (if ever so slightly), since in my pro prequel discussions every now and then some other guys starting defending the films, and so at least I didn´t feel quite so alone in my appreciation of the films.

  5. Helen Says:

    I saw a post the other day that said: “So what if the Prequels suck, we love them anyway.” And this is supposed to be someone that likes the PT. I don’t think so. Seeing that post has bothered me all week. Anyway, yes, May 20th. We join together. 🙂

  6. Thorin Milliken Says:

    Wow… excellent post! Feels so good to hear this kind of stuff from others out there. I’m still completely enamored by the amazing worlds that the prequels brought us. CGI or not, it looks real to me and inspires my imagination. Personally, I felt that was something kinda missing from the latest film. I can’t help but wonder what George would have shown us.

    • Helen Says:

      George would have made TFA much better I think. I liked it. Didn’t love it. I definitely felt the missing touch of the creator.

      • susanbowes Says:

        I agree. I think Mr. Lucas would’ve done a much better job making TFA, and like you, I did like it, but I felt something was missing too. TFA didn’t have the depth that the prequels did and it left us feeling “up in the air” without the benefit of an X-Wing.

  7. Jacobesico Says:

    Agree 1000% with this post.

    No way should we feel intimidated because we love the prequels.

  8. Hunk a Junk Says:

    What I can’t understand is why WE have to defend or explain ANYTHING about the PT — that should be LUCASFILM’S F-ING JOB!!! Why is it so g-dmd hard for them to be the adult in the room among fans and say they’re proud of these films, they respect the FANS who like them and they’ll go to the mat for US?! Instead it’s the exact opposite. The people who now get their big fat paychecks from the company George built can’t run fast enough from films he championed. Cowards. Seriously, the only person I still respect in that entire company anymore is Dave Filoni. He’s the only one who has made ANY effort to embrace the PT and validate its worth. He’s the only reason I haven’t walked completely away from the saga at this point.

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