Second Site Calls For More Padmé Fiction

This time, it’s Catrina Dennis on Blastr:

From dedicated comic book runs to feature-length novels, characters throughout the Star Wars universe are seeing their stories expand in countless ways. But, despite being thrown to the wayside and sometimes discarded as weak, Padme possesses a history as a defiant freedom fighter who was wise beyond her years. So, why should her story be limited to being told in scattered episodes of The Clone Wars, or through the eyes of other characters, such as Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi? Much as she was in the journal that started it all for me, Padme deserves to be given her own voice to tell her story, expand upon the intrigue of her political career, and detail the relationships of the characters who stood alongside her throughout her life.



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4 Responses to “Second Site Calls For More Padmé Fiction”

  1. Hoggle Says:

    A Padme soap series of her rising up the ranks in the youth diplomatic galactic guilds, while her friends like to party more and she has an mostly platonic affair with a legendary local binary wind riding champion who is a hobby painter, Palo, when their diplomatic corps are visiting his planet.

    Padme was a conduit of the living force in the PTs, as relates to the midi-chlorians & a type of counter-part to Anakin but the Jedi had been blinded by abit of empirical knowledge to the midi-chlorians workings in a Jedi centric error that their order had grown into over along period of time. Ultimately, i like to think she was of a Guardian counterpart to Anakin’s Guardian, as the first representatives of unfiltered romantic love in the Guardian order, & that is why their head of the order choose them (along with Anakin having been a infinitely most distinguished & proven 2nd in knowledge, wisdom & leadership) to provide the pathway of which that head Being could enter into the galaxy, along with a junior but extremely well liked, loyal, keen yet prior relatively anonymous lieutenant who some in the Guardian order had puzzled over as the chosen companion of the Guardian head’s mission in fulfulling the ancient prophecy and accord between themselves and the Midi for the Galaxy.

    I blame on-line fandom for my extra-filmic grasp of Padme’s character and take no responsibility myself
    😕 ✌

  2. Jacobesico Says:

    I would love to see more about her time as Queen. Especially her second term.

    They are making a mistake by ignoring her.

  3. cathiecat2000 Says:

    I am currently stuck in my mind for writing. I hope to find inspiration once again soon. I love the idea of furthering the story of Padme’

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