Celebration 2017 Comes To O-Town

What did I tell you?  With Star Wars part of the House of Mickey, Celebrations will ping pong between Anaheim and Orlando forever.  Since the last U.S. Celebration was at Mouse House West, the 2017 con will be back in Orlando, site of two previous Celebrations and in the same vicinity as Mouse House East.  (Plus you can throw in trips to Universal Orlando, Sea World Orlando, Legoland Florida, etc. if you feel like it.)

Tickets go on sale May 25 at noon PST for the con scheduled April 13-17.  Let me tell ya, the really expensive but line-avoiding Jedi Knight pass looks mighty tempting this time around…


6 Responses to “Celebration 2017 Comes To O-Town”

  1. darth66zannah Says:

    No thanks. Last year was a terrible experience for me. Basically TOO MANY PEOPLE AND POOR ORGANIZING! I literally flew all the way out there to see the Carrie Fisher panel but had to stay in line for Ian McDiarmid’s autograph for 3 hours because it was my last day. I finally got his autograph with about 15 minutes to spare. I ran all the way to the hall where she was at and the damn security refused to let me in, saying it was too full and that I had to be in the “cue” line to get in. I told them please and that this was the main reason I went there. They just gave me the cold shoulder and Imliterally had to muster all my strength to not go go jail that night for murder. Worst part of all…I watched the panel live and there were some empty seats visible when the camera cut to the crowds. I was so furious. Celebration sucks! Unless you like standing in line for hous and hours to do their coolest stuff like see the best panels and get autographs and photos. I was not fun at all. On top of all that…IT IS COMPLETELY DEVOID OF PREQUEL MATERIAL. Celebration my ass! They should call it “Star Wars Original Trilogy and sequel Trilogy celebration” because they could care less about the prequels….in fact there is nothing but passive agressive insults towards The prequels and Lucas from all there “hosts” that it is ridiculous. Why go? So I can feel insulted and outcated and upset? No thanks. They also need to stop selling tickets when they reach a certain amount instead of just selling them until the roof caves in. They should set a limit for the autographs and photos too. I know a lot of people got ripped of for unfulfilled autograph and photo vouchers. I can only see this joke of a celebration benefical to collectors who get access to all the merchandise…that’s it.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I wrote to ReedPop complaining about the line situation and how you spend more time in line than enjoying anything the con had to offer. The store was the biggest clusterfark since Celebration II. They didn’t write back but I hope they are taking that into consideration. Or not. That’s why at the last show I was considering paying $700 or whatever it costs for the Jedi Knight pass (the even pricier Jedi Master pass is ridiculous). The main perk is you don’t have to wait in any lines. But the passes are limited and vanish in minutes.

      I’m only planning to go for two reasons: a second swing at seeing ROTS in 3D and hoping Erik Maell does a third Padme painting to go with his other two.

      • LadyJediScientist Says:

        He is doing third for ROTS! I talked to him at Celebration & he was planning on doing a third piece. I’d love to go just for the art show!

        I went to Anahiem & even though I stood in line a lot, I had a blast! I skipped anything to do with TFA or Rogue 1. I mainly went for the movie marathon, the art show and to indulge my inner lit geek (Shakespeare’s Star Wars performed live 😆).

        The movie marathon was so amazing! I’m still mad that Disney won’t release AOTC & ROTS in 3D at theaters.😡 They looked incredible! George & Co. should be so proud of their work on those films.👏👏👏

      • darth66zannah Says:

        Well, Im glad at least someone had a good time…I wanted to see ROTS in 3d but again couldn’t get in the cue line in time…the guys in charge of these things really need to add a disclaimer when you buy the tickets like this: “PLease plan accordingly and understand that you may not get to see all the events due to such high volumes of people. Please allow yourself at least 1 to 2 hours to que up in line before an event or panel.” This way at least people are aware of the difficulty of seeing all the cool stuff they have and won’t feel let down

      • lazypadawan Says:

        I’ve been to four of the Celebrations and have been going to SDCC for 12 years. I know how it can be! Celebrations have fewer people than SDCC or NYCC but as a con with a single focus, everybody wants to do the same things. Worse yet, this past Celebration had the most people attending. You can predict there will be a lot of people who want to see Mark Hamill at a panel. I knew people were going to camp out overnight for the TFA pep rally. But I was shocked at how many turned out for the ROTS 3D screening and at those waiting all day in line for the “Rebels” S2 premiere screening. Hell, I spent four regretful hours waiting to see the TFA costume exhibit! I will never do that again. I always got into line 90 minutes to 2 hours beforehand but what stinks is spending half your day just in a line for say two panels. Or how you couldn’t make it to something three hours later because you won’t have enough time to make the line. That cuts into your experience. I expect a lot of people in Orlando but the facility’s MUCH bigger and Orlando is not smack dab in a megalopolis of like 18 million people.

        The fine print on SDCC pass confirmations and in the info books tell you a badge is no guarantee to get into anything. I suspect there’s some disclaimer somewhere on the Celebration web site.

  2. Hunk a Junk Says:

    Until Disney and Not-Lucasfilm begins treating the PT and George Lucas with the proper respect I’m not going to one of their PR jamborees. I have fond memories of CVI, seeing George and getting excited about CW and the future 3D releases. Two months later, George called it quits and it’s been downhill ever since. Going to a Disney “Celebration” is akin to giving Simon Pegg a big fat wet kiss. With tongue.

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