Looks Like I’ll Have To Do This Again

Please refer again to my post on March 9.

I’ve run SWPAS for almost nine years now and it’s getting ridiculous.  There was too much that I put up with before and I’m telling you right now, I am not putting up with it anymore.  No more trolling, no more harassment (attacking me personally, creating multiple socks, passive-aggressive behavior, sending over your pals to troll or attack me/the site are all forms of trolling and harassment).  No more baiting other posters because they don’t agree with you, no more putting people down because they liked something you didn’t.  No more appearing out of your mole hole only to lecture me or other posters or to bash something.

I did this site to support the prequels and help bring them the respect they deserve.  I am not doing it for any other reason.  I get NOTHING for doing this site.  I am merely a fan like any one of you.  My opinions don’t matter any more than anyone else’s but it’s my site.  I’m fiercely protective of myself and the site.  Sometimes misunderstandings occur but it’s important to the integrity of the site and its tone that I set boundaries.

From now on, I will turn off comments to posts at my discretion.  If things continue to be problematic even after putting people on permanent moderation, bans, etc., then I will turn off comments period.  This site can only be the warm fuzzy place it was meant to be with your cooperation.


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