Star Wars Deaths In 8-Bit Animation

It looks like it has been floating around since January but until today, I hadn’t seen this video by Pipoca Effects that recounts most of the famous death scenes in Eps I-VII (for some reason Padme’s demise isn’t in this) in 8-bit animation.

The opening crawl is hilarious.



3 Responses to “Star Wars Deaths In 8-Bit Animation”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    If Padmé isn’t represented then it’s not….canon. IMO of course. Qui-Gon,yes. Obi Wan, hell, yes and Vader, of course. But….(and this has nothing to do with male vs female) if Padmé and Shmi aren’t part of the story, there is no story. Nothing would have happened as it did without the impact of the loss of these two and everything they represent.

  2. jayoungr Says:

    Cute video! I think the reason Padme isn’t there is because she didn’t die in an action scene.

    I’m always a little shocked when anything from TFA is presented as “the way the story goes,” though. It’s just so firmly in the realm of fanfic, in my mind.

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