Maul Returns In “Rebels” Season Finale


Darth Maul’s fate was left up in the air when Clone Wars got the hook but it looks like he returns in some shape or form in the March 30 “Rebels” season finale.

An interview with Dave Filoni suggests that the genesis behind this episode was wish fulfillment of seeing Darth Maul battle Darth Vader but wouldn’t say if that’s what will happen (a similar battle royale happened in one of the Star Wars Infinities comics back in the ’00s).

Many are also speculating that this could also be the long-dreaded showdown between Ahsoka and Vader that may send everyone’s favorite spunky Togruta off to Star Wars Valhalla.

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9 Responses to “Maul Returns In “Rebels” Season Finale”

  1. starwarsfan10 Says:

    I’m not getting my hopes up that we’ll see Maul duel Vader, since this is really the big Ahsoka vs. Vader fight. We should just be happy Maul’s still around, thanks to Filoni.

  2. starwarsfan10 Says:

    BTW, lazypadawan, hoping you do an open forum thread for this episode when it airs. It’s Rebels 2.21-2.22 “Twilight of the Apprentice Parts I & II”.

  3. Jacobesico Says:

    I can’t wait! 😀

  4. hansolo1138 Says:

    My prediction is that Ahsoka lives one more season at least, while Kanan gets killed off in this finale. As to Maul, I actually hope he gets killed off, preferably by Obi-Wan. We need closure to his story. Whatever happens, I am really pumped for the finale!

  5. Bob Clark Says:

    I think the smart option is really for Ashoka to survive encountering Vader, while losing a hand. Killing her off would be such a monumentally stupid decision, seeing as she’s a fan favorite.

  6. Jacobesico Says:

    The wait is killing me!

  7. andywylde77 Says:

    Damn! This was a good episode. A lot of interesting stuff going on in it. I think that most likely Maul will fight Sidious and not fight Vader. Maul’s death will come at the hands of Sidious. I don’t think Ahsoka will be coming back. Now Kanan is getting the same treatment that Rohm Kota did in TFU games. It seems that the chances of Ezra turning to the dark side are pretty good at this point.

    I was wondering who the 3rd Inquisitor was? I was thinking Assaj Ventress.

  8. jayoungr Says:

    Just ran across this article–it’s mostly about The Clone Wars, but mentions Rebels as well:

  9. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Maul should have remained dead even before the Clone Wars began.

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