Fangirl Fashion Site Calls For More Padmé Stuff

The Kessel Runway is an all-Star Wars fangirl/geek girl fashion site and today it has a nice retrospective on Padmé Amidala-inspired stuff along with a call for more things inspired by the galaxy’s most fashionable woman:

With growing public awareness of female Star Wars fans, I’d love to see more female character representation in women’s Star Wars fashion. Women’s Star Wars apparel has been gathering momentum for a little while now, but much of it still relies on imagery of droids and male characters. The most referenced characters are R2-D2 and Darth Vader – but if there’s one Star Wars character most associated with fashion and cosmetics, it would be Padme’ Amidala. We hear stories of passionate female Star Wars fans choosing Padme’s outfits as inspiration for their wedding gowns – so why can’t we buy Padme’ Amidala-themed dresses? She wears make-up, nail polish, gorgeous gowns – and picks up a blaster and charges in battle to save her planet, of course I want to show my love of her character in my wardrobe!


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5 Responses to “Fangirl Fashion Site Calls For More Padmé Stuff”

  1. Hoggle Says:

    This is a good point

    I even left Padme out of my sequel fan fic trilogy, but partly in thanks to this blog, i have realised i overlooked quite alot of her thematic part in the PTs (which was probably the result of editing issues to some degree in my defense). The one thing though that always stumped me in the PTs was Padme’s death in relation to the greater context, but i am now starting to see more of it, although not a whole aspect to it as yet but it is taking on a bigger picture.

    It was previously the one anomaly i had with the PTs, & just accepted it, Padme losing the will to live thing (yes i know it relates to Leia’s memory) but it still seemed to stick out abit like a sore thumb in contrast to PT’s usual pluralism with such stuff. So what if it’s not?

    If it’s related to the Midi-chlorians i feel better about now, or the Midi in my own extended mythos. Padme and Anakin were true halves is what it was, & losing the will to live was actually not Padme but the reaction of the Midi-chlorians as Anakin was going through the process of totally renouncing his non Sith self, which for a prodigy of the Midi-chlorians themselves & why Anakin, was anathema. That created an intense cosmic reaction that Padme was also bound to but had no control over. Which could mean Padme still has an interesting place in sequel mythos….hmmmmmm 🙄

    • Artiom Says:

      What is that fanfic sequel trilogy’s you’re doing? Sounds interesting.

      • Hoggle Says:

        yes, it can be an interesting process for a Star Wars fan, such great source material :mrgreen

        I have done a pre-screen play draft of the first episode, with everything pretty much sorted, then have a quite well formed arc of the second episode, and a general idea of what to happen and where to go in last. It’s still quite fluid at this point.

        I have a list of movies to watch, in regards to influencing each episode and also a graphic novel series i want to re-read again, along with the first six films.

        Where i’m gonna struggle is learning to write a detailed narrative in the moment to moment type of stuff 😐

        It’s abit hard to describe what it is about. My main new characters were a female Twilek Princess, a dark Jedi/light Sith Han & Leia son, a heroine uniquely gifted in the force semi-wild girl Twilek Princess best friend who defeats the main nemesis directly at the end of third, & who loosely becomes a pupil or learns from both Luke Skywalker (leader of the Jedi Knights) & a vixen type Jedi Ranger.

        The titles i liked, & had some relevance to each episode were
        7) Windmill of the Whills
        8) Armies of the Sith
        9) Knights of the Force

        It’s alot to focus on though & carry through, so will be in splutters whenever happens to be best times, hopefully before end of cinematic sequel trilogy ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕

    • Mike Jones Says:

      Have you taken a look at this? It’s a good read on a theory regarding Padme’s death (which to me, seems plausible, given the explanation)?

      It’s described in this YouTube video as well:

      • Hoggle Says:

        I had seen that before but hadn’t taken much notice of it, as often those type of things are not really me.

        That’s actually perhaps the best one i’d see though, as it does touch upon some good newish stuff in overlookedness aspects of the PT. 😎

        It’s a good point about Plagueis apprentice learning everything he knew (or so he thought) & then destroying him, i hadn’t really though about that. That also means Palpatine was not the apprentice in question, at least that is what Anakin will think, as Palpatine talks to him about learning the secret together which Anakin doesn’t question. I think Palpatine is being sincere here to Anakin.

        How i deal with that, in my sequel fan fic which still involves Palpatine trying to take over everything, is that the immense power that Palpatine was able to experience as a unique Sith Emperor over time, enabled him to dive deeper into the dark side of the force, to achieve a ‘type’ (or at least until destroyed from a neatherworld kingdom) of immortality that can rule the galaxy forever from without – perhaps if long enough, merging it into his ‘current’ immortal abode. It’s not so much a secret thing that is learnt or available to Sith, at least his type of immortality in my fic isn’t.

        RoTS is about in a way, Palpatine gradually developing a connection to Anakin that is severing his connection to Padme, with Padme’s death & Vader’s re-birth the culmination of that process. From the first six films, i think it’s a Sith trick that once an potential apprentice executes someone on your command, then after you have telepathic connection to them, although they don’t know it, to over throw them into the dark forces, as the Master is also.

        Palpatine had a type of connection to Anakin that Anakin had no idea about, & Anakin had a strong connection to Padme. The exact nature of Anakin & Padme’s connection is not known, but it’s quite plausable that it involves super normal currents of the force given the circumstances of Padme’s death & Vader’s re-birth. 😎

        Thank you for the link 🎉

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