PT Stuff Somehow Ends Up On Hot Topic Socks

The prequels tend to be forgotten in the current world of geek/fan fashion, an injustice I rail against constantly.

However, someone making these Hot Topic socks decided to use images of a clonetrooper, Artoo and his jet-propulsion rockets, and possibly a lightsaber-wielding Yoda (hard to tell from the picture).  Very sneaky, but SWPAS approves.  Now about some Maul, Jar Jar, Grievous, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Padme, etc. in the future ;)?


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2 Responses to “PT Stuff Somehow Ends Up On Hot Topic Socks”

  1. Dave S Says:

    The Hot Topic site calls it a Stormtrooper. I’d bet they didn’t notice the booster rockets on R2. I see a lot of products with Yoda holding his lightsaber. That seems to be the go-to image now (not that I’m complaining). Oddly, a lot of products that feature Chewbacca use the ROTS version. I saw a poster book showing Han & Chewie that combined Han from ANH with Chewie from ROTS. Weird.

  2. cousinbasil Says:

    You reminded me of some girls socks I picked up at Target. All six designs feature prequel characters with the Clone Trooper being the prequel exclusive,

    Ah, I have never been so excited to buy a bunch of socks as I was when I saw the Clone.

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