New “Prequels Strike Back” Teaser Trailer

Looks like it should be out this year.



25 Responses to “New “Prequels Strike Back” Teaser Trailer”

  1. Cristian Martinez Says:

    I think that the Ring Theory is good, but not the correct strategy to deal with the Original Star Wars fans, they would dismiss it and they always would find a argument to bully and harass the Prequels fans, if they wanted to make a counter argument they should show the weakness of the Originals and of course, be much more aggressive against the Original Star Wars fans, that why little by little Force Awakens is crumbling under his own weight, even that Disney hadn’t change his strategy of “Practical Effect” bullshit, in the production pictures of Episodes VIII, they continue to throw the Prequels under a bus, not that I am surprise by that.

    • jayoungr Says:

      “I think that the Ring Theory is good, but not the correct strategy to deal with the Original Star Wars fans, they would dismiss it”

      Yeah, sadly, I think you’re right. I was excitedly telling a friend about it a few months ago, how shots from the prequels mirror shots from the OT, and she just said, “Well, doesn’t that just prove that George Lucas isn’t a very imaginative filmmaker?”


      • Mike Jones Says:

        I wouldn’t fret too much on this. I interacted with the guys who are producing this documentary on Twitter a few weeks ago and they assured me that the basis of the defense that the documentary will have isn;t just Ring Theory. In other words, they’re aren’t only going to use Ring Theory as a reason why people should see the PT differently. They will also present interviews with people involved in the making of the PT movies, present data and statistics and probably a whole lot more. So yeah, it’s not just going to be the Ring Theory that they will use.

        From my understanding, one of the things that the documentary will look present is the reason behind certain creative choices and whatnot. Of course, there is more but that’s one thing that I was able to get from my conversation with the producers.

        Don’t worry folks, I think we will be in for a nice surprise!

  2. Helen Says:

    I can’t wait to see this! Thanks!

  3. jayoungr Says:

    Glad to see there is some news on this at last. I am cautiously looking forward to the movie; I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be full of pre-emptive “Yes, we all know the OT is better, but still the PT isn’t bad” stuff.

    • Mike Jones Says:

      I see what you mean. I hope it doesn’t go that route as well but I really doubt it. From my understanding, this documentary’s purpose is a defense and I don’t think it’ll be talking about the criticisms it gets from haters (in any mater, they’ve made them known over the years so it’s not like they need to repeat them in laundry list fashion). That said, from my understanding, there will be a select few of whom are of the opposing side who will be shown to have been interviewed (ex: the guy behind Belated Media) – and will probably lightly touch on their perspective (there’s a reason the producers are including these interviews and I’m not sure why exactly but I’m sure that there is a purpose for it and it will be made a lot more clear once the documentary comes out) – but again, the focus isn’t on the talking points that the haters continue to parrot and regurgitate as the overall objective of this article is to defend the PT.

      In general, in my opinion, I don’t think that they should be going over every perceived “flaw” point of criticism in detailed fashion (and they probably won’t) because what that does is essentially validate the haters which is how it can come off, regardless if it was unintentional. I’m not saying that the documentary should be full of praise and force viewers to thing that the PT is 100% perfect but I also don’t think that they need to present a qualifies either where they acknowledge every single piece of criticism as if they’re conceding to them (ex: starting off with statements like, “Although the PT movies has such-and-such and suffer from such-and-such…”); I don’t think they are going to do that however (though they might say something a bit more generic and safe/appeasing like, “they may not be perfect but…” followed by how the OT movies aren’t perfect either nor is every other movie in existense).

  4. Thomas Says:

    I hope that in Star Wars VIII, Padme gets referenced by Luke Skywalker.. Post the prequels, I think it would make sense, especially because Padme was referenced already in Return of the Jedi.

    • Cristian Martinez Says:

      Not dream to much, the production images of Episode VIII they continue with the marketing of “practical effects” bullshit, Disney only throw bones to us, never the less, their actions is always dismiss it, they take for idiots.

      • Thomas Says:

        The sequel trilogy’s inclination to practical effects wouldn’t have to mean anything with regards to Luke referencing the name of his mother. There were subtle nods to the prequels in TFA.

        I simply think that such a reference would be only positive; if Rey is the daughter of Luke, it then only makes even more sense – Luke has an obligation to inform Rey of her family history.

      • Cristian Martinez Says:

        Please, Rey is a blank slate, a Mary Sue, you can fill it with whatever you want, in your example, with Rey being Luke “daughter”.

        And the “practical effect” bullshit is a lie, because Force Awakens have more CGI than even TPM at the time, and you are naive, they never would do that, because Disney had throw the Prequels under the bus over and over again, they are just throwing bones at us, after they have a feast with the Original Star Wars fans, we only had the left overs, and the “subtle nods” are nothing more a ways to keep us quiet, to keep from make valid critics to the movie, that have plenty, mainly because it completely dumbed down compared with that it was before.

  5. zch81721 Says:

    Anyone see the Saint Patrick’s day tweet from Rian Johnson. So much for those practical effects ;P

  6. Hoggle Says:

    I’ve never felt the PTs needed to strike back.

    They were and are the pre-eminent set of films that got made (which have rarely been matched since) when a new type of cinematic possibility in scope & vision was becoming possible, and before it got more standardised and absorbed.

    They are also full of Genius in many ways, & a perfect compliment to a unique set of 3 films that proceeded them (the PTs are not without their esthetic issues at times through out, but not many non SE or Dirs are; & they have a skeletal thematic tightness & resonance of narrative that superseeds where they encounter these all the same).

    As for being a Star Wars fan, & for my mainstream cinema geekery period in general (although not exclusively) i wouldn’t trade the era had with the GL Star Wars prequel theatricals for any other 🎩 (y)

    • Mike Jones Says:

      “I’ve never felt the PTs needed to strike back.”

      No, you’re right. The PT doesn’t need a documentary to justify its existence nor to “redeem” it, regardless of what haters want to think.

      That said, haters have made various videos over the years where they essentially criticize and trash the PT (the People vs. George Lucas, RLM’s videos come to mind), to the point where they keep wanting to make it seem like a majority of people hate the PT (which isn’t so as they really represent a vocal and loud minority as various stats and data have shown despite of what they like to think), so I think it’s only fair that the opposing side come out with a video as well not only to defend them, but to also dispels myths (ex: statements that haters make that they attempt to pass off as opinions facts/truths but are really opinions overall) and state truths backed up by data and statistics (not based on comments from comment sections and forums on “geek culture click-bait” sites and whatnot coming from a loud and vocal minority).

      So yeah, there is no shame in a well-made documentary to come out and argue the opposing side, especially after what haters have done in being so loud and vocal in nitpicking every detail mostly because they didn’t get the movies that they had made up in their minds.

  7. hansolo1138 Says:

    Are we going to talk about how Indiana Jones 5 has been announced…without any involvement from Lucas? Only Spielberg, Ford, Marshall, and Kennedy are confirmed.

    • Cristian Martinez Says:

      This is because the Indiana Jones debacle, I no understand why fans were so pissed by that movie. The previous movies didn’t have over the top ridiculous plots as well? They believe is intelligent compared with the “aliens” plot of George Lucas? I think that Indiana Jones has the same problem as Star Wars, older fans with overdose of nostalgia that has no idea of what they really even fans off.

      • Cristian Martinez Says:

        Indiana Jones IV debacle.

      • hansolo1138 Says:

        OoooooK. Sorry I asked.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        The problem with making George Lucas the scapegoat for anything people didn’t like about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull seems to me that you’ve just moved everyone else who worked on that movie (which does include Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford) out of that old category of “the sternly discerning people who could talk Lucas out of his bad ideas” some seem so determined to identify in the past.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Good point!

      • madmediaman Says:

        The fact of the matter is that for all of the derision directed at Lucas for Crystal Skull, most of the complaints should be directed at Spielberg… nuking the fridge… Spielberg idea… CGI monkeys… Spielberg… a lot of the Mutt humor… yup Spielberg.

        What happened to Indianan Jones in general is that the series became LESS of a Lucas vehicle, and more of a Spielberg one. Lucas wanted Indiana Jones to be a two-fisted adventurer more like the pulp heroes he read about in his youth, and the action-adventure serials he watched as a kid.

        Spielberg saw something different… while he was certainly influenced by serials to a degree, his obsession in his youth was Bond… James Bond. He had been rejected not once, but twice by Cubby Broccoli to direct a Bond picture, and as Lucas famously quipped when he talked about Raiders to Spielberg during his Hawaiian vacation, “I have something better than Bond.”

        From that point on, and it’s well documented, Lucas and Spielberg frequently butted heads over Indy. SPielberg added lots of slapstick humor to Raiders. Just look at the storyboards of the Indy/Swordsman duel that was supposed to happen. As storyboarded, the fight was supposed to be this elaborate duel with Indy dodging slashes from the swordsman’s giant scimitar… the duel takes place in front of a butcher in the square… With each slash the swordsman cuts a side of beef until eventually he has laid out of number of cuts of meat for the annoyed butcher (yes, that’s all in the storyboards). Those weren’t Lucas ideas… and firtunately Ford can down with disentary so the scene was dropped.

        The bug dinner scene in Temple of Doom… yup Spielberg. As originally scripted the scene was primarily supposed to be exposition with Indy getting hints that something was amiss at Pankot Palace. Unfortunately that’s all lost as audiences get grossed out with eyeball soup, chilled mokey brains, etc. Finally, Spielberg upped the slapstick quotient in Last Crusade with visual gags that were more appropriate for a 70’s Bond film, and unfortunately reduced Brody and Sallah to nothing more than bumbling comedy relief… again Spielberg decisions.

        So honestly, I’m not sure where that particular franchise goes, and frankly I’m a bit worried with no Lucas involvement at all.

      • Mike Jones Says:

        It’s unfortunate how some fans made Lucas out to be the scapegoat for their dissatisfaction towards Indy 4, it’s really unfair for him (and Indy 4 was as a team effort? The kind that PT haters clamor about all the time when they talk about the OT being a collaborative effort).

        That said, I personally like Indy 4. Nothing is 100% perfect and flawless but nevertheless, Indy 4 is a movie that I enjoyed.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Well to be fair, it is a SW site. (Nothing against Indy of course.)

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