“Propaganda” Book Coming In October

Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo has a propaganda art book coming out in October, featuring stuff from all eras of the saga.

Jedi-Bibliothek has more info and images.

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3 Responses to ““Propaganda” Book Coming In October”

  1. James II Says:

    Fascinating. The CIS section looks particularly interesting. I always found it strange that in the past they have mostly focused on imperial propaganda. Lets face it, in any war, in any society ever, the only way to get the peoples support is through propaganda. And the Clone wars would be no exception. I wish we could see some sith war propaganda, but i doubt there is enough material set in that era yet, and by that i mean zero. Hope for the future!

  2. Keith Palmer Says:

    This could be interesting, but I do have to admit that, for me, carrying “every side has its own point of view” too far somehow seems to turn into trying to see the Star Wars movies (or, indeed, just about any other fictional work) as works of “documentary realism” and leaves certain fans complaining the movies aren’t something other than they are… Anyway, it was nice to see the “fiction of another galaxy” wasn’t carried so far as to have all the text in the familiar “alien letters.”

  3. Tarrlok Says:

    The CIS propaganda section is definitely worth seeing. Hopefully there’s an equivalent for the Republic as well.

    Though not entirely devoid of humanity, the Imperial faction is pretty damn easy to hate. It’s a Space Nazi regime. To attack the Empire itself and its First Order imitator isn’t to cast a critical eye on one’s own democratic society. The Rise of the Empire (the Clone Wars and general PT era), on the other hand, is a lot truer to real life with its nuances.

    With UK politics repeatedly returning to the issue of which multinational union is worth being a part of, those CIS posters extolling Dooku’s truth telling and condemning the out-of-touch government on Coruscant definitely called to mind the ongoing political debates in this country.

    Pretty cool book. I’ll try to get it.

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