Fan Lists 100 Of His Favorite Things About The Prequels

A fan listed on his blog 100 things he loves about the prequels.  It’s got to be hard just to narrow it down to only 100!

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8 Responses to “Fan Lists 100 Of His Favorite Things About The Prequels”

  1. James II Says:

    ONLY 100. Lazy. I kid I kid.its good to see some prequel love. 😉

  2. Brian47 Says:

    Other than the spelling and grammar cop in me cringing at some of his errors, it’s still great to see such an enthusiastic list of PT favorites – I agree with many of his choices!

  3. Artiom Says:

    How about we all make our lists (and post them somewhere to see)? Kind of an online flash mob.

    • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

      That would be difficult for me since there’s only one item:

      1. Everything (except for that one scene in Phantom where Anakin says goodbye to 3PO and its kind of awkwardly delivered but I get what they were going for and I’ve seen worse).

      I suppose if I REALLY tried I could stretch it out to 100. Name the time and place.

  4. andywylde77 Says:

    I am not going to write a list, but I will just say that what the PT did for me and the fans of it was give us a gift of a bigger SW universe than we previously had. A gift that brought in countless fans and admirers. Lucas was able to continue his story that started back in 77 and paused in 83. Then taking the SW universe full steam ahead in 1999 and kept on giving us fans gift after gift. These gifts will be cherished and appreciated by many till the end of time.

    Lucas’ SW is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

  5. LadyJediScientist Says:

    Love this list! And I have another idea for a list: 100 quotes from the PT? Maybe for Star WarsDay?

  6. lovelucas Says:

    Love that he’s citing quotes because it takes me right t.h.e.r.e and I know exactly why it was chosen. I’m still missing those great marathons Spike TV used to show every holiday. I had it on all weekend, watched everything coming and going multiple times as I putzed around getting mundane things done…I would hear the music, the voices and they just lightened the load and gave me endless energy. I used them as motivation….as in …okay get that room done/laundry/make fudge/prepare for holiday visits degree of cleanliness etc and I would reward myself by sitting down for a favorite part but the entire time I’m listening. People were excited to see all of it all the time.

  7. hansolo1138 Says:

    My favorite scene is the entire Mustafar sequence, and Anakin and Obi-Wan’s dialogue in particular.

    “I have failed you Anakin. I have failed you.”

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