Part 2 Of Ahmed Best Video Interview

The first part of Jamie Stangroom’s interview with Ahmed Best was a couple of months ago. Here’s the second part where at the end he does a Darth Jar Jar impression. In between he emphasizes he would not return to the saga, he talks about a cut scene with Jar Jar and Palpatine I would really love to see, and his various projects.



8 Responses to “Part 2 Of Ahmed Best Video Interview”

  1. Helen Says:

    I love this guy. I love Jar Jar. :))

  2. Phen Says:

    awesome. Watching the saga again before TFA, i found myself endeared to Jar Jar even more. It’s just fun.

    I like how classy Ahmad best is. He addresses what happened, with teh backlash, but isn’t bitter. I’m glad you can still find Jar Jar galactic heros

  3. Daniel Says:

    Just imagine what it could have been… Oh well, maybe we’ll never know.

  4. James II Says:

    Jar Jars the best. Flip the haters

  5. Jacobesico Says:

    I thought that the video was very interesting. Especially the bit about George Lucas’s take on the backlash.

    He sure does think ahead. I remember reading an interview with Rick McCallum in Star Wars Insider where he said that George said to him back in 1991 something along the lins of “I’m going to lose part of my fanbase from doing these movies but it’s a story that I want to tell.”

    As for the Darth Darth Binks theory (Or Darth Jar Jar) it’s been going around for years. It’s a bit of of fun. I think that there is more to Jar Jar then meets the eye. Like when we first meet Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back.

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