Reminder: Read Rules of the House

Especially the part about no baiting.

Also, no threats of harm against anyone.

Let me also say this…it really makes me frustrated and angry that I work very hard to come up with original content for this site yet there are those who never have any feedback for any of this stuff and only bother to comment on what “a negative site” this is or “what a negative person you are.” If you’re just hate reading this site or only looking for things to upset you to comment or participate, bugger off. Seriously.

I’m not here to shill for Disney. If I don’t think TPTB is being fair to Lucas’s legacy or honoring it or respecting the prequels, I’ll say so. That doesn’t make me a “negative” person or a “bad” fan. Just as we’ve had to live with 17+ years of raped childhoods, you can live with some criticism of Disney’s new content.

That said, I don’t run this site to bring people down. There were many sites I fled from because the PT bashing got to be too much to bear and I don’t want to repeat that here.

Either way, if I get really fed up I will shut down comments on this site.


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