How About Wednesday Night’s “Rebels?”

Spoilers below the cut:

It was kind of a Clone Wars mini-reunion, minus Rex.  Ahsoka learns the awful truth about Anakin minutes after gushing about him to Ezra; we learn an interesting tidbit that Ahsoka saw Anakin one more time shortly before the events of ROTS.  Will that story ever be told?  And Yoda makes an appearance, including briefly to Ahsoka.

What did you guys think?



13 Responses to “How About Wednesday Night’s “Rebels?””

  1. Bob Clark Says:

    I think Yoda should sue his plastic surgeon. That face lift really isn’t doing him any favors.

  2. roxam91 Says:

    “Will that story ever be told?”

    It be better be told, and I am hoping it isn’t in a book or comic form.

  3. starwarsfan10 Says:

    I thought it was the best episode yet. Lot of backstory reveals especially with the Grand Inquisitor. Yoda’s flesh-like debut. Ahsoka. And, Temple Guards which were a great way to tie-in more Clone Wars stuff into Rebels.

  4. Brian47 Says:

    I really enjoyed the episode, most of this season of Rebels has been pretty good. It’s still not Clone Wars-level good but regardless I never miss the show. It was excellent to tie in more of Ashoka’s story along with Anakin. The advantage with Rebls is being able to examine events in The Clone Wars from a greater distance. This isn’t possible within the context of the CW show itself and without Rebels there’s no guarantee we’d ever see this kind of story unfold about an older Ashoka. The visions in the temple were all excellent, Kanan had a prominent epiphany and Yoda’s messages to Ezra were powerfully informed by all the tragedy he witness during the Clone Wars. Good stuff!

  5. Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

    Maybe it’s just Dave Filoni being apart of the crew, but I feel like the show is progressing in quality (especially with the previous episodes regarding the whales and Zeb/Kalas’ bromance). Although Rebels doesn’t go into as much detail about politics, faith vs religion and other subjects that were present in The Clone Wars, it still does what it can to be as fun and intelligent as the Lucas saga (and I don’t want to pull a jab at Force Awakens, but Rebels appears much more developed than that movie…. )

    • LadyJediScientist Says:

      You are not the only one who feels this way😉 I think the source for the difference is Filoni. He studied at the feet of the Maker himself & it shows.

  6. andywylde77 Says:

    This last episode was definitely one of the better ones. But I do keep in mind that this is based on a group and not really a galactic scale war like TCW. Where it is more about small incursions, smuggling and piracy. With that said the whole Jedi temple sequence was very well done. That may be something that could happen in episode 8. With Luke and the Jedi temple on Ach-To.

    They said something along the lines like episode 8 will be “weird”. If they end up doing something like that with episode 8 having all the tripped out and illusions, that may restore some faith for me in SW that TFA took away. So if episode 8 can get into that type of content that was displayed in Rebels, I can get on board wit that.

    Also the episode with the space whales reminded me of ST IV: The voyage home. How Ezra was looking into the whales eye like Spock mind melded with the Humpback Whale. It reminded me of that anyway. But it was a pretty good episode none the less.

  7. zch81721 Says:

    This and the last episode with Kalas and Zeb I think Rebels might finally be finding it’s path. The last episode I thought was a major improvement because they actually fleshed out Kalas who I always felt like he was just a typical Saturday morning cartoon villain from the 80s. I’m curious if they will continue this arc with him in future episodes (here’s hoping). This episode though was definitely a win. With the stuff between Anakin and Ahsoka, to Kanan and the temple guards (awesome to finally get some backstory on the grand inquisitor), and of course Ezra and Yoda (not really digging the Yoda redesign though). I’m curious about the next episodes but sadly this season has been all over the place for me (better than season 1 I’ll give it that). You will get great episodes that flesh out the universe and characters, then they turn right around and go three steps back with an episode that goes absolutely nowhere. I feel like this show is desperately trying to break free but the higher ups at Disney won’t let them. Maybe, just maybe Season 3 will finally allow them to break loose, of course I said that about Season 2 but we’ll see I guess.

  8. Jacobesico Says:

    I loved the latest episode. I have enjoyed all of the Rebels episodes. They are the only thing that keep me interested in Star Wars.

    My favourite scene was when Yoda was explaining to Ezra about how the Jedi fell. Those scenes with the Clones looked like that they were pulled from the Clone Wars.

    Also, it was great hearing Yoda say “Malachor”. As a KOTOR fan, it’s great seeing the KOTOR lore creeping into the Disneyfied “canon”.

    I can’t wait to see Ashoka square off against Darth Vader.

  9. James II Says:

    I’ve never liked the idea of Inquisitors, and the idea that I temple Guard might somehow turn to the dark side, or that they would accept him, just doesn’t work for me. Specifically it undermines the whole point of killing the younglings, the idea that no jedi is welcome in the new order. Also I’m not overly fond of Yoda’s being active even in a vision, at this time but meh. Enough of the negatives. I do love the visions as a whole. I liked Anakin’s appearance and Ahsoka’s reaction to it. Yoda’s appearance was interesting, though not ideal, I’m curious how his idea of complete pacifism is supposed to be reconciled with his film counterpart which was anything but, just curious. I found Anakin’s lightsaber lesson also cool in that it nods to the old EU Form IV continued. I also liked Kanan’s Knighting as a direct reference to the old CW series. Oh and Malachor is apparently canon again, just worth mentioning. all together it was a very good episode. I give it a 9/10. I disagree with some choices but I like how they were implemented.

  10. LadyJediScientist Says:

    I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! Filoni knows how the Force is suppose to work & it shows in this episode. I am hoping Filoni & his team can keep improving on the quality of the show.
    And really want to know more about the last meeting between Anakin & Ahsoka- in film form, not comic or book form. I really want to know all of their story.

    Oh, and anyone else notice they included footage from AOTC in this episode?😉😍😆

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