Fun Stuff To Buy

Need to show your allegiance to the Separatists or the Republic?  Check out these vinyl decals you can buy on eBay:



Today the delivery guy brought the Star Wars English-Japanese Dictionary For Jedi Masters ordered from in Japan.  Unless you can read Japanese, you won’t learn a thing but it has scores of amazingly cute illustrations from the prequels (along with regular photo stills) as the films are used to teach English.  While you’re at it, the Dictionary for Padawan Learners has similar cartoons and lessons from the OT.

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4 Responses to “Fun Stuff To Buy”

  1. joshwritesthings Says:

    hey, im curious what you guys think of this article i wrote, about how fundamentally right Lucas got the prequels structurally compared to the force awakens a new hope again. Thoughts?

  2. Thorin Milliken Says:

    Japan is putting out some great Star Wars stuff! I’ve always been a huge Japanimation fan too, especially Macross, Robotech in America. Finally got my first 2 S.H. Figuarts Japanese import figures of Darth Maul and Jedi Knight Luke from ROTJ. They’re amazing!! I paid about $63 each. Sure wish the price was a little lower, but it is what it is.

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