Cool Japanese Jewelry

K.Uno is selling a line of fine jewelry for men and ladies that’s amazing and way more varied than the stuff Kay Jewelers is selling in the U.S..  You can get Mace Windu, Count Dooku, PT Obi-Wan, and Anakin lightsaber necklaces, keychains, tie bars, and cufflinks among other offerings from the other films.

The catch is K.Uno doesn’t seem to ship to the U.S. and even if it did, good luck figuring out how to pay if you can’t read Japanese.

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2 Responses to “Cool Japanese Jewelry”

  1. jayoungr Says:

    I wonder if some of the dealers at anime cons might have this stuff. I’m planning on going to one this spring; I’ll have to look around!

  2. maychild Says:

    Nice! Wish I could afford this stuff…

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