Top 10 Anakin & Padme Moments: Clone Wars Edition

Remember my top 10 Anakin/Padmé movie moments from last year?  As promised, I’ve listed my top 10 favorite Anakin/Padmé moments from the Clone Wars series (2008-2014).

Honorable Mention:

star-wars-celebration-anaheim-untold-clone-wars-padme-amidala-gunship-nose-art 2

“A Distant Echo,” Unaired “Bad Batch” arc—Anakin Gets Jealous of Padmé pin-up art

One of the disadvantages of being in a secret marriage is that there’s not much you can say when others are drooling over your wife, i.e. “I wouldn’t mind negotiations with her.”  As far as Anakin as concerned, that kind of thing is for his eyes only.

10.  (“Bombad Jedi,” S1)—Jar Jar Finds Anakin’s Robe on Padmé’s ship

Before disguising himself as a Jedi, Jar Jar finds Anakin’s cloak hanging on a peg on Padme’s ship, wink wink.  When he wonders aloud what it’s doing there, Threepio acts dumb.  At least it wasn’t Anakin’s pants.


9.  (“Overlords,” S3)—Anakin talks to “Shmi” about Padmé

In one of many surreal scenes on Mortis, Anakin believes he has been reunited with his deceased mother Shmi (voiced by Pernilla August).  He talks to Shmi about Padmé and says Padmé is everything to him.  That’s right before it’s revealed Shmi is really the Son who flips out and says Padmé is a poison to Anakin.


8.  (“The Zillo Beast Strikes Back,” S2)—Anakin saves Padmé from the Zillo Beast

An old-fashioned save-the-damsel-in-distress moment but she does call him “Ani” in her desperation to be saved.


7.  (Clone Wars film)—Padmé goes to save Anakin

If Palpatine didn’t know what was going on between Anakin and Padmé before, this scene would’ve removed all doubt.  Not too many senators would take that kind of personal interest in a Jedi.


6.  (“Evil Plans,” S3)—Anakin reassures Padmé her party is going to be great

Here Anakin has learned the wise adage “happy wife, happy life.”  He all but tells the droids his ability to get any later on depends on their mission to pick up the cake succeeding.


5.  (“Crisis At The Heart,” S6)—Anakin and Padmé patch things up

The Clovis arc nearly busted up our favorite couple but after Anakin goes clear across the galaxy to save Padmé, they’re back in action.


4.  (“Mystery of the Thousand Moons,” S1)—Anakin and Padmé’s Surreptitious Handholding

After the Blue Virus has been contained, Anakin goes to bid a secret farewell to his ailing but recovering Padmé.


3.  (“Destroy Malevolence” S1)—Anakin and Padmé reunite

Whoever thought that there would be this much romance while standing on a moving floating train thing?


2.  (“Senate Spy,” S2)—Anakin and Padmé’s romantic evening at home

Anakin brings home dinner and Padmé is charmed he thinks of her penthouse as his home as well.  Then after dinner they’re making out on the veranda.  Curse that signal for interrupting everything!


1.  (“Hostage Crisis,” S1)—Anakin and Padmé make out in her office

Bonus:  the line “it’s heavier than I thought” when Anakin gives Padmé his lightsaber.

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15 Responses to “Top 10 Anakin & Padme Moments: Clone Wars Edition”

  1. Jacobesico Says:

    “Ever since I’ve known you, you’ve been playing with droids.”

    “I used to put them together. But now I take them apart.”

  2. Kim Says:

    Great choices! Although, I pretty much love all their scenes together.

  3. Hoggle Says:

    I don’t know about the Clone Wars 2nd series ones.

    Film ones, mine would be something like:

    *Are you an Angel scene
    *Padme saying, you’ve never even finished a race???!!
    *Master Obi-1 would be very grumpy dinner scene
    *’I wish i could just wish my feelings away but i can’t’ fireplace scene
    *Secret Wedding scene
    *Bedroom scene & then Oh Anakin’s just a padawan learner to the Queen & excuse me My’Lady, i’n in charge of security here! 😄
    *Anakin & Padme scenes as he goes on the speeder bike to search in AoTCs
    *Ani I’m pregnant scene
    *Anakin’s first nitemare and this Baby is a blessing scene
    *Anakin i’m starting to think this war is destroying the principles of the republic after his secret assignment & don’t ask me to do that.
    *You’re with him, you brought him here to kill me scene

    In counting to ten i often start at zero 😊

  4. Heidi Says:

    Theses happen to my favorites as well! It’s nice to be reminded of them. ❤ ❤

    I have a super dorky, almost moment, that could never be.

    I remember the night before the second zillo beast episode aired, I was secretly hoping it would be something like; Anakin was with Padme in Coruscant when the beast attacked. The ground would rumble and Anakin awoken from his sleep *heh heh* gets out of his bed and sees the distant beast through the window panorama of their bedroom. He'd be shirtless or with a cloak of course and then as if in sync, he'd get a call signal from the Jedi and knows instantly before answering it's about the beast. Padme already awake after Anakin and having been a second witness to the mayhem outside gives Anakin a half-hearted look because both realize their night has been cut short. They put on their duty caps because the beast being loose is a major issue for Padme and she needs to get dressed in her senate attire a.s.a.p, but not before Anakin gives her a kiss goodbye and a verbal apology for having to go.

    but, yeah then The Zillo Beast Strikes Back aired and it wasn't what I was hoping for… but I was actually really happy it had a few cute moments with them in it. Like Anakin shielding Padme with this arm in the face of the beast and their funny piloting sequence in the jaws of the beast, or was it the hands. Aw, well it's all good. 🙂

  5. jayoungr Says:

    I really enjoyed this list! I’m still working my way through TCW, but “Hostage Crisis” is already one of my favorite episodes.

    What’s the unaired “Bad Batch” arc? I mean, if it’s unaired, how do we know about it? Anakin having to deal with Padme pin-up art sounds really funny.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It was shown at Celebration Anaheim last year and I think it was posted on

      • jayoungr Says:

        *gnashes teeth* Drat! Why’d they have to cancel that series? This sounds great!

        Are the episodes still online anywhere? If not, that might actually be a good thing–maybe they’re still trying to get them officially completed.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Check in its Clone Wars section. They might still be up to view.

      • jayoungr Says:

        Ah yes! I didn’t see them on my first visit, but I finally found them under “The Clone Wars Legacy” this time. Thanks! I still wish they could have been full episodes, but this is better than nothing.

  6. Jacobesico Says:

    It’s just a shame that Across the Stars wasn’t played in The Clone Wars. 😦
    That would have been perfect.

  7. Liz Says:

    Thanks for this! I’ve really loved this both years! But I guess other than Anidala, there aren’t any other canon/official couples that have so much material. If you want to continue this, maybe do a Top 10 Minor Couples Moments (maybe including some Obitine, or some other scenes like the deleted scene of the Naberries worrying about Padme, or the scene in RotS when Bail hands Breha Leia to hold for the first time). Or Top 10 Friendship Moments, perhaps (for those of us who, despite lacking a significant other, still have important people in our lives.) Just ideas! Thanks again for all the work you do maintaining this site.

  8. LadyJediScientist Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! 💖💖💖💖 this list! I did a Clone Wars marathon this weekend and even though I enjoy Rebels, I miss this show so much!!! 😫😫😫😫

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