Classic Videos of Williams With The LSO

I guess these came from the DVDs…

Here’s the one for AOTC:

And the one for ROTS:


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2 Responses to “Classic Videos of Williams With The LSO”

  1. Hoggle Says:

    That AoTCs one is a nice surprise 😛

    Also, here is a link to a fans remixed and scored Arena execution scene in AoTCs.

    It has a much more matinee feel about it and is less over powering perhaps with everything breathing more in it, i think it quite suits the Arena execution sequence atmosphere in it’s matinee feel & place in building to the next round of things to come. Whatever the case, it’s got a novelty feel to it for any AoTCs fans.

    There is also an what i guess was a earlier rough cut version of the following jedi & control ship arena/stadium battle story floating around on net, apart from extra expense i can’t fathom why it wasn’t preferred comparatively, seems would have turned out super cool.
    😎 😎

  2. maychild Says:

    Happy birthday to John Williams! He’s 84 today (February 8th).

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