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Marvel To Reissue Prequel Comics Adaptations?

January 18, 2016

LadyJediScientist spotted solicitations on Amazon for the TPM comics adaptation and for the AOTC one.  Both are in hardcover, with TPM set for release in May and AOTC in September.  No ROTS solicitation seems to be up but let me know if I’m wrong.

There’s no info on the AOTC adaptation but Gilroy and Damaggio were the original team who worked on TPM, so these are the ones originally published by Dark Horse.  I’m guessing Marvel will be releasing these as it gets around to its adaptation this spring of TFA.

Tribute Video Is Live

January 17, 2016

Susan Bowes’s tribute video to George Lucas is up on YouTube.  Spread it around and let it go viral!

Parallels With Roman History

January 17, 2016

Pints of History has a started a series about Star Wars and real world history, beginning with a short piece about Rome’s transition from republic to empire:

The story parallels ancient Roman history. The first emperor, Augustus, led the Roman Republic as its most powerful magistrate, starting in 27 BCE — with an ever-repeating term of office, thanks to victory in a civil war. Like Palpatine, he centralized power in his own hands at the expense of the Senate, but he didn’t disband the Senate. In fact, he carefully preserved the forms of republican government.

Clone Corridor Essay On Anakin, Padmé, & Arthurian Legend

January 17, 2016

Clone Corridor posted a really good piece about the Arthurian legend’s influence on the Anakin/Padmé romance:

I think the similarities to Anakin here are quite obvious, but the idea that this paragon of knighthood is brought low by illicit love runs through Anakin’s story. He has the potential of being one of the best Jedi to have ever lived with incredibly powers, but by falling in love with Padmé Amidala, herself a queen at the time, seemingly dooms him from the beginning. Both Lancelot and Anakin are torn between their duties to their orders and their hearts.

Just to throw in my own thoughts, Gwinnie was by late medieval standards both an adulteress and a traitor, way more serious than anything Padmé ever did. In real life that got your head separated from your body if you happened to be a queen married to Henry VIII. I’ve read that the Guinevere/Lancelot romance did not appear in Arthurian legend until after the Norman invasion and the French court’s troubadours brought a little sprinkle of forbidden love and scandal to add a little spice. It figures they’d like that sort of thing.

“Rebels” Season Two Second Half Trailer Is A NutriBullet of All Things Star Wars

January 16, 2016

Yes, including prequels and Clone Wars. We get Leia. We get Maul. We get more Ahsoka and her possibly fateful showdown with Vader. We get Yoda. We get Anakin. We get Ezra finding a lightsaber suspiciously like Kylo Ren’s. We get major feels. Coming back to your t.v. on the 20th:

Time For Another Ask SWPAS

January 14, 2016

Got any burning questions or insights?  Post your questions in the comments.  This time, instead of waiting for another day to post answers, I’ll answer them in the comment section.

Ahmed Best Says He’ll Never Return To Star Wars

January 12, 2016

This interview is posted on a somewhat sleazy-looking website (the original source seems to be The Daily Mail) but it is still interesting to see what Ahmed Best has to say and what he’s been up to lately:

UK filmmaker Jamie Stangroom tracked down the actor as part of his These Are The Actors You’re Looking For series, in which he interviews stars of the original trilogy and their prequels, before ‘auditioning’ them to see if they deserve a reprise along with Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill.

But despite the latest installment The Force Awakens recently becoming the biggest film of all time – and despite a recent populuar-but-very-far-fetched fan theory claiming Jar Jar is in fact a Sith mastermind – the New York-born actor insisted that nothing could lure him back.

‘I think I’ve done my damage. I’m good with where I stand in the Star Wars universe,’ he revealed.

‘I’d say no. I think I did what I did, I thought it was great, it was fun, but now it’s time to move on.’

Of course I say, like the movie title goes, never say never again! It only took 12 years for Sean Connery to change his mind…

Update: Here’s the video, complete with “Taken” monologue at the end:

Who’s Sorry Now?

January 11, 2016

Image from seller Devil Olive on Yes, you can buy stuff with that image.

After TFA’s release there has been some articles here and there that have been encouraging yet maddening; wistful pieces that dare I say miss Lucas’s influence on Star Wars (and kinda sorta show some grudging respect for the prequels if not outright appreciation). Right now I’ve noticed most of these pieces are in higher-brow publications or sites that are more aimed at cinephiles than nerds, but I’ve seen more or less similar sentiments in the New York Post’s and GQ’s websites.

A couple of examples dropped in The New Yorker within the past week. The latter piece is interesting because here’s a Serious Film Guy who hadn’t seen any of the films until recently and didn’t really care for them…except for AOTC and ROTS. It’s as though the acid didn’t finally kick in until five films into the series. However, I’ll agree ROTS is Lucas firing on all cylinders and it’s great to see for a change somebody else notice how AOTC is a beautiful, complex film.

Of course I didn’t need TFA or anything else to recognize Lucas’s value as an artist and a visionary. I already know! That’s one reason why I’m bothering with this site. I just wonder to these guys, where the heck were you when we needed you? They certainly were not around during the prequel years. Back then it was cool to beat up on Lucas and his work and portray him as something worse than serial killer or a pedophile, a sentiment that unfortunately carried over to how TFA was reviewed. Oh sure there were a few people here and there who broke the trend but kicking Lucas around became a pop culture/media thing for a long, long time that got us to where we are now. As Jett Lucas tweeted around Christmas, think of all of the movies we would’ve seen already had it not been for all of the prequel bashing.

I think it’s widely acknowledged what George Lucas has done for entertainment and advancing cinema. There’s a reason why he got the Kennedy Center Honors after all. But he’s horribly undervalued and unappreciated as an artist. He seems to have shared the same fate as his mentor Francis Ford Coppola. In the ‘70s, Coppola could do no wrong. By the ‘80s and ‘90s everybody was throwing tomatoes at him and now he’s making his own weird experimental movies that occasionally get released to even more terrible reviews. (At least people like the wine.) Now Lucas is in his own exile, cut from the popular entertainment stage because frankly, nobody understood what the hell he was trying to do all along. Especially not Star Wars fans. Had there been more prominent voices who did understand Lucas’s oeuvre and if we had a culture more receptive to those voices, things would be very different today. Lucas might be still with the saga he created.

However, I suppose it is nice a few people are starting to recognize Lucas’s artistic strengths now instead of waiting for him to die. Maybe if we’re all lucky, this might kick off a reappraisal of his films, including the prequels, and at last a genuine understanding of the saga.

Please Don’t….

January 10, 2016

1. Please don’t hijack threads (i.e. post comments totally irrelevant to the post topic).

2. Please don’t keep referring to/linking to every douchebag, basher, jerk, loser, etc. who spouts off against the prequels. I don’t care about them. It only concerns me is if it’s somebody who’s at Lucasfilm or Disney or something. Don’t do this on the FB page either.

White Hot Room Ranks Padmé’s Costumes

January 8, 2016

After reading this, I think I’m probably going to have to have a Padmé Costume Week!