Old News, But Unfortunate News

It might have been because I was avoiding spoilers, noise, and overheated hype over TFA last month but that’s when they quietly slipped out the news that Marvel’s “Kanan:  The Last Padawan” was ending with the 12th issue.

The book is based on the “Rebels” series and perhaps a character from a two-year old animated show that has less than a million viewers per week isn’t strong enough for sales.  (Am I the only person who thinks it’s weird how they canceled Clone Wars for a show so obviously on second or third tier status with Disney?  Why bother with an animated show when it’s only the movies that matter?)  But it was also the only ongoing series set in the prequel era.  That’s why I said it was important we support “Obi-Wan & Anakin.”  The comics are pretty good about utilizing lore from the prequel films overall but if you don’t buy the ones specifically set during those films, not only will we never see new titles we might start to see any PT references disappear from the others as well.



29 Responses to “Old News, But Unfortunate News”

  1. mindless droid Says:

    No you’re not the only one to think it odd. I’ll never understand that either well yeah I do. Funny how all the OT cameos on Rebels combined don’t match the amount of excitement that Clone Wars characters especially Ahsoka do when they show up.

  2. James Says:

    That is really sad news! Im really enjoying the current arc.

  3. hansolo1138 Says:

    It’s not odd that they canceled TCW at all. It was distributed by Disney’s greatest rival, Warner Bros. Even if Rebels isn’t as successful as TCW, it is still done by Disney, and is making money for Disney. That’s what I think, anyway.

    • roxam91 Says:

      I specifically remember reading somewhere (can’t remember where though) that Warner Bros. distributing TCW and was the true reason for TCW’s cancellation

      • Kyle Says:

        Absolutely, too much red tape to transfer the distribution rights, same as Fox still having control over ANH despite Disney actually owning the property. Easier to shuffle the production team and start fresh with a new title than try to acquire a property that was already fairly old.

  4. susanbowess Says:

    I think Disney is stupid to cancel any SW show, comic books, or anything else related to the saga. Don’t they realize the money they’re going to miss out on? They do own Lucasfilms after all, and the spin-offs have to be approved by them, just like Lucas had the right to approve anything and everything involving Star Wars. And that’s including all books written under the logo. (Authors are, or were, commissioned by Lucasfilms when GL owned the franchise btw.)

    I sure hope the execs at Disney know what they’re doing, but it certainly doesn’t look that way.

  5. LadyJediScientist Says:

    I was really hoping that series would go on longer than just 12 issues. 😰😰

    As far as Rebels vs The Clone Wars goes, Disney doesn’t spend as much money on production or promotion of the show as Lucasfilm did on The Clone Wars. George viewed TCW as means of expanding the story of Star Wars. For him, it was a passion project. Disney treats Rebels as filler. The show could be more than that, but Disney doesn’t want to the money. I am getting very tired of Disney & its greed👿

    • hansolo1138 Says:

      Dang right. Just looking at Hondo Ohnaka’s character model then vs. now proves that. Or how detailed Anakin’s hair looked in TCW vs. Ezra’s hair in Rebels. Or Wookiees in TCW vs. Wookiees in Rebels. Basically, this show is cheaper than TCW

      That said, Rebels is still a great show, with great characters, plenty of continuation of Clone Wars plotlines, and solid writing. It’s just that it would benefit from TCW’s budget.

    • Jacobesico Says:

      I think that George Lucas wanted an Anime style to the Clone Wars while Rebels uses the Ralph Mcquarrie artwork style to Rebels.

      I do think that The Clone Wars looks better but I’m loving Rebels to be honest so I don’t really care that much about the look of the show.

      • LadyJediScientist Says:

        What bothers me is that Disney won’t let the show take more risks in terms of story. I also don’t for the second class treatment the show gets. For instance: When The Clone Wars was made available for home theaters, Lucasfilm would release on Blu-Ray & DVD, along with including a booklet containing concept art for the show. With Rebels, unless I am mistaken, is only available on DVD with no special packaging or feature like a concept art booklet😕

      • hansolo1138 Says:

        No, Rebels is on Blu-Ray. And any season past 2 of TCW contains no booklet. I know because I own all but 4 and 6.

      • LadyJediScientist Says:

        I stand corrected: I couldn’t find Rebels on Blu-Ray, so I assumed it wasn’t available on Blu-Ray. Apparently, it was distribution issue.

        As far as the booklets go, I realize that only the first two seasons of TCW got the concept art books. But the point is Lucasfilm released the concept art. The Clone Wars received the same care & attention as the live action films. Disney is not doing the same for Rebels☹️☹️

  6. lovelucas Says:

    I”m a fan – and support – TCW and Rebels. I really like Kanan’s storyline/Ezra et all but I know it will have to end sadly and with finality….Disney is so freaking brutal – really cut-throat and they’re not about the heart..they’ve always been about the dollars but have layers and layers of sugar coating covering up their Machiavellian – it’s just business m.o. These 2 series will unfortunately be forgotten – but not by me. I really really hate that all of these actions contribute to erasing George, too.

  7. Artiom Says:

    I think the reason they cancelled Tcw was primary because of Warner brothers. Clone Wars was very successful, as far as I know, so I was surprised at first when they did so. Nevertheless, I can’t help thinking that there’s some irrational George-Lucas-hate logic behind Disney’s decisions – as if some of the executives in the company are prequel-bashers themselves. Maybe it’s just me. I really think there’ll start a prequel nostalgia in some time soon enough, as more people will miss it.

    Also, I bought Anakin – Obi-wan 001 on comixology, haven’t they issued and new one already?

    • susanbowess Says:

      I agree with the “irrational George-Lucas-hate logic” that execs at Disney have adopted. I’m really shocked by Kennedy’s obeying their decision to toss out Lucas’ ideas for TFA, and most likely all future SW movies. She’s become nothing but a “yes-man” – another flunky following orders just like a trained pet. I imagine Mr. Lucas was extremely hurt by her betrayal, especially after all he did for her while still owner of the franchise.

      • LadyJediScientist Says:

        I’m not entirely sure that it’s hate of George, although there may be some of that. I think a lot of Disney’s decisions are based solely on greed. They are making a lot of money with Marvel and they want to apply the same methods to Star Wars. Problem is Star Wars isn’t Marvel. The emphasis, when George was in charge, was on story-telling and making each film unique & innovative. Disney isn’t interested in unique or innovative. They want a simple money making formula that they can apply over & over again. That’s my analysis of the situation.
        As far as Kenndey goes, I think a lot of the hurt & bitterness I picked up on in GL’s Charlie Rose interview is mainly directed at her & not Disney. He hand picked her to run the company & she turns her back on him just to play nice to her new bosses👿

      • susanbowess Says:

        I agree about Kennedy up to a point. I’m very upset by her betrayal, as well as a lot of other fans. However, I could’ve misjudged her reasons for betraying Mr. Lucas. She might’ve not had a choice in the matter. Disney might have told her to agree with them, or risk losing her job. I always try to look on the other side of the coin and If they did threaten her job, I might have done the same thing as she did. Not many people can afford to lose their jobs, especially in these hard times.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Just to emphasize where they stand on innovation, they announced today that Ep. IX is going to be shot on film. So much for all of Lucas’s innovations.

      • LadyJediScientist Says:

        I’ve never understood the whole “real film” issue.😖 It makes no sense to me, especially since they will have to transfer the film to digital format in order to show it in theaters anyway. Most theaters now don’t have traditional projectors. They use digital ones.

      • Cristian Martinez Says:

        I think that most of the executives are Prequels basher, they are nothing more than old crones guided by greed, they never cared about the Prequels. Or anyone is forgetting all the marketing that throw the prequels under a bus with Fanservices Awakens?

        The only reason why Disney hadn’t dismiss us and mark us as pariahs, is because they still want to pretend that the whole Star Wars fandom is united and they have been answering the whole fandom and not only the Original Star Wars fans, but that is only a charade. What get me really angry is that the Prequels fans that still follow Disney even when they treat us like shit, we aren’t Original Star wars fans, we aren’t followed by stupid feelings, we aren’t mindless sheep.

      • susanbowess Says:

        True, but I have to admit that I love Disney movies. I love all the classics like Cinderella, etc, but also like the 3D effect in newer movies. I loved WALL-E! Cracks me up every time I watch it. LOL

    • lovelucas Says:

      When I bought Obi-Wan and Anakin there was an indication that it was to be a series of 5. Haven’t seen anything yet about #2.

      • LadyJediScientist Says:

        TFAW is currently taking pre-orders for issues 2-4 And #2 is already on its second printing!!! It hasn’t been released yet and yet it already requires a second printing!!!

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Next one’s out in February.

  8. jayoungr Says:

    Darn it! I only just learned about “The Last Padawan,” and I was looking forward to checking it out. They certainly weren’t publicizing it much.

  9. madmediaman Says:

    I’m not sure why they cancelled the series as Kanan outsells a number of high profile Marvel titles. Heck the December issue was only eclipsed by the Chewbacca mini by about 10k. Kind of boneheaded.

    • Alisha Chromey Says:

      Marvel can’t expand their other Star Wars ongoing titles without the numbers for all titles suffering; there will just be too much for people to buy. For now they are keeping the number of ongoing titles the same; once Kanan ends the ongoing Sequel Trilogy comic Poe Dameron starts up. Speaking with my local comic book store owner he says that Star Wars has been selling so well that it is considered on its own. Its DC, Marvel, and Star Wars. Plus Kanan was originally going to be a mini according to Greg Weisman in an interview with Collider Video.

      I have loved this comic dearly; it has been my consistent favorite and I am sad to see it go! Wish it could have gone on for at least one more arc; Depa Billaba and Kanan have been drawn and written wonderfully. Greg Weisman and Pepe Laraz have been terrific!

      What have you thought of the past several issues madmediaman?

  10. M. Marshall Says:

    I’m not surprised by this. I feel Disney never had much faith in “Rebels” to begin with. They didn’t promote the show with a massive toy promotion at Toys R Us. They aired it on a 10:00 Monday night slot when most their target audience is in bed, on a “brother” station aimed mostly at boys. “Rebels” felt like one big apology card from Disney for cancelling TCW.

  11. M. Marshall Says:

    Did you hear about this?: http://www.starwars.com/video/star-wars-galactic-defense-developer-diary-part-1

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