Fan Art That Will Give You The Feels

It’s funny because I follow anakinspadme on Twitter but I didn’t see this vid until someone posted it on the SWPAS FB page:

And this is a post from lisuli79 (though I’m not sure if she’s the artist or not):



27 Responses to “Fan Art That Will Give You The Feels”

  1. lovelucas Says:

    As clearly as I see you now… Never recognized this prophesy before.. I knew the concept but here it is ..STATED.

  2. Jacobesico Says:

    That was a beautiful video and it was good to see one of the deleted scenes from AOTC.

  3. susanbowess Says:

    Wow! the graphic art was great and portrayed exactly what I think Vader went through. I say the same thing in my SW fanfiction, that Anakin became an empty shell after Padme died, and that he was just a slave to Palpatine. (Sidious) Also that he took his rage (pain) out on the rebels, as well as the surviving Jedi, blaming Obi-Wan for turning his true love against him.

    It’s pretty awesome that somebody else thinks along the same lines as I do. šŸ™‚

    • hansolo1138 Says:


      Obi-Wan: “You have done that yourself. You have allowed this Dark Lord to twist your mind until now. Now you have become the very thing you sought to destroy.”

      Anyone who says that the Prequels’ dialogue was all bad was NOT paying attention to this scene.

      • Jacobesico Says:

        I find it weird when people critisice the dialouge in the prequels when it has the same throughout the saga. Harrison Ford found it difficult when he first started saying to George Lucas “You can type this s**t but you can’t say it”.

      • susanbowess Says:

        I totally agree hansolo1138. Even though some of the dialogue is a bit corny, everyone gets the meaning of what’s being said and to criticize the movies due to this matter is completely ridiculous.

      • hansolo1138 Says:

        susanbowes: A lot of the dialogue is REALLY corny. But many parts of it are great, like that one.

        Jacobesico: The only CONSISTENTLY well-written Star Wars movies were written by Lawrence Kasdan. Which excludes Episode IV, contrary to what hateboys believe.

      • susanbowess Says:

        The haters would probably use that information as another reason to hate Mr. Lucas: maybe even claiming that he didn’t write any Star Wars stories at all. Wouldn’t put it past the haters.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Hmm, they use ANH’s screenplay for classes now, and likely for good reason…

      • susanbowess Says:

        No doubt. šŸ™‚

      • hansolo1138 Says:

        Yeah, and that sucks.

      • hansolo1138 Says:


    • Hoggle Says:

      A Slightly diff but prequel fan service fan fic. film to me that have been thinking of recently……….. would be a version of the Minotaur.

      McDiarmid would be an evil magician, & Christensen his black knight. Christensen would also be the son of the King, who’s kingdom McDiarmid has enchanted.

      They are envoys leaving to journey to the land where Portman is the daughter of the King and Macgregor the King’s younger brother or cousin. McDiarmid decides he wants to marry Portman as a condition of the friendship of the two lands after they arrive. Portman’s character triggers something off in Christensen’s character as he starts to comes out of his enchantment also while not letting McDiarmid known as his most trusted black knight, and they have a secret romance. It get’s very angsty as things build to the big day of the wedding, and on that day Portman throws herself at mercy of her father the king, who cancels the wedding. As the remorseful King trys to make amends to McDiarmid, he meanwhile steals the prize bull that was to be offered to the gods at the wedding, and makes him into the Minotaur, a superhuman warrior, who enchants Portman’s character and takes her away.
      The next day, & huge forested labyrinth has appeared on the lands filled with illusions, ghosts, traps & animate sword wielding dead skeletons. McDiarmid insists it is a sign of the Gods that the King has to surrender & abdicate to him if he wants to save his daughter from the Labyrinth & Minotaur.

      The knight in black armour to McDiarmid has come out of his enchantment if not having regained his full strength, has a fortunuous meeting with Macgregor character in secret, where they become friends and go on a quest into the labyrinth to save Portman, with Christensen eventually killing the Minotaur and then after, strong enough to openly confront McDiarmid’s magician, in ultimately lifting his enchantments from himself and father’s kingdom silmultaneoulsy, leading to McDiarmid’s death. Then there is a fairy tale wedding, and the priest is an ewok.

      Wolfgang Petersen would be the director and Trisha Biggar the costumer.

      • susanbowess Says:

        That would be a pretty cool movie. I also wrote a fantasy/love story titled Sorcerer that has Hayden as the lead character, however it’s a bit different from your story.

        In my story the “sorcerer” is evil (McDiarmid) and doesn’t really posses any real power so he uses Liam’s (Christensen) true powers to conquer many lands, naming himself king of course. There’s naturally a princess in the story (Portman) who Liam (Christensen) falls in love with, but she turns him away because she believes he’s as evil as his father. The sorcerer (ruling king) isn’t really his dad of course. He kidnapped Liam when first born and killed his true parents – Liam would be the real king, but doesn’t have a clue about his true heritage.

      • Hoggle Says:


      • Hoggle Says:

        That’s abit like our respective Star Wars fan fics Susan, we sort of focus on similar things and then go off in diff. directions but with similar overlaps just like these two, haha.

      • susanbowess Says:

        True. I always envision Hayden as my lead character in all my stories, (huge crush on him as if you couldn’t tell… lol) and Nat as the female character… Ian being the villain in most of the stories. Ha, ha, ha. I don’t really envision Ewan in my stories though. Not that he doesn’t deserve it because I think he’s a great actor too. It’s just that I can’t have both Hayden and Ewan as heroes in the same story. I did however name my character Liam (from Sorcerer) to honor Liam Neeson and I named the girl child in the story after Liam Neeson’s late wife Natasha. I did that in my star wars fanfiction too, naming characters after those I respect, such as naming Benjamin Solo’s child Lukas, to honor George Lucas just spelled with a k instead of a c.

        I also name characters after my friends and family, sometimes switching the letters around creating a different name entirely. Example… I switched the letters around in my SW story using Hayden’s name… a girl called Deynah. That proves I’ve got Star Wars on my mind 24/7. LOL šŸ™‚

      • Hoggle Says:

        Although you are far better at narrative prose type of descriptive stuff , where i would flounder šŸ™‚

  4. susanbowess Says:

    I agree with Jacobesico about the video too. It was freaking A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

  5. Kingpun Says:

    If anyone is interested, one of Shirtpunch’s t-shirts today is a Star Wars Pac Man spoof with the ghosts of Anakin, Obi-Wan and Yoda and they gave Anakin Hayden Christensen’s hairstyle. If anyone’s unfamiliar with shirtpunch, they have daily t-shirt designs that are only available for 24 hours.

  6. Crazy Han Solo (@CrazyHanSolo) Says:

    More than anything… I wish there was a way I can meet Lucas before he dies… to tell him that I see the beauty in his films, and that they have meant more to me than any other movie has.

    The Force Awakens was an insult to the meaning that gave Star Wars an almost egregious following, where people treat the films like scripture! George tapped into some really deep stuff with his six films… the very fabric of human nature and spirituality. And he did it in such a fun and creative way.

    He should feel good about his what he’s done, not bad or despised!

    • susanbowess Says:

      I’d also love to meet Mr. Lucas before “I” die, (We’re about the same age.) and for the same reasons as yours. I also agree with you that he should be praised, and not hated by SW fans who just don’t get the true meaning behind the saga.

      However, I have to disagree with you about TFA. I finally saw the movie last night, and though there are quite a few references to A New Hope, (Lucas had comparisons in every SW movie too.) I liked the movie a lot. I thought JJ did a fine job of continuing the storyline, as well as the ideals Mr. Lucas applied to the saga.

  7. James Says:

    Beutiful, just beutiful. Im not crying, not at all…. šŸ˜„

    Ive never seens some of these deleted scenes. I read them in the novel but didnt know they were filmed. Specifically the one of Anakins dream on the refugee shuttle.

    All in all beutiful.

  8. Nariel Says:

    I think anakinspadme is one of the best SW vidders – her videos are so beautiful and emotional and this one is no exception. I like the graphic art too, I guess we all imagine Vader had moments like this…

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