Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day 2016

What?!  It’s only January and Prequel Appreciation Day is May 19!  Why am I thinking about this stuff now?

Well, I thought I’d mix it up this year and ask you, the people, what they would like to see for this year’s Prequel Appreciation Day.   If you have ideas, I’d like to see them in the comments!


38 Responses to “Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day 2016”

  1. Thorin Milliken Says:

    Very cool! Since I’ve just recently joined, I’m actually unfamiliar with what went on in previous years. For me personally, I’ve really already been appreciating the prequels alot lately. Video games have been a big part of Star Wars for quite a while and the prequels brought a lot of them. Recently, the Playstation network rereleased a good handful of the prequel themed games. The PS4 versions of Bounty Hunter, Jedi Starfighter, Racer are all upscaled to 1080p with trophies included. Before that, they had some available for PS3 also, such as Revenge of the Sith the game, and Starfighter. Needless to say, I’ve been going back and revisiting Revenge, Racer, and Bounty Hunter recently… absolutely loving them all over again. I really miss The Phantom Menace game though. I played it multiple times on PS1, but there was also a PC version that looked way better.

    All of these games really allowed for the immersion into the Star Wars galaxy that we all wanted so badly after leaving the theater. I’ve been rewatching the prequels, playing some of the games, watching more… rinse and repeat.

    Oh ya, we really need a rerelease of The Clone Wars game that came out during AOTC. Cruising around in the tanks on Geonosis rocked… and not to mention playing as Mace Windu!

  2. Thorin Milliken Says:

    Just thought of something else…

    The prequels brought a slew of great merch including some amazing model kits! I ended up getting back into model building during that time. Unfortunately I don’t have all of the kits still, but I do have a very nice battle droid on a STAP that’s killer. The thing is like a foot tall! I used to have Ani’s podracer, but after moving several times… I had to retire it LOL. Trade Federation tank was cool too.

  3. Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

    If yousa desire, I can give an account of the history of LEGO Star Wars, which also includes Lego before and during LSW and the effect the brand had on Lego’s original themes and the expanding of licencing with other companies.

    You could also showcase some great official and fan illustrations.

    • hansolo1138 Says:

      Man, I have a lot of great memories of my LEGO Star Wars kits and video games. I’m hoping TT can make two more sequels (for Rebels and the sequel trilogy) before its license expires.

      Even though all my Star Wars LEGOs are lost or in pieces, my favorite set was General Grievous’ Starfighter from c. 2010-11. Anyone else have any favorites?

      • Falcongunner Says:

        My first prequel Lego set was either Lightsabre Duel or Naboo Swamp-can’t remember which…But that said, I’ve always been a modelmaker and have several prequel kits waiting to be built and painted and have Anakin’s Naboo Starfighter and the Trade Federation Droid Starfighters built up and painted in my living room.

      • Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

        The first set I owned personally was the Attack of the Clones Desert Speeder with Anakin, the Tuskin Raiders (who were obviously not Rock Raiders… wink wink… joke for Lego fans), and a desert tower. As a birthday present two and a half years later, I got the Jedi Intercepter with a Vulture Droid.

    • Captain Fordo Says:

      No matter how old, legos are always fun and excellent. Still have most of my sets, and quite a few of the UCSs.

  4. Marshall Says:

    Well, now that Disney has decided to postpone Ep VIII till December that means we don’t have to share May with a Star Wars release. I suggest this year the theme be prequel era creatures. Which one appeals to us, in which scene did they first appear, any little known facts you can tell us about them, etc. I’ve always had a fascination with varactyls ever since seeing Obi-Wan ride one in ROTS.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      December of 2017 that is. It wasn’t coming out this year!

      • Marshall Says:

        Don’t forget “Rogue One” is coming out next December. And there’s still that Han Solo spin-off coming up. I’m guessing that will be in December too.

      • hansolo1138 Says:

        Also, there’s the rumored Boba Fett spin-off. Who knows, maybe they’ll cast Daniel Logan in the role!

      • Captain Fordo Says:

        @hansolo1138, as long as they don’t kill off clone boba-fett and have him replaced. Heard rumors like that from haterboys.

        @marshall, and then something else will be milked. Disney sure knows how to milk the “fanboys”.

        Personally Im not too interested in the “spin off” movies.

      • Anthony Echevarria Says:

        I wish they’d make a Qui-Gon spin-off movie…and not just for the inevitable “Taken” jokes that would result. 😛 (I already made one myself, to an online friend. So I’m not offended by them, in comparison to Star Wars.)

        The idea first showed up on an IGN forum (by a Prequel disliker, no less; he didn’t hate the prequels, but he didn’t like them either.) I was surprised that he would bring it up, being somebody that was disliking the prequels, but I guess people like Qui-Gon, because of the Liam Neeson factor. Unless you’re the most odious Ogre, or just deluded, it’s pretty much impossible not to like him.

        That’s just imho, though. :-/

    • Falcongunner Says:

      We can but hope, especially as he’d bring a wealth of experience and talent to the project not to mention strengthening links with the prequels.

  5. Cristian Martinez Says:

    Maybe they would try to atract the LGTB community with Luke Skywalker in the next movie, they have released now that Luke have become a queer.

    • hansolo1138 Says:

      What the heck does that have to do with anything?

      • Cristian Martinez Says:

        Aren’t you surprise by the news? I really don’t mind gay characters, never the less, I can imagine the faces of the Original Star Wars fans when they find out that Luke Skywalker maybe become gay in the next movie, they aren’t the most open minded people, and with Luke being gay eliminate the fan theory that Rey is his daughter, it have a been a long while that some fans complained that Star Wars lacked of gay characters, with Luke being gay that really would shake thing up, maybe even it would made his character more interesting.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Again, HUH?

    • Brian47 Says:

      Not sure what your source for this rumor, but I don’t recall about anywhere and I tend to keep up with all the Star Wars-related news and rumor items each day. I really don’t think the filmmakers are planning on Luke being gay.

      • Cristian Martinez Says:

        Actually Mark Hamill say that Luke can be whatever the fans want him to be, never the less, the issue would be addressed sooner or later:

        Here is article were I read it.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Oh, Salon (*drink*). This doesn’t confirm anything. It’s a bellybutton gazer which has one point I concur with and that it’s obnoxious to retcon a character as gay especially when it adds absolutely nothing to the story or the character.

        And in any case, Luke did have a crush on Leia before he knew she was his sister so take that as you will. You can write slash fic about Luke and you can argue passionately that Luke is probably asexual or assume he’s straight. It hasn’t been addressed beyond Luke’s incestuous crush, yet. If Hamill knows anything about Ep VIII, he’s not going to spill the beans now.

      • Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

        “Whatever the FANS want him to be”… siggh… do I really need to write anything about this?… it says it for itself (not bashing Mark here)…. I don’t even know if I want to even be labeled a “Star Wars Fan” anymore…. because of what the Spaceship-Crowd has done in our name… :/

  6. princesselwen Says:

    I’m new, so I don’t know what you did before. But why not do something on fanfiction? Have everyone post their favorite fanfics or authors from the prequel era, and talk about why they like them. Or they could post their favorite from their own fics, if they write them.

  7. Cristian Martinez Says:


    Yeah I known, stupid marketing campaign, if actor, directors and producers were more honest about the movies that they made maybe people wouldn’t feel disappointed when they go the cinema and find out that the movie isn’t what they are expecting, of course that Mark Hamill wouldn’t speak nothing, he is an actor, and when you are doing a marketing of a franchise or a movie, you always are speak positive of the product that you are selling and your fellow actors and director, and of course, they are always vague about the plot or the character.

    Luke being gay is like Han Solo dead, add nothing to the story, other than safe Harrison Ford of a possible backlash that the franchise could receive in the future if the fans change their minds (like they already beginning to), maybe that why he agree to let his character die in first place. It better be safe than sorry.

    And you are assuming that they actually care about the story and the lore of Star Wars so far, the one that actually had cared is Feloni, but the other ones, they always implement stupid idea after stupid idea, maybe is the reason why the universe had been totally dumbed down.

  8. Crazy Han Solo (@CrazyHanSolo) Says:

    We should change are social media profiles and spam #PreaquelAppreciationDay on May 16th. By then the Force Awkens hype will have died down and people will at Ep 7 more objectivly and see that the prequels were better in many regards.

  9. jayoungr Says:

    I’m new as well, so I don’t know much about what you’ve done in the past. But I hope it’s something we can all participate in somehow. What about reviving the “why I love the prequels” series? New members could participate, and the regulars may have noticed new things since the last round.

  10. LadyJediScientist Says:

    Never too early to prepare for a Star Wars celebration. For Prequel Day, maybe favorite memories when the films first came out? Or favorite Prequel-themed craft?

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