Marvel To Reissue Prequel Comics Adaptations?

LadyJediScientist spotted solicitations on Amazon for the TPM comics adaptation and for the AOTC one.  Both are in hardcover, with TPM set for release in May and AOTC in September.  No ROTS solicitation seems to be up but let me know if I’m wrong.

There’s no info on the AOTC adaptation but Gilroy and Damaggio were the original team who worked on TPM, so these are the ones originally published by Dark Horse.  I’m guessing Marvel will be releasing these as it gets around to its adaptation this spring of TFA.



15 Responses to “Marvel To Reissue Prequel Comics Adaptations?”

  1. zch81721 Says:

    While we’re at it can we please get a reprint of the Son of Dathomir trade? Been trying to find that damn thing. One comic book store I went to said that that is probably the most requested Star Wars comic trade and it flies in and out fast. They are so hard to find these days. I know marvel has the individual issues on their digital site but it would be nice to get a physical reprint. Especially considering that is the only dark horse Star Wars (that I am aware of) comic that was actually made part of the new canon.

  2. LadyJediScientist Says:

    I think they will eventually. The good sales of the Kanan comic and the fact that some comic book shops are having a hard time keeping the Obi-Wan & Anankin comic in stock 😆😆😆 will encourage Marvel/Disney to publish more Prequel era material. And I know what you mean about the Son of Dathomir comics. It took me several months to track down the individual comics😝😝

  3. Shamari Stewart Says:

    Will be purchasing these asap. I need more star wars prequel-era stuff

  4. kenkraly2004 Says:

    All they are is re issues of the original trade paperbacks with cover artwork from Marvel. Same as The OT Trade Paperbacks

  5. SWPN Says:

    A pity that The Phantom Menace covers looks so ugly…

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I prefer the original art but this isn’t too bad…except for Yoda looking as though he disapproves of Anakin’s footwear.

      • LadyJediScientist Says:

        I agree: I prefer the original cover art. As much as want to support the Prequels, I would rather track down the library binding of the original Dark Horse of the Prequels. The artwork was just so stunning!

    • hansolo1138 Says:

      Yuck! Talk about the uncanny valley!

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