Singer-Songwriter Shows Her Love For Star Wars

Sarah passed along a tip that singer-songwriter Halsey is a true fan of the prequels/saga. Here’s the proof:

In this description of her Mandalorian tattoo she got a few years ago, she mentions watching ROTS (I presume).

Here she sets her lyrics to a scene from ROTS.

She does the same with these shots:



And here she is retweeting Vice’s interview with Ahmed Best last year:


Halsey put out her debut studio album Badlands recently; go check it out here or on iTunes.


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2 Responses to “Singer-Songwriter Shows Her Love For Star Wars”

  1. Jacobesico Says:

    Another person for Limon Dregg to not have any respect for. 😎

    But in all seriousness I think it’s great when moments in the Prequels are mentioned like this.

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