Why It’s Important To Support “Obi-Wan & Anakin”

“Obi-Wan & Anakin” #1 trickled out to a few stores last week by mistake but it’s officially out everywhere today. I had a little time to read it during my lunch break and it is a fantastic start to what could be a really good series. That alone is reason enough to recommend it.

But if you are a prequel fan, you really should pick this up even if you never read comics. Right now it’s more important than ever for us to show 1) we exist and 2) we’ll support prequel stuff when they make it. If this series is a success, Marvel will do more prequel-era comics. It’s basic economics. Write in to the editor, tweet the talent, etc. to let them all know you appreciate the series. If we don’t support prequel stuff we can’t expect more of it.

So head to your local comics store or book store, or visit an online retailer like TFAW.com to get your copy!



56 Responses to “Why It’s Important To Support “Obi-Wan & Anakin””

  1. susanbowes Says:

    Good to know. Thanks for sharing this info. I’ll definitely check this comic out.

  2. madmediaman Says:

    Agreed good start to the series.

  3. zch81721 Says:

    I’ll be picking up a copy this Friday! There are no comic book stores in my area but since I will be visiting friends on that day they have on there luckily.

  4. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    I wish I had money.

  5. LadyJediScientist Says:

    Pre-ordered 4 variant covers of IssueπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  6. Noah Evans (The Artist) Says:

    I’ll be at the Disneyparks this Friday, and the shop “Off the Page” usually carries Marvel comics (well, currently of non-Marvel properties) so I’ll consider it.

  7. Jim Raynor Says:

    I’m a regular comic buyer but hadn’t even thought about picking this up since I don’t usually buy new ongoing series at full price.

    The reviews on issue #1 seem quite good though, and it’s only a six-issue limited series so it’s not a long commitment without the timely promise of a complete self-contained story. I think I’ll bite, especially with this current wave of Original Trilogy nostalgia at the expense of most things Prequel.

    If you guys don’t want to carry around physical comics, you can buy this digitally for the same price at Comixology.com. You can then read it on your computer, or even with your smartphone using Comixology or Marvel’s app. Much more convenient in this day and age than buying physical copies.

    • SWPN Says:

      Except you don’t own the digital comics you buy at Comixology. It’s basically a rental.

      • Jim Raynor Says:

        No, it’s real ownership.

        The standard service on Comixology is based on cloud computing. You don’t download the comic but can access your purchases on their server from your computer or smartphone.

        This should be fine in and of yourself, unless you’re paranoid about Comixology or the big comic book publishers actually collapsing. The comic industry is moving more and more toward the digital format.

        If you’re that concerned, you CAN fully download your comics into your phone using their apps. I have numerous comics on my phone, which I can read anywhere even without cellular or WiFi service.

  8. Shamari Stewart Says:

    This is great, I love it. The characterization of Obi-wan and Anakin are wonderful! And the art is beautiful too, just wow.. amazing. For anyone who spent any time wondering about the adventures that Obi-wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker went on in all their years as master and padawan this comic (and hopefully the whole series) is a treat. Unless the writer (Charles Soule) just completely bombs the rest of the series I think this is gonna be an easy favorite… I mean it’s about two of my favorite characters!! How could I not love it lol. Maybe this will also satisfy the prequel haters who love to gripe about how Anakin and Obi-Wan don’t seem that close in the prequels (which I think is completely ridiculous, but whatever)

    • susanbowes Says:

      If you’re interested in reading about Anakin training under Obi-Wan while at the Temple (end of Phantom – until his teen years) you should check out the Jude Watson “Apprentice” series. I’ve read a few of them and they’re excellent stories and I love her style of writing. Her books are sold on amazon.com.

      She’s also written other SW books including Dooku training under Qui-Gon.

  9. Jacobesico Says:

    I’ll buy it if I see it. I enjoyed reading one of the Jude Watson books.

    To be honest, I still count those as Canon. Didn’t Obi-Wan reference one of the books in Attack of the Clones?
    “I haven’t seen you this tense since we fell into that nest of Gandarks.”

    But I agree. I hope more Prequel era stuff comes from Marvel.

  10. Kim Says:

    I bought Issue #1 on my Kindle and pre-ordered the trade paperback from Amazon as well. Hope it does well and we get more prequel era material.

  11. hansolo1138 Says:

    Considering that “Jedi Quest” by Jude Watson got me into the EU in the first place, I feel honor-bound to get this when it comes out as a trade. Individual issues are not an option for me since a) I do not live near a convenient shop, and b) I hate reading novels and comics digitally.

    • susanbowess Says:

      You don’t have to read her novels digitally. I brought my copies through amazon.com – in paperback. Single copies don’t cost too much and all are well worth the money. The whole set would cost more, but if brought individually they aren’t that expensive.

      • hansolo1138 Says:

        No, I meant that since “Jedi Quest” or “The Adventures of Anakin and Obi-Wan,” if you will, got me into the EU in the first place, I feel that I need to read a series that depicts their adventures in (I presume) a similar way to Watson. I can get the novels any old time I want from the library.

      • susanbowess Says:

        My mistake. I thought you were talking about the Jude Watson series. I’m pretty sure they’re still selling them on amazon.com. I’d love to get the whole series someday, but that’ll have to wait until I win the lottery. LOL

  12. Simon Maxwell Says:

    I’m sorry, but I no longer care about Star Wars comics (and that includes prequel stories). I’m still angry over Dark Horse losing the Star Wars licence. I’m still angry over Disney declaring the entire expanded universe (all Dark Horse’s 23-year comic run) non-canon. And I still don’t accept the fact that Disney now considers all comics and novels from now on to be 100% canon, and so dumb things such as Han being married in the new Marvel comics are 100% canon and mean that Han was married during the original trilogy films. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    • Jacobesico Says:

      Do what I do and ignore Disney.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      If it helps any, Han turned out not to have been married after all.

      • susanbowes Says:

        If Han and Leia weren’t married, then she had her children illegitimately and does that mean Han isn’t the father? Naughty Leia! LOL

      • hansolo1138 Says:

        No, Han and Leia were married. They had just divorced or “separated” by the time TFA rolls around. But Simon and LP are actually referring to “Sana Solo” from the new SW comic series.

      • susanbowess Says:

        I can’t see Han and Leia being separated or divorced. What could’ve happened to make them separate? It sure must’ve been a doozie! They’re love seemed to be just as strong as Anakin’s and Padme’s. Well, maybe not quite that strong, but almost!

      • roxam91 Says:

        Let’s just say something devastating happens in the period set between ROTJ and TFA.

      • susanbowess Says:

        Will that be the subject of Episode 8, or will they make another whole trilogy about that? (Goodie, Goodie! More SW movies to love!)

      • roxam91 Says:

        It’s actually revealed in TFA. I really can’t say more without spoiling it for you…

      • susanbowess Says:

        That’s cool and thanks for not spoiling TFA for me. I’ll probably know all about it before the DVD comes out though. πŸ™‚ Curiosity will get the better of me. LOL

  13. Cristian Martinez Says:

    As much I love comics, I don’t known if I would by this, this is like Disney continue to throw us a bone even that they totally mistreat us with Force Awakens. Why we should buy their comics if they don’t have any kind of respect for us? And of course, if you search hard enough you still can find copies of Dark Horse Star Wars The Republic of more than 80 issues, that not only tell the tale of Obi Wan and Anakin, but all the Jedis, and the major characters in the political system in the galaxy.

    Why we should care about a new comic series when the creator of this series treat us so bad? We are so masochist?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      What you do is up to you; Dark Horse’s stuff was wonderful for the most part and I was sorry to see the license go. But I have to say Marvel has done so far a really good job of integrating the saga. What they do is not under the control of the film division. If that was the case, we’d never see a prequel comic at all: not this one and not Kanan The Last Padawan. None of the OT-era comics would mention hair or hide of anything from the prequel era…so far the Star Wars ongoing series, the Princess Leia miniseries, and the Darth Vader series have used PT characters, situations, and locations.

      Also, in all fairness, the Republic series took place mostly during the Clone Wars era. There’s not much that takes place between TPM and AOTC, which is when this series takes place.

    • susanbowes Says:

      Because we’re Star Wars fans Cristian. Simple as that.

    • roxam91 Says:

      Because I never cared for the EU (and really only cared for the books and comics after the EU was rebooted), because I actually loved TFA (which I didn’t really see as mistreating me… unless you refer to the film’s crappy marketing with PRACTICAL EFFECTS), because I’ve been hearing good things about the comic. Yeah, I think I will go get it.

    • Shamari Stewart Says:

      As someone that also didn’t think TFA was that great and was very disappointed by the movie, I don’t really feel “mistreated”. If that’s the story they wanted to tell then that’s the story they wanted to tell, it was never george lucas’ job to please me with the movies and it isn’t disney’s job to please me either (it just so happens that george did a much better job).

      But either way I think if you tried to read the comics in the new canon (especially the ones taking place in the prequel era: Kanan and this one), you wouldn’t be disappointed. It’s very clear, I think, that they were written by people who appreciate the stories of the prequels and who want to write meaningful stories in that time period of the universe. If I were reading this and I felt like it was some disney executive throwing me a bone, I’d call them out on it. But this writing is actually realllly good, I think all the writing for the prequel-era comics so far have been much better than any of the OT-era comics (maybe I’m biased because I’m a fan of the prequels… but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard other original trilogy fans say Kanan is their favorite series).

      So yeah, I totally understand your frustration (I honestly think TFA was a huge disappointment), but for what it’s worth I think you might be missing out on some great stories.

  14. JustinJL Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I will have to purchase a copy. On a completely unrelated note, I purchased action figures from TPM the year that the movie was being released. Iam curious if they will still have value. Not that Iam planning to sell them. It was out of curiosity. On a another note, The month of Christmas I took a delivery to a hospital, and they had drum containers promoting holiday food drives. And to my surprise. I saw a lot of episode 1 toys in said containers. I was confused. Can anyone explain to me why that is? That just didn’t look right.

    • susanbowes Says:

      Anything from older movies is worth something. They’re worth more if still in package. I have Ani from PM, but my nephew gave it to me and it’s been opened. I’ve also got Palptine from PM too, also opened. I wouldn’t sell any of my SW figures though. I’ve got them displayed on a shelf in my bedroom. I’ve got most of the figures from all the prequels, but I want one of Padme in the dress she wore when Ani told her how much he loved her. Haven’t been able to find that one. 😦

      I haven’t a clue why the drum was filled with SW toys at Christmas unless somebody felt they should go to the kids in the hospital due to TFA coming out which is creating quite a buzz among kids now. Yippee! Another generation of SW fans! πŸ™‚

      • JustinJL Says:

        Call me selfish, but I wouldn’t be giving PT toys (especially unopened) away. I do agree that it will give a younger generation an opportunity to experience SW. I just hate to think that with TFA releasing, people are just giving away PT toys,as though the PT doesn’t exist. That is just me.

      • susanbowess Says:

        I wouldn’t give any prequel action figures, or any other item away either… or sell it. My action figures mean too much to me.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Sounds like some guy is dumping his collection.

      If you’re wondering about the value of a figure, the quick and dirty way to do it is to check out eBay, Craigslist, etc. to see what they are selling for. The monetary value of any collectible is really the price somebody is willing to pay for it. Nothing produced since the OT era will ever be as valuable as Kenner’s original run of action figures.

  15. Cristian Martinez Says:

    It seems that the Original Star Wars fans want to blame everybody, but themselves:

    It not secret that the Nostalgia Critic is a Original Star Wars fan, but this is really stupid, calling George Lucas a bad director, when more than ones he already say that he isn’t a good director or a good writer, and totally ignoring that.

    And comparing him to freaking Shyamalan of all of people, the Original Star Wars fans want to blame everybody than themselves for the fall of the Prequels, continue the myth that they were bad, not matter how successful they were, it seems that empirical evidence don’t exist in the universe of the Nostalgia Critic, not that I am surprise by that, because I already known that a long time ago.

  16. Dawn Says:

    It’s just all the more disgusting that they keep stubbornly clinging to their irrational, I think plainly mentally unstable hatred and negativity – all these years on, almost *seventeen* now since TPM, actually, and still they can’t let it go and move on and it really is downright deranged. Truly, they’re utmost despicable and the most toxic element and the worst of it is….they’re the ones who seemingly have all the power or influence granted to them now, if for no other reason, apparently, but that they scream the loudest.

  17. Cristian Martinez Says:

    You really need to build a Forum for this things, and the point was that I was answering a comment.

  18. LadyJediScientist Says:

    Back to the subject of the comic, I really enjoyed the first issue.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ The artwork is stunning!!! I wasn’t sure about the new ship designs at first and without spoiling anything, they’ve grown on me. They are very unique & fresh. The overall feel & look of the comic reminds me of a Dark Horse: focus on story, character &I breath taking visuals. I am looking forward to the rest of the series.

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