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The SW Prequel Frames Tumblr has posted a series of fascinating articles about TPM, AOTC, and other prequel-y things lately (which I’ve just caught up with).

Bryan Young posted on How Stuff Works the 10 Times TFA Nods The Star Wars Prequels. He said in a comment on another FB page that he had to narrow it down from 20. Go figure!

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6 Responses to “Interesting Stuff To Read”

  1. Daniel Says:

    I love how he points out that Simon Pegg’s character Unkar Plutt is like Watto. Take that! IN YO FACE!!!

  2. PrinceOfNaboo Says:

    Thank you very much for linking to my articles. I’m still a loyal reader although missing the time to comment as much as I used to ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hoggle Says:

    Oh WOW, that tumbler has great posts about AoTCs.

    A few additional brief thoughts of my experiences with that movie. When it came out, i had some puzzle about the Clone conspiracy. I assumed the Jedi perspective was that they beat the Dooku to the punch with the clones & knew he was behind it. It is off course never directly addressed in the films – this is not the flaw many people think though. I was wrong about that, the Jedi simply didn’t know, it was too murky for them and they had lost their all important ‘living force’, as Qui-gon put it, connection to the force (will of the midi-chlorians or Midi?) to take the correct course of action when not knowing the wider picture, & had latched on to Sifo-Dyas story lead provided to them in the confusing convergence of events. Only when it was too late did the Jedi start to feel that the overall plot was to destroy the Jedi Order itself.

    Also the fire place scene, is Anakin’s sub-conscious confession, about being a screwed up Jedi – it’s not suppose to be Don Juan stud territory (the story is of a doomed romance and becoming a death dealing half robot after! hehe). That’s what his lumpy dialogue is about. He’s expressing to Padme how it makes no sense for him to live in a hypothetical way in regards to being a Jedi, when that is exactly what he is asking for in that moment with Padme. That’s what grows to become Darth Vader for the character – it was always going to be abit lumpy if not going for a straight out bad seed monster in looking at the character’s personal problems . In AoTCs later sequence of challenges for the character, these make Anakin a dark Jedi. It’s a similar thing in RoTS when Anakin tells Padme, that the Jedi order and Republic are not making sense to him after his new secret Jedi assignment, yet he can’t hear Padme telling him the same thing this time. A scene or two later, Palpatine is directly tempting him with a Sith legend of great power, & he soon goes from a Dark Jedi to a Sith. ๐Ÿ™‚

    p.s. George Lucas says in the commentary of RoTS that Dooku created the Clones, & that information is in the film (Jango was approached by Darth Tyrannos, never heard of Sido-Dyas, given up from direct questioning by Obi (a Jedi questioning a, by own admission, simple bounty hunter) – & at end it is revealed that Dooku is Tyrannos)

  4. hansolo1138 Says:

    Whoa…that background detail for Phasma is cooler than all of her scenes in the movie combined!

    • Dave Strohmenger Says:

      Yeah, but I don’t like that it was created by destroying something from the prequels. Same with the destruction of the Republic planet. Yes, there’s a Naboo senator there, but they’re all there just to be destroyed.

  5. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Kylo Renโ€™s allusion to wishing for a clone army is particularly poignant when one considers that Ren worships his grandfather, Darth Vader, who fought alongside the clones and used them to eliminate the Jedi.

    Can’t they get their information right? It was Palpatine who used the clones to eliminate the Jedi.

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