“John Carter” & Star Wars

Bryan Young posted another chapter in his Cinema Behind Star Wars series, this time the influence the John Carter series of books by Edgar Rice Burroughs had on Star Wars, as well as the influence AOTC in particular had on the ill-fated “John Carter” film released in 2012:

In fact, when the film came out, comparisons were drawn to Attack of the Clones almost instantly. Both Tatooine and Geonosis share the barren landscape of Barsoom and both movies share a massive arena battle, which was something described in the original books more than 100 years ago. The Nexu could very well be inspired by John Carter’s calot, Woola.

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15 Responses to ““John Carter” & Star Wars”

  1. Heidi Says:

    I forgot who it was but somebody mentioned on here a book titled John Carter and the Gods of Mars. It was about the behind the scene sabatoge of the John Carter movie and it was intertwined with Disneys accusation of the SW franchise. Anyways to whoever it was, I read then book, found it fascinating, and it was also my first encounter of john carter as a story. I absolutly fell head over my heels in love with it. I adored Andrew Statons movie and I rushed out to read the first three books in Edgar Rice Burroughs at my local library. We’ll lets just say it my second favourite fictional story ever, I’m dead serious. Thank you kind commenter. One thing lead to another and we’ll I’m glad I read up on it. All this time I thought john carter was about an Australian rangeler.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I think it was madmediaman who posted about that.

      • Heidi Says:

        Oh Thanks! I’m glad he did. Thanks Madmediaman! I never knew just how bad the marketing was for the movie, I knew ziltch about it. Edgar’s Princess of Mars has a rocky history with cinema as well, it’s too bad it’s first & only movie in 100 years since written and hardly anybody knew about.

        I could gush about EDB stories all day, I think it’s awesome George was inspired by them, but I could see there was a struggle to make the movie look new after it’s gleamed these many years by all it’s fans, still I didn’t think it was distracting I loved seeing the similarities from Star Wars to Avatar but with Western and Roman influence. Super cool! Way more influences actually, I just can’t remember all of them.

  2. Obi-Rob Says:

    Her guys I gotta tell share something I saw in TFA

    Its based on the hateboy scumbag that played him. (Simon Pig) Just like when Lucasfilm let him play a part on The Clone Wars (dangar) and they make a pointed clear reference in the Episode to how Ventress/Kaite Lucas is sick and tired and disgusted with him and that hes sadistically enjoys it. LIKE HATEBOYS DO!

    Its making fun of fanboy extremism which is a MAIN THEME in this movie

    As specially with Kylo Ren!

    Kylo Ren and the heros fight over “who the trader is!” and its a fanboy joke. Fanboy extremism is the dark side. Thats the joke.
    And yes its on Lucas’s side in regards to the Prequel Trilogy. This is what we should be discussing on here.

    Bonus: in the behind the scenes short they showed simon pig finally “burning for Star wars” in the suit in the hot desert. Also another revenge joke. Revenge on behalf of the fans he mercilessly trolls.

    I think J.J. and Lucasfilm are telling us PT fans that its still ok and that they got our backs from the hateboys that they themselves have always been pestered by just as much as we true fans have.

    Im serious guys.

    • Obi-Rob Says:

      Edit: when I sed “him” i mean the Juck yard evil greedy character on Jakku btw.

      Sorry forgot o add that.

    • lazypadawan Says:


    • Bob Clark Says:

      I wonder how much of this (talk of traitors being symbolic for fanboyism) was originally present in Lucas’ draft, and kept in without any of the self-awareness. I really don’t see the film as an antidote for or answer to the fanboy mentality. Rather, I see it as being symptomatic of it. However, being made by fans, it showcases all of the faults of fandom to such an extreme degree that it can be mistaken for parody.

      • Tony Ferris Says:

        I tend to agree. I’m afraid I don’t see Disney or Abrams being motivated by any desire to critique the narrow-minded belligerence of fanboys (though it is quite ironic how much the film does so unwittingly), they’re too much interested in pandering to their whims.

    • twessf Says:

      Pablo Hidalgo basically confirmed the metatexual relationship of terrible Star Wars Fanboy and Kylo Ren…I guess that would make the object of his wrath a reference to George Lucas…ie Han Solo. Hilarious.

  3. Obi-Rob Says:

    Like at the end battle when the fanboy (Kylo-Ren) and the hero (Rey) both use the force to call the saber to their hands but it flys into Rays hands and Lukes burning Homestead music plays. Everyone clapped at the part.

    I think in the movie itself it was to show that the force was with the true fan who fights against the ‘lost fanboy who killed han solo” get it? Get it?

    Thats my theory.

    Also in the behind the scenes feature when hateboy simon pig is shown saying “i burn for sw” its like we true fans get revenge haveing now seen what evil character he plays. He plays a character who “judges the worth of everything” and is evil about it.

    Get it?

    Im serious. I really, really think it was J.J. and Lucasfilm throwing us actual PT/Saga fans a real bone for once.

    What do you guys think? can we back this up with some links? Stories? Extra sources? Not that we even need to because I think the movie speaks for itself….really….

    • Bob Clark Says:

      Sorry, no. I think JJ and the others don’t really like or care enough about the prequels to bury this type of subtle to the point of subliminal commentary. Maybe Lucas himself could’ve delivered on it, and maybe if they did use the bare bones of his treatment some of that survived, if it escaped their notice. But really, the OT fanservice is just so over the top and pandering that I don’t believe Abrams knows how to communicate these types of ideas without hitting you over the head. Best case scenario, we’re seeing the shadow of something that would’ve had real substance under Lucas himself.

  4. Cristian Martinez Says:

    After reading Dynamite Warlord of Wars and the spin-offs of it, Now I understand were Lucas get the idea of Slave Leia.

  5. Tarrlok Says:

    Contrasted against a certain other Not-Tatooine desert planet, Geonosis is distinguished by its red coloration and overall Martian theme. Its atmosphere is hued red/orange/yellow, much like you’d see in true color photography by probes on Mars, Titan and Venus. There was one pair of successive shots in AOTC (Anakin and Obi-Wan avoiding detection on a desert planet under darkness) that seemed overly similar, but they didn’t blend together in general.

  6. M. Marshall Says:

    There was also an animal in “A Princess of Mars” called a sith.

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