Nickel Review: Art of Coloring Star Wars: 100 Images To Inspire Creativity and Relaxation

I ordered a copy of this new Star Wars “adult” coloring book, which is some kind of new trend. The book is actually a hardcover, not the soft heavy paper covers you normally find with kiddie coloring books.

As the title says there’s at least 100 line art images of characters and symbols from Eps I-VI. Some are kind of simple, others are really elaborate and getting some of those colored with regular ol’ Crayolas or markers would be kind of challenging. A lot of the pieces are unique, while others are older line art mixed in with new elements. Art nouveau and mandalas seem to be the most common styles.

A lot of the art is beautiful. An enterprising and skilled fan could photocopy one of the images, color it, and scan it to use on “personal” items like t-shirts or mugs or whatever. I think there’s a fair representation of the prequels in the book. After all, it’s probably the only place you can find an art nouveau rendition of Sebulba or Jar Jar.

Art supply stores like Michaels or Aaron Brothers might have it in stock. Otherwise you can order it from Amazon, Walmart, and other fine retailers.


5 Responses to “Nickel Review: Art of Coloring Star Wars: 100 Images To Inspire Creativity and Relaxation”

  1. susanbowes Says:

    Awesome. Thanks for sharing this info. Do you happen to know how much they cost? I’d LOVE to get one, especially if it has pictures of Hayden and Padme. I’ve seen some beautiful Diviant art of them, as well as other stars and images from the movies.

    You say some of the pictures are really elaborate. I imagine some things in them are real small and markers are to thick to color them. I wonder if colored pencils would be a better choice. They’d be worth a shot! 🙂

  2. seitanoglu Says:

    It isn’t a new trend. I’ve been using art and especially lineart coloring as part of my therapy methods recommended by a professional for over ten years now. It’s excellent for getting me to focus on something pleasant, creative and productive, rather than letting my thoughts spiral into a never-ending pit of bleak depression, self-destructive urges and suicidal ideation. Particularly after I’ve had a very unpleasant day or week.

    I’ve been meaning to buy the Star Wars coloring book for a while now. The idea of coloring in the sketches and using them to personalize clothing is *amazing*, thank you for bringing it up. You can never have too many Padme-themed T-shirts, is what I always say. 😀

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