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  1. Eduardo Jencarelli Says:

    Just read an outstanding Deadline interview with Tom Pollock, the man who helped Lucas negotiate the deal for the sequels and merchandising rights, and who also ran Universal for a while.

  2. morejawajuiceforme Says:


  3. Shamari Stewart Says:

    Yes. For me episode III is like the “untouchable” episode V for many classic OT fans

  4. darth66zannah Says:

    i had the same thought today when I watched Revenge of the Sith during a Star Wars marathon….i think I may like it better than all the originals

  5. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    Jar Jar is classic Star Wars.

  6. twessf Says:

    In Rey’s vision sequence…which reminded me of Anakan’s Mortis vision in the Mortis Arc in the Clone Wars…Obi-Wan says: Rey, you’re takings your first steps.

    It’s actually Alec Guinness edited together with brand new audio recorded by Ewan McGregor. JJ gushed about him too…says he was awesome and rode away on a motorcycle like to total boss.

  7. hansolo1138 Says:

    Sometimes, I feel that 80% of Prequel-haters only wanted the prequels to be “cool.” They have no problem with Darth Maul, Podracing, Yoda using a lightsaber, General Grievous, and the scene where Anakin first dons the iconic armor.

    They DO, however, have a problem with Anakin not being a suave, powerful, and downright Han Solo-esque hero all the time, instead having him portrayed as an emotionally charged, complex character (if occasionally prone to whining-but hey, like father, like son). They didn’t want the Prequels to focus on the politics that caused the Empire to rise, they would rather the Republic had fallen in an incredible battle against an army of Mandalorians.

    Hateboys may spew legitimate (if subjective) complaints about the movies like “The writing was bad” or “Hayden’s acting was wooden.” They will even hypocritically criticize them as being “made to sell action figures.” But oftentimes the real reason they hated these movies was that it didn’t spend enough time displaying things that they wanted to see, like action scenes, cool-looking bounty hunters, and lightsabers, as opposed to things that they didn’t care about, like story, character development, and philosophy.

    I actually do respect people who dislike the Prequels for what they believe to be poor moviemaking (acting, directing, screenwriting, etc). My parents are among these people who don’t enjoy the Prequels because of the execution. They believe that The Force Awakens is far and away the best-made Star Wars movie yet. But I have the utmost respect for them, even though I have a different opinion. They also note that there are flaws in the Originals, despite (as a general rule) liking them more than the Prequels. They don’t push me down for liking the Prequels any more than they wish I would grow up with this whole “Star Wars” thing (which is rare, if not unheard of).

    A less personal example of this dislike of but lack of hatred or animosity towards the Prequels is the popular YouTube critic Jeremy Jahns. He has posted reviews of all three Prequels, and even though he has plenty of gripes with them, he also has been very clear in his videos that his ratings of films are highly subjective and his own personal opinion. His ratings system (christened with such professional and objective designations like Dog****, Great Time-No Alcohol Required, and his trademark “Awesometacular”) definitely proves that. He does not hate everything about the Prequels with a passion; Revenge of the Sith received a positive “Great Time w/o Alcohol” rating. He may view the Prequels as inferior films, but he says this as a fan of movies in general, not just as a butthurt Star Wars fan who still plays with toys.

    It’s not wrong to dislike the Prequels, or Star Wars in general, any more than it is wrong to dislike other works of art, but the reasons people have for disliking them are often petty and downright wrong.

    Since I’m posting this on a website devoted to love of these movies, I am preaching to the choir. And someone here may have already covered this topic (I’m sorry, I haven’t read all of the previous posts), but I felt as if I had to speak my mind here. May the Force be with you all.

  8. Alexandre Says:

    From Brasil here, I like de prequels, always do. Thanks for this site, its important to me to know people that like them too.

  9. Captain Fordo Says:

    Screw the haters. I prefer all 3 PT movies to any of the other movies.
    In fact, I believe it’s the OT that is flawed and overrated. Empire strikes back is quite slow and full of cheesy dialogue.

  10. Jacobesico Says:

    I love all six movies. They’re all classic Star Wars.

  11. Cristian Martinez Says:

    I accidental fall down to more one recent critics videos of Star Wars, and what I find out is insulting, when it come to the Prequels, the comment section is open to bashing and bully, but it come to their precious Original Star Wars movies, the comment section is close, no letting anyone to post a damn comment.

    And not speak that the Channel Awesome is Prequel bashing since last week, the last video is from Nostalgia Chick.

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