Prequel Trilogy Trivia Fun

Test your PT knowledge with this trivia quiz on Eps I-III. Most of them are pretty easy but I admit I blew one question because I couldn’t remember one nitpicky detail!


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22 Responses to “Prequel Trilogy Trivia Fun”

  1. zch81721 Says:

    On a fun little side note anyone see the Star Trek Beyond trailer? Simon Pegg co-wrote it. Apparently that is the best he could come up with. And let’s just say the reaction from fans has not been well. I just thought I’d share that little tidbit.

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      While there’s certainly some schadenfreude to seeing Pegg being justifiably roasted for such a horrendous trailer, it’s far from “fun” to see the Trek franchise sliding off a cliff. And therein lies the potential future of Star Wars now that it’s in the hands of Hollywood executives. Paramount executives didn’t want to make a Star Trek film. They wanted a Guardians of the Galaxy/Fast & the Furious mash-up. These are people more interested in protecting their jobs than in making risky but worthwhile films. So stare Into the Darkness at the ghost of Star Wars’ future.

    • Eduardo Jencarelli Says:

      If that trailer is any indication, Pegg is about to get a taste of the same medicine Lucas has gotten. Deservedly so.

      As far as the quiz is concerned, I got 20/20. There was one trick question, which involved Padmé’s gift to Anakin, but I got that one right too.

    • hansolo1138 Says:

      The sad thing is, Pegg may not end up getting to taste his own medicine. Didn’t he already say something about Paramount making him write the script to be less “Star Trekky”? He’s already covered his heinie on this one, and the studio will likely receive the brunt of the Trekkie hatred.

      • zch81721 Says:

        There will probably be a blame game but I figure he’ll get pulled in no matter what. Orci and Kurtzman are still getting flak for Into Darkness.

      • susanbowes Says:

        As far as the Star Trek movies – I liked the first one directed by JJ. The acting was good and the storyline was great. I just saw Into Darkness last night and I liked that one as well. I can’t understand why these movies weren’t liked more by fans. I’m sure Gene Roddenberry would be proud of the attempt JJ made to recreate his incredible TV series. I’m also sure JJ did a good job on TFA as well.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        As if Paramount doesn’t get the brunt of Trekkie hatred already!

      • hansolo1138 Says:

        From what I’ve seen on discussion threads, J.J. gets most of the hatred from cranky Trekkies for the (supposedly) bad new movies. They say he made them too much like Star Wars. Hmmm. Anyway, I never hear Paramount name-dropped in rage-filled fanboy conversations about the new movies, but that may change if enough Trekkies hate the new film and don’t have J.J. to blame.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        The loathing against Paramount goes back several years, long before Abrams made his Trek flicks.

    • Captain Fordo Says:

      New Trek movie looks like it will be meh. Though JJs 2009 Star Trek movie was actually decent and fun to watch. Into darkness was still watchable.
      Though if Pegg gets hate, it will be funny.

  2. LadyJediScientisy Says:

    19 out of 20!😎😎😎

  3. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    I got 20/20, but I admit I made a wild guess with the “Clone Unit” question (I remembered the line, but not the number). Was that the one that stumped you?

  4. Jacobesico Says:

    Got them all right. -8)

  5. susanbowes Says:

    I got one question wrong. The question – what movie did Anakin said “May the Force be with you Master.” I picked Revenge and the quiz said it was AOTC. Technically I was right because he did say it in Revenge too.

    • Eduardo Jencarelli Says:

      On Episode III, he says “Obi-Wan, may the force be with you”. He didn’t use the word Master, the way he did on Episode II.

      It’s clear there are different sets of questions, because I didn’t get assigned that one.

  6. Captain Fordo Says:

    Fun and easy trivia quiz! Perfect score of 20/20.
    Though it proves the haters are incorrect as usual.

  7. Dawn Says:

    20/20 score for me! I was so thoroughly ticked that I admittedly did a little dance of triumphant squee. 😀 Doing this quiz only reminded me ever more just how much I love these movies, how rich and powerful they are and how they still affect me and move me so profoundly, and how I take the real joy in ’em, for sure – even after all this time! 😀

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