Dear Media…

Dear Media,

I’ve read yesterday two pieces, one at USA Today and one at Daily Dot, that purport to defend the prequels (or at least TPM). Sorry but your efforts are “meh.” The USA Today article spent entirely too many pixels conceding the same tired basherific talking points instead of really going into why she claims she loves the films. The Daily Dot article was a total joke, nothing more than a left-handed swipe at the prequels as a whole while mildly sticking up for a few things in TPM.

You might think that we beleaguered prequel fans would appreciate anything kind at all to say about our beloved films and unfortunately, some are willing to accept any port in a storm. Not me though. I think the films and we as fans deserve a lot better than weak, spaghetti-spined columns, faint praises, or left-handed compliments. If you can’t break from the Jar Jar bashing, complaining about the acting or dialogue, or how much you hate the Anakin/Padmé romance, then you’re just wasting your time and most importantly, you’re wasting MY time.

Isn’t it fair, you might say, to have some criticisms of the films in your piece? I might ask, why no one who writes gooey retrospective pieces about Eps IV-VI is ever expected to note poor direction, dialogue, or acting in their pieces? Nobody concedes criticisms of Eps IV-VI. When was the last time somebody said or wrote, “You know, Pauline Kael had a solid point about ANH.” Even the ROTJ Ewok bashing stuff has faded out quite a bit (not that this isn’t a positive development).

Editors, it is entirely possible to find a writer out there who genuinely loves these movies and can adequately articulate why without having to concede anything or engage in his own bashing. I work cheap!

Perhaps I am looking a gift horse in the mouth and should appreciate even the slightest change in tone in your approach to the prequels. But I don’t think I am. It’s been too long already and for me, my whole enjoyment of Star Wars and how I view other fans is forever scarred. None of you seem to appreciate or understand that.

No love,



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  1. Βlade57hrc / Ira ProV Says:

    100% agreed!

    That’s why i try not to repost ”back-handed complements” like those articles in my FB page too!

  2. Daniel Xie Says:

    I will have to disagree. I think even amoung saga fans, not everyone has to like everything. You can be a PT fan and not like Jar Jar or like Anakin in the films, but prefer in the TCW.

    Saying there is too much “cover fire” will only imo alienate PT fans that do like the PT on their own, but may agree with x and y as criticism in contrast to hateboy ranting.

    Even the Prequels Strike Back documentary has Chris Gore in it and they do a bit of Jar Jar bashing in their kickstarter.

    • may_child Says:

      Great. So the Prequels Strike Back is going to be yet another exercise in “damning with faint praise.” I should have known that they would kiss the asses of the haters right off by featuring one of the most virulent bashers and “apologizing” for daring to defend the prequels (a little) by slamming Jar Jar.

      I’m SICK of this crap. And I’m sick of being told to be happy with it, it’s better than outright bashing. No it’s not. These people who purport to “defend” the prequels while conceding ground to the haters really are the apologists that the haters have long accused PT fans of being — but they’re not apologists for the prequels themselves, they’re apologists for “liking” them.

      • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

        None of us need to have our likes validated by the media (untalented hacks). If you don’t like what they have to say about a certain subject, then don’t read stories about that subject (boycott!). I gave up reading stories about the saga a long time ago.

        Regarding Daniel’s point…I think much of the early criticism of TPM was somewhat fair in the early days. Many people (geeks with no life) disliked Jar Jar and thought there were too many CG Muppets, and thought the tone was a little too light. Okay, fine, to each their own. Go back and re-read the Usenet groups from 1999.

        The problem is, over time, “fair criticism” stopped, and people (kids) just started bashing the films and making fun of them.

        The attitude changed when the first Lord of the Rings film (not the superior Bakshi one) came out. Then, people (moppets), had an alternative fantasy franchise to Star Wars. A dark and gritty one. After that, every film became dark and gritty (depressing and boring). The swashbuckling, wisecracking, whimsical, sentimental, poo/burp/fart joke-making style of the prequels was considered so 1990s and no longer “hip”.

        I don’t need to have my likes validated with faint praise or real praise. The media (snot nosed brats) generally just doesn’t like the prequels very much. Some dislike them more than others, but I don’t care. These kids tastes (bad Zack Snyder films) are so far removed from mine now. It’s not going to change, and really, we should just try to ignore them (riot!).

    • Bob Clark Says:

      Sure, but there’s a difference between saying you don’t like Jar Jar personally and stating that there are objective problems with the films. I’m not a huge fan of Jar Jar either, but I’m also not a big fan of Threepio anymore. I also don’t really care about Chewbacca, either. And I pretty much actively dislike Han at this point. But if I were writing a thinkpiece, I’d either keep those things to myself, or make sure to keep any and all criticism equal and evenhanded.

      If you want to say the PT isn’t perfect, okay. Now do the same for the OT. Admit that Hayden’s acting isn’t any worse than Mark Hamill’s. Admit that no matter how many problems the storytelling of the Prequels have, that the OT, even golden child ESB, has plot holes that probably count as supermassive black holes. Admit that There are strengths and weaknesses in the action in both trilogies (The Prequels are better at lightsaber action, the Originals are better at dogfights). Admit that even if the PT’s story is a little less universal than the rah-rah good guy heroism of the OT, that it’s at least more complex and ambitious in terms of its political statements.

      There’s no problem with saying that the PT isn’t perfect– the problem is saying so without doing the same for the OT, and thereby implying that it is. As long as you do that, you’re holding the PT up to a standard it can’t possibly live up to– hell, you’re doing that for the OT as well, and all it will take is a glance from somebody who thinks that all of these movies are silly kid’s fluff to snap you into an awareness you’ll be all too eager to run screaming away from. That’s really what OT fanboys and bashers have been doing for the past 16 years. Behind all their endless criticism, nitpicking and bullying is a nagging doubt in the back of their minds, a stray unreachable itch within that throbbing, inflammed sense of self certainty they’ve overdosed on for so many decades, that maybe– just maybe– the movies they’ve watched countless times and devoted the majority of their lives to aren’t perfect after all. And if they aren’t, that must mean they’ve wasted their lives in pursuing and expressing their fanaticism for it.

      But instead of merely trying to come to terms with the strengths and weaknesses inherent in any creative work, they’ve decided to turn the Prequels and their fans into the whipping boys for their own egotistical torment. And like with all whipping boys, the ones who the punishment is really dedicated to is themselves. We’re just stand-ins, people. Decoys for so many drama queens.

    • Nick Skywalker Says:

      There’s a difference between simply disliking something because it isn’t your cup of jawaa juice and excessively bashing something at every opportunity to the point where you’re just beating a dead horse. I know plenty of people who disliked or maybe liked bits and pieces of the PT and I don’t have a problem with that. What I have a problem with are these vitriolic, juvenile, and straight up insane “fans” who’ve done nothing but bash the PT and Lucas for the past 18 years for the same vapid dumb reasons. Fueled by childhood nostalgia, Their whole reason for hating the prequels is because they’re not what they wanted them to be. They are the ones who don’t “get” Star Wars.

      And to add, anything bad you could say about the PT could be flipped and said about the OT. So Hayden’s a bad actor? Did Mark Hamill go on to win any Oscars and have an illustrious A list career? So Anakin is such a jerk? Please tell me what a noble gentlemen Han Solo is. And the list goes on.

      People can like what they want but the disrespect and hypocrisy in the SW fandom has left a bad taste in my mouth and very little patience. You don’t HAVE to like everything but you cannot call yourself a Star Wars if you A) only like 2 of the films and B) complain about it more than you express your love for it.

      • Shamari Stewart Says:

        The hypocrisy is truly mind-blowing. I was shocked when I saw how much they revere episodes IV-VI.. they nitpick the prequels all day then act like the originals were perfect. It’s very annoying to say the least

    • Natalie Says:


      You get points from me for saying Bakshi is superior. He is. His animated movie was actually used by Peter Jackson, particularly in FOTR. No wonder it went off track in Two Towers, approximately where Bakshi ended. Overall, it’s a terrible adaptation of a very subtle and introspective book (no, it’s not about the battles and elf surfing).

      I’m so happy Lucas didn’t overuse contemporary gimmicks like shaky cam, slow mo, melodramatic pausing, lense flares and all that silliness. Just like the OT, the prequels have a classic feel to them that will help them to age more gracefully than most blockbusters.

  3. may_child Says:

    I can’t stand the “defenses” that are really damning with faint praise. They’re almost worse than nothing.

    I’ve noticed how Abrams has been enjoying a cakewalk in the media, if not outright fawning. And I’ve also noticed how the haters have done a 180 turn and are blasting PT fans for “bashing” TFA before it’s released. (Actually, the worst I’ve seen is a few remarks about how it basically seems to be a remake of ANH.) “We never bashed the prequels before they came out!” they lie. They bashed both AOTC and ROTS before they came out. (I wasn’t an online fan when TPM was about to be released.) But when confronted with that fact, they say it doesn’t count because “they were already so disgusted with TPM that they had a reason to expect that the other two would be just as bad.”

    And seeing haters, who have spent over a decade and a half bashing, trashing, and hating on the prequels (not to mention Lucas), lecture ANYONE about “bashing” is hilarious. They simper, “You’re denying yourselves the chance to enjoy a really great SW movie.” See how they’ve already decided TFA is “great”? And let me tell you how they know: unlike TPM, which presented Anakin’s slave life as “practically a middle class existence,” (???) TFA will feature Rey scrounging for water. Ooohh. Such depth and grit.

    If Lucas were involved in TFA, I can virtually guarantee you that the same people who have already decided TFA is a masterpiece (or at least, that it’s “the type of SW movie they’ve been hungering for” — of course it is, it’s basically ANH all over again), would instead be blasting it for “excessive CGI,” as well as “just repeating the same old story” and “pandering to the fans” with the emphasis on Han.

    I despise the bashers. I truly despise them. And I especially hate seeing these vile jerks get rewarded for their vile, despicable behavior, which has essentially ruined online SW fandom, if not SW fandom in general.

    • Shamari Stewart Says:

      Yes, yes, 1000x yes. I’m one of those people that say TFA looks too much like ANH and it has me concerned. That doesn’t mean I think it’s a bad movie, or that I’m predicting it will be bad or that I’ll be disappointed. It means I’m concerned, because I want it to be original. No harm in that, and it certainly doesn’t count as “bashing” (they can dish it but clearly can’t take it apparently).

      That Lucas point is so spot on. It’s because they think (and from where I’m standing it looks like they might be right but I certainly hope not) JJ is cut from the same cloth as them. They think he knows how they feel about wanting to be sent back in time to Episode V and that he’ll grant their fanboy wishes. It sounds like that’s what he’s selling them too, based on what he’s said so far and how he’s acted. So we’ll see what happens. I still hope the movie is good regardless of what these people say

  4. susanbowes Says:

    To “Dear Media…”

    I completely understand your frustration and I agree that mediocre praising of the prequels are offending to us, but no matter how loud you yell, the prequels will never be loved by the haters, or even the pretenders.

    I agree that there were many faults in the OT as well, but did we condemn them? No, because we’re the true fans of Star Wars. If you can’t embrace the entire saga from A New Hope to Revenge, you CANNOT call yourself a true fan.

    • John Says:

      The whole “true fan” thing makes me feel yucky. I think the only requirement to be a true Star Wars fan is to like any of the films. You don’t have to necessarily love the whole thing to be a true fan. I don’t want to subscribe to labels like that. It just feels mean.

      • susanbowes Says:

        I agree that you don’t have to love all the movies, but you do have to accept them all before you can call yourself a true fan. If you hate one, then you’re not a real fan of the whole saga.

  5. Dan Waldman Says:

    I admit I’m already bashing Force Awakens based on Abrams’ execrable Star Trek movies, and also on the fact that Return of the Jedi delivered a definitive conclusion to the saga.

  6. Natalie Says:

    This is how you write the real critique of the movie(s). Examining both strengths and weaknesses, defining what the vision is about.

    • Tony Ferris Says:

      Can someone explain to me why it is that it’s those pieces which truly appreciate the Star Wars prequels that always seem to be written with more insight and intelligence than those assaulting it?

      I don’t agree with every remark found in the above linked to article, but I appreciate greatly the author’s ability to engage with the movies on their own terms, and to examine the cinematic engine that really drives George Lucas’s entire enterprise. Would that more were so capable.

      Thanks Natalie. 🙂

      • Natalie Says:

        No problem 🙂

        But yes, I noticed this trend too (look up Bob Clarke’s articles if you haven’t done so yet).

        In order to write an in-depth critique like that you have to actually evaluate what happens on screen rather than your own preconceived notions an biases. You have to explain what worked or didn’t and why. But this might lead to admitting that maybe there was something beautiful in the prequels after all (to quote Rian Johnson). It’s a lot easier to dismiss altogether as a merchandising ploy or Jar Jar as a racial stereotype or mock the over the top romance lines (while ignoring the silly scenes with Han and Leia in TESB).

    • Brian47 Says:

      Thanks for sharing this article, Natalie, what an excellent piece of insight it is! I hope more fans take a look at this one.

  7. DarthDeckardJones Says:

    I have been reading this site for over a year and visit it everyday. It is at its best when it highlights stories that enlighten aspects of the prequel’s greatness. It is at its worst when it waist time worrying about what fools think about the films we love. I understand why it does. It does get old listening to the likes of Simon Pegg preach his opinion as if it is somehow fact. Who made him an authority about anything. What has he created that is anywhere near the magnitude of Star Wars? I guess I should ask what has he created period? Most of his films are comedies that steal their ideas from other films for laughs. He can play in someone else’s universe and imagination, like writing the next Star Trek, but he can’t create a world. His contributions to cinema will be long forgotten while the stories of Star Wars will live on in whatever format people in the future use to entertain themselves. I guess I am suggesting the site should focus on positive prequel news and stories that treat the films with respect. Always remeber your focus determines your reality.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I’d like to but here’s where I’m coming from:

      1. The media and fandom noise, along with Lucasfilm’s failure IMO to really protect/promote these films, create the reality we have today: little to no prequel merchandise, the anti-PT vibe to a lot of the promo/press promoting TFA, damage to various people’s careers, etc..

      2. The more the media bashes the films, the more others will be influenced by it which in turn influences the media.

      3. And the result you get is more of #1.

    • susanbowes Says:

      Smart man that Qui-Gon! We should all focus on the positive, not the negative. 🙂

    • Shamari Stewart Says:

      I’m actually glad this blog offers a counter to a lot of the anti-PT media and fan hatred out there. It’s comforting, knowing that I’m not alone in my annoyance with these people and that prequel lovers aren’t just absorbing their blows but writing about how their actions piss us off

    • cousinbasil Says:

      Hearing about the negative and positive aspects is what is most appealing. If I learned one thing from Star Wars, it’s the importance of balance. If a sick person decided to ignore their illness for only what was well about them, that wellness too would eventually be consumed by the illness.

  8. roxam91 Says:

    Yeah… the USA Today article really felt like a half-hearted attempt to defend the prequels. Didn’t even bother with the Daily Dot article.

    What I really hated about the USA Today article was how the author just HAD to repeat the Jar Jar hate again and again. I can respect her if she mentioned not liking him, but repeating it over and over again will make her sound more annoying (kinda reminds me of a certain marketing tactic involving practical effects…)

  9. Shamari Stewart Says:

    This whole lead up to the force awakens has kinda scarred me too, to be honest. Growing up in the prequel-era and having “Attack of the Clones” be the first Star Wars film I saw in theaters as a kid, I was never aware of the difference between people that loved all the star wars movies or people that only loved the originals. Even after Revenge of the Sith all of the kids I knew either loved it or didn’t care about star wars at all. In the following years and leading up to this countdown to episode seven I have never (I repeat: NEVER) met anyone my age, or anyone at all, that was a star wars fan that hated the prequel movies.

    So I’m now more familiar with the internet and all the star wars hype has me looking into Star Wars news and seeing what the consensus is among fans online and the media, and low and behold I see almost nothing but hate and vitriol directed towards the prequel trilogy (except in a few places, like this wonderful blog and a few others). And many places that do defend the prequels get shouted and insulted into silence by OT fanboys. This is a phenomenon that is completely new to me. I have another friend who loves Star Wars and I’m sure if I told him about this he’d be just as surprised as I am.

    I wouldn’t be as disappointed if the people that disliked the prequel trilogy weren’t such assholes, to be blunt. I mean they literally act like nobody likes these movies (which they keep repeating and it doesn’t become any more true no matter how many times they say it), and/or if anyone likes them they should be ashamed of themselves for being so stupid. Maybe it’s my fault for expecting more from the fans of a series that sends such a positive message. Their beloved puppet yoda would undoubtedly be ashamed of them if he read some of their ranting and raving online. I’m not saying they can’t be disappointed if a film isn’t what they wanted it to be, but to 1: go on and on and on about it every chance you get, and 2: belittle and degrade anyone who says they like the movies, is stupid and childish and I hate it.

    Yeah we can all disagree on which movie is better but can we just respect each other and let it go?

    • Tony Ferris Says:

      Welcome to the last 16 years of Star Wars fandom. Believe it or not it’s actually gotten better. Which is encouraging…

    • susanbowes Says:

      We prequels lovers have “let it go” a long time ago. The problem is that the haters will never cease saying how bad the prequels are. That’s another reason why I’m making the Lucas appreciation vid. I plan to post it on FB – on hater’s pages. (heh, heh, heh – evil laugh) I know it won’t do any good, but it’ll give me the satisfaction of knowing this video will annoy the hell out of them.

      • Shamari Stewart Says:

        I’m hoping that video can help get the message across that people like these movies, and their shouting and ranting is not going to change that.

      • susanbowes Says:

        I certainly hope so too. However, I need more people to post their messages to Mr. Lucas. Some members have responded, like you, but I’ve only got a grand total of 8 people so far. Please pass the word along to other prequel lovers on other sites you belong to. I’ve already sent messages to my Facebook friends and a few seemed interested, but so far they haven’t sent anything either. I’m hoping more people will get involved though. Fingers are crossed. XXXXXXXXX

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Have you posted on Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy Facebook page about it? It has like 13,000 people following it.

      • susanbowes Says:

        I haven’t posted anything about our Lucas video there, but I have on a few other SW / FB pages. A few have shown interest in submitting something, but so far I haven’t received anything from anyone other than here.

      • susanbowes Says:

        I’ll try to remember to post something there, but I’ve got a terrible memory. Maybe you could post something about our project for me, but don’t forget to give them my email address and that it can’t be a zipped file. I can’t open them.

  10. lovelucas Says:

    and have you seen the article by Kasdan? He’s part of it.

  11. lovelucas Says:

    This article: – – and this is what he had to say: Just jump over the prequels for a second, where George was doing what George was doing and fulfilling his own desires. Now with J.J., you get a whole new generation with a kind of dynamic mastery of camera and effects put together by someone that has a strong personality himself. He’s a really decent guy, and he makes movies the way I try to make movies, which is that it’s a privilege to make a movie and no one should be miserable. You’re spitting in the face of luck if you’re not having a great time. And that’s infused in the movie. So what you’re going to get is very much the J.J. Abrams movie.

    He very nearly worships JJ

    • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

      “I went up and George had sort of roughed-out many movies — not just the new trilogy but other movies, the spinoffs and things.” -Larry Kasdan

      George was initially involved in developing the spin off stories. I didn’t know that. Too bad most if his ideas were probably tossed again.

    • roxam91 Says:

      I’ve grown sick of this obsession the fandom has over Kasdan. I almost find him a bit overrated tbh. I’m rather glad he won’t be involved in Episode VIII.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      The interview pretty much reveals that this is going to be an ANH/TESB redux and they’re not really interested in Lucas’s myth.

      • darth66zannah Says:

        “The story [in the prequels] does not interfere. We only have to deal with the first trilogy so we didn’t have to deal with it much. They obviously have a certain feel, and that was not the feel we wanted this one to have. This is much more related to “A New Hope” and “Empire.”

        So much for originality. you can pretty much kiss the whole Snoke is plagueis theory good bye

      • roxam91 Says:

        What pisses me off more is that even ROTJ, my favorite movie from the OT (one that Kasdan himself was a writer for), is also ignoref. So apparently according to him, ANH & TESB are apparently tge only Star Wars movies that matter. smh…

        I said it once, I’ll say it again, I’m glad Kasdan has zero involvement with the other two films in the ST.

  12. lovelucas Says:

    and this from Rolling Stone: ‘I don’t want to be too about podracers, I’d rather come up with our stuff.’”
    JJ. Abrams
    Remember the pod-racer flags and other PT/TCW easter eggs on the entrance to Maz Kamata´s castle? Well, Abrams decided to edit them out from the reasons stated above

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      There was some discussion on Twitter that it is not quite clear what JJ really wanted to say… I just hope that the negative interpretation is not the correct one.

    • maychild Says:

      He’d rather come up with “their stuff”? Really, JJ? Then explain why the ships are exactly the same as ships from the OT?

      What annoys me is he’ll be lauded for his “bravery” and “originality.”

  13. Jacobesico Says:

    What do you expect from these geek types?

    Of course they’re going to throw a few bones to the haters and until we get some new people who grew up watching the Prequels first, it’s going to stay that way.

    Prequel fandom needs to be more active then reactive. I’m hoping that Susan’s video will inspire you all to do something simillar. Never let the haters shout you down. Shout louder then them.

    • susanbowes Says:

      Thanks Jacobesico, but it was your idea to begin with. I just happened to be the first to say I’d make an appreciation video. So far I’ve received a few vids from people thanking Mr. Lucas and especially telling him that they disagree with the haters and loved the prequels, about 8 in all. However, it surprises me that so few members have sent anything to add to the vid. You’d think because most of us love the prequels so much and think Mr. Lucas got such a raw deal that more from our group would participate in this project.

      – scratches head in bewilderment –
      Sue B. (aka:Forcechild)

  14. Jacobesico Says:

    Oh by the way, I read a magazine article about TFA and there was a segment about Simon Prat and the haters and it painted them in quite a crazy light. I can’t remember the Magazines name.

    I live in England so I doubt you all would read it but it did make the haters seem like crazy radid dogs. It mentioned death threats to George Lucas, the “”George Lucas raped my childhood” comments and Simon Twat’s tantrum about not respecting anyone who likes the prequels.

    Just thought I’d let you know that this hatred isn’t universal.

  15. Stefan Kraft Says:

    Art is to a certain degree always subjective, so I believe that there are critics that honestly see more flaws in the PT than in the OT. That’s something I can accept.

    Here is however my main criticism as laid out by LP: for different reasons, many articles start with self-defense sentences of the author like “we all know that there are a lot of weaknesses” or “yeah, there was too much GCI” or…

    Now, such sentences are normally too general to represent valid criticisms. And even if they do, the reader may get the impression that the PT is garbage, but hey, there are two or three good things about them. If this is the effect, then I must say that the defense has probably failed.

    The main problem I have with these sentences is however that they may be written to appease the haters. And that should not be necessary. If I write a defense of something I like, then people may disagree with me, but if I have first to appease them, then there’s something wrong in the fandom. (And we know that this is the case.)
    Fans of SW should not be forced to cater to the haters, that’s why I would encourage writers not to start their articles with sentences like above.

  16. Kim Says:

    Meh, I love the prequels beginning to end without reservation, and neither the media nor anyone else can change that. Part of the charm of all 6 movies for me are the little oddities and occasional goofiness. I grew up with the OT and those movies have brought me endless enjoyment, but I don’t care about TFA in the least, and won’t see it, but I wouldn’t rain on anyone else’s parade or begrudge anyone else their enjoyment.

  17. zch81721 Says:

    At this point entertainment journalism has gone straight to hell. Game journalism is completely in the shitter (it was already low to begin with but man has it gotten worse) and film journalism has become an absolute joke. Instead of people that love films and want to see the technology evolve we have a bunch of morons that want filmmakers to go backwards because it reminds them of the “good old days.” And they pretty much attack filmmakers that don’t play along. Of course it’s clear none of these dipshits actually know how films are made or even bother to do proper research. From day 1 I called bullshit on the practical effects on TFA but those idiots ate it all up. Hell you know how long it took me to figure out the boycott episode 7 hashtag was fake? A three minute Google search. But apparently film news sites are above that. Because why be honest when you could just get easy clicks right! I’ve pretty much steer clear of that crap these days.

    • Shamari Stewart Says:

      The first minute of this is Kevin Smith talking about how when he saw a chunk of Episode VII it “literally took him back to 1977”. That’s what has me concerned, I don’t want to go back in time and it’s really upsetting that these people are glad that we’re not embracing new film technology and making it look as good as it possibly can.

      • zch81721 Says:

        Well just look at Mad Max Fury Road. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the film but you had all these film bloggers in a massive circle jerk praising the fact that it used practical effects. Like that was all they could talk about. Also they are dead wrong. There was a lot of CGI in that film. Again proving that they do not know anything about how films are made.

      • susanbowes Says:

        I haven’t cared for Kevin Smith since he made such a point of saying how bad an actor Hayden Christensen was. Look who’s trying to call the kettle black. Smith’s movies sucked!

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        Kevin Smith is – AFAIK – someone who has defended the prequels (maybe not always as strong as possible, but he did it). And I enjoyed his movie “Dogma.” The problem is not – as pointed out by Shamari – that TFA took him back to 1977. That’s great for him. However, I also think that SW should be extended, not mimic the older movies of the Saga.
        We will only know in a couple of days whether this is the case or not. If Smith is correct, TFA will really be a missed opportunity IMHO.

      • susanbowes Says:

        I guess you never saw the same video I did where Smith put down the prequels and also said Hayden Christensen ruined Star Wars. I wouldn’t call him such a fan for doing that.

  18. susanbowes Says:

    There’s still time to participate in our Lucas appreciation project people! The deadline for sending me your vids and/or written messages isn’t until the end of the second week in Dec. However, I can wait a while longer if more people want to participate, but haven’t had time to make a vid and/or a written comment thanking Mr. Lucas. Again – send all vids, etc in an unzipped file attaching it to an email addressed to

    Force be with you all. 🙂

  19. maychild Says:

    Rolling Stone has a new interview with Anthony Daniels. I can’t, I just can’t. He’s already shown he’s a bandwagon-jumper and he no doubt throws the prequels under the bus in order to glorify JJ Abrams and TFA in this interview as well.

    • susanbowes Says:

      Daniels is just another back stabber who Lucas believed was a trusted friend. If not for Lucas giving Daniels the role of Threepio, just how far would his career have advanced? Sure, he was known in England, but due to his role in SW, Daniels’ name became known world wide. What has this mediocre actor done since SW that advanced his career. Absolutely nothing!

  20. cousinbasil Says:

    I read USA article too. It makes no sense why most of these prequel “defense” articles have to state an alignment to the haters such as hating Jar Jar. To me it reads as if the writer of these articles have to give an offering to the prequel haters, in false hope, so as not to incur their wrath. Why? Why would you elevate people like that to high ranks in any part of life?

    I question what message these prequel haters ever got out of the OT as well. Luke saw the good in Vader while others were telling him otherwise. Yet none of these OT parroting people or haters do the same for the PT.

  21. andywylde77 Says:

    I have given up on all these “PT defense” articles. I don’t need to justify why I like/dislike anything. The PT never did anything wrong. But people still feel the need to piss and moan about them years later, well that alone means that the PT wasn’t “forgotten about” like so many haters seem to think was going to happen. But I said it before many of times, that these people will turn on this trilogy as well. It will happen. Trust me on this. Being cynical on the internet is just too big of a commodity to give up for the haters.

  22. Jim Raynor Says:

    They didn’t get anything from the Original Trilogy because the way they look at it hasn’t advanced since they were 7 years old. This isn’t me insulting them, this is somethinf they all but admit to with their “raped my childhood” statements.

    It’s really telling when you look at how hardcore Star Wars fandom talks about its movies compared to how other fandoms talk about theirs. Marvel movie fandom, which is FAR younger given the recentness of its material, is full of analysis about characterization, story development, themes, etc. Within a week of its release Age of Ultron (considered a disappointment by some, if it were a new SW movie by George Lucas it would’ve been torn to shreds) had articles digging into its themes and motifs of parenting, growing up, and the legacies we leave behind. There were articles about what worked or didn’t work with Black Widow’s romantic subplot, and how well reflected feminist values. Even if people didn’t like everything about the film, they were able to discuss its flaws in an intelligent and measured way. They made an effort to see things from Joss Whedon’s perspective and acknowledge what he was trying to do and say.

    With Star Wars, there’s almost NONE of that. The foundation of the Original Trilogy is “practical effects,” “Han shot first, desert planets full of things with a “used look.” Basically a list of shallow memes about things that just happened to be in the early parts of A New Hope, with little consideration for the context or the whole of the movie (Tatooine has a “used look” because it’s the dead end middle of nowhere, the Death Star in comparison was clean and sterile). These are surface elements that flat out bore me as someone who’s interested in writing.

    But at least the fandom worships the OT as untouchable and perfect despite the shallowness of its love. The SW Prequels are “CGI” and “wooden acting” and nothing but a cheap cash grab. And let’s not forget the TPM’s “trade dispute” that the fanboys have been griping about for 16 years and counting, an unimportant cause for the conflict that was no more confusing to me than the idea that the American Revolution was fought over taxation. They don’t talk about themes, they talk in memes. Those memes are all the Prequels are to these overly loud fans. It’s an aggressive anti-intellectualism, which acts offended at the very notion of the movies touching upon deeper subjects, and which purports to know Star Wars better than anyone else despite not knowing anything at all.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fandom more obnoxious, more shallow, and more stuck in the past than the vocal online SW fandom. Even forums for media that is ostensibly for kids (cartoon shows and comic books) typically have smarter analysis than what I’ve seen from SW fans.

    • Tony Ferris Says:

      In all fairness, there was plenty of histrionics attached to Age of Ultron, and Marvel fans are more than capable of heinous behavior.

      Still though, your point is well made here:

      “They don’t talk about themes, they talk in memes. Those memes are all the Prequels are to these overly loud fans. It’s an aggressive anti-intellectualism, which acts offended at the very notion of the movies touching upon deeper subjects, and which purports to know Star Wars better than anyone else despite not knowing anything at all.”

      They even purport , somewhat arrogantly, to know it better than its creator. All they really know though, is what they want Star Wars to be, and they’re not much interested in discovering what it really is (or was).

    • Tarrlok Says:

      I’ve noticed that some of the SW fans who ardently follow the books, comics, TV shows and games are willing to delve into the characterisations and themes of the saga. The same goes for the better fanfiction writers. Obviously not all of them like the PT, but they’ll at least accept its canonical status and discuss how much of an influence Plagueis had on the birth of Anakin through the midichlorians.

      In truth, I disagree with your description of the shallow “memes over themes” fans as hardcore. The media coverage of SW sucks hard, but I think the people driving this are a lot more casual relative to sections of the SW fanbase.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        I read that argument of the shallowness of certain fans with a “don’t I know it!” reaction, but perhaps I stay away from most areas where I know Star Wars is going to be discussed, and instead run into casual dismissals as “off-topic” interjections among discussions of other things I’m interested in…

        Anyway, I gather I’m supposed to think “Star Wars as it was in 1999 meant so much to these people that it’s altogether understandable they’ve polished and faceted their subsequent disappointment for so long,” but I always wonder just what “meant so much” to them from the way they talk about it.

    • Shamari Stewart Says:

      I engaged in a debate with others online about the prequels, and one of the people that disliked the prequels literally said that because I (or anyone else) enjoyed the prequel trilogy of Star Wars, I have no standards when it comes to movies or entertainment and I’ll probably enjoy TFA regardless of what’s in it. Excuse this generalization but I feel like that kind of extreme mindset and rhetoric is what’s wrong with the SW fandom. This isn’t even uncommon, other people have basically told me the same thing throughout this whole year. Like because we like different movies, I must be a blubbering idiot that would enjoy anything put on a big screen at a movie theater. Who’s really that arrogant? If someone doesn’t like the movies they like, they don’t know anything about movies and have horrible taste. Stuff like that is the reason this fandom is messed up and makes me not want to participate in things involving other “Star Wars fans,” because I’ll run into one of these people. God forbid I’m not a fan of the right Star Wars movie… ridiculous

      • susanbowes Says:

        That’s one of the major reasons I’m making that Lucas video honoring him. The haters claim that they’re fans, but how can you really call yourself a true fan if you don’t embrace the entire Star Wars saga? It irks me to no end when haters call you a fool for liking the prequels. I’m not saying you have to like them every one of the movies, but you have to respect the ones you don’t like none-the-less. The prequels are a part of the saga whether they want to admit it or not!

    • Steven F Says:

      It’s going to be interesting to see what these shallow OT fans think of the TFA. The new movie hits all of those OT meme points. Instead of a natural progression in the story we are going to be treated to the same old X Wings, Tie Fighters and other ships from the OT. From the recent tv ads, there are tons of recycled moments and even dialog from the OT in TFA. The prequels added an incredible amount of depth and intelligence to the saga which has unfortunately been disregarded by the shallower fans. The biggest shock in all of the TFA press was when Anthony Daniels bad mouthed the prequels. If you go back and look at the ROTS press, he talked about how thrilled he was that 3PO was finally serving as a protocol droid he was meant to be. Now a few years later he dumps on it.

      • Jim Raynor Says:

        Let’s see how many of those hardcore haters stick to their guns on the “practical effects.” It’s funny to see how all that no-CGI talk from nerd venues like Comic Con just faded into the background once the mainstream marketing campaign kicked into gear.

        The latest TV spot has CGI Falcon, CGI X-wings vs TIE fighters, CGI BB-8 bouncing around the Falcon’s cabin, and Stormtroopers standing on a CGI fortress as it EXPLODES with them on it.

        I’m disappointed. Why didn’t they blow up practical stunt men for reals?

      • andywylde77 Says:

        Anthony Daniels said in the ROTS press about him being the “protocol droid he was meant to be?” He was in every SW film there is. His true colors have definitely showed themselves during the marketing campaign of this new film. I have lost all respect for this guy.

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