My Top 10 Ships/Vehicles of the Prequel Trilogy

Eps I-III introduced a slew of new vehicles and ships, some of which are completely unique, some of which are meant to be earlier incarnations of familiar versions seen in IV-VI.

Here are my top 10 favorite ships and vehicles. Of course, many of you might have your own favorites.


10. Jedi Starfighter AOTC version—Kind of a cross between a mini Star Destroyer and an A-Wing, this was the ride of choice among the Jedi before the Clone Wars. I liked that they needed those little rings to launch them into hyperspace, though I’m not sure how they got the rings back! Maybe this is why in the GFFA they started internalizing hyperspace engines ;).

9. Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator—Maul doesn’t spend a lot of time on camera flying around in this thing but it reflects Maul’s dark, imposing, secretive nature as well as reflecting elements of the TIE fighter.

8. Count Dooku’s Solar Sailer—What I like about it is the retro moon mission design, reminding me of space capsules returning to the atmosphere with the parachutes.


7. Jedi Starfighter ROTS version—Similar in design to the Empire’s TIE fighters, the fun begins when you hop into one of these to fight off some Separatists. Watch out for buzz droids though!


6. Separatist Hailfire Droid—Really just robots but they move real fast and put those things at monster truck rallies to shame. Plus they have guns.

5. Anakin’s pod racer—Speeder bikes don’t go fast enough for you? Invest in little Ani’s homemade pod racer. Guaranteed to cut through rush hour traffic and get you there in no time, as long as you have Jedi reflexes.

4. Padmé’s private ship (Naboo yacht)—The sleek kid sister of the Queen’s ship seen in TPM, it has similar aesthetics but is smaller in size. It is likely to show Padmé’s status as representative of Naboo and her former position as queen.

3. Naboo Starfighter—George Lucas loves him some yellow, doesn’t he? The speeder Anakin “borrows” in AOTC is yellow, Anakin’s fighter in ROTS is yellow, and this little beauty is yellow too. The ships and vehicles seen in the time of the Empire are much more militaristic and utilitarian, while the Naboo fighter really seems to put artistry first. This is a planet that only keeps a few of these around for defense that isn’t really needed until the Trade Federation comes along. Not to say they don’t pack a punch but it is clearly the product of a culture more concerned with design than with war.

2. Republic gunship/LAAT—This is a vehicle of war but still with “good guy” lighter colors instead of the gray you’d see on Imperial vehicles. It seems to be based on military choppers of similar design, with the sides open so that soldiers can hop on or off quickly. Kind of dangerous to ride around in but they look great and they get the job done!

1. Queen Amidala’s Royal Naboo Starship—What a beauty! Made of all reflective chrome, it shows wealth, power, and status along with a love of minimalist design. It looks like a dagger flying through space. I want one.


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15 Responses to “My Top 10 Ships/Vehicles of the Prequel Trilogy”

  1. susanbowes Says:

    All the ships above were really cool, but my favorite has to be Darth Vader’s Executor, given to him by Palpatine.

  2. peacetrainjedi Says:

    Great selection, LP! The Naboo really do have all the best ships! My favorite will always be the N1 starfighter. Just as iconic as an X-wing, but far more “civilized” and elegant. Although the LAAT Gunship and Hailfire are both impressive, I don’t think either would make my list. I would add Zam’s speeder for its neat shape and the completely awesome electric guitar whine it makes as it weaves through Coruscant traffic.!BqVqwtw!mk~$(KGrHqUH-CkEuZlFKgFSBLvTrw7fnQ~~_35.JPG

    Also, even though it makes its film debut in The Empire Strikes Back, I think Slave I would make my list. The new blue/silver color scheme and once again the sound design of everything from the blasters to those seismic charges puts it over the top.

  3. bansheegun Says:

    I always thought the Diplomatic Barge seen (and then blown up) at the beginning of AOTC was the coolest Naboo starship design.

    Something to add: I saw an article recently saying how Rey’s speeder was influenced by Luke’s land speeder from ANH. It got me thinking: the Prequels took designs and inspirations from the OT as well, it wasn’t like a completely new universe like some “fans ” like to claim. Since TFA is obviously doing the same thing, it’s clear that the ST won’t be able to escape the PT, at least aesthetically, since they both share the same DNA that ties them to the OT. Just some random thoughts.

  4. Steven F Says:

    Great topic! Number 1 for me is the Naboo Starfighter. It’s so perfect and elegant for a more civilized age. Next is the Jedi Starfighter from AOTC. Then Padme’s private ship which is right out of Flash Gordon. And then the Clone gunships from AOTC and finally the upgraded Jedi starfighters from ROTS. But honestly all of the prequel ship designs were fantastic.

  5. Jacobesico Says:

    I’ve got a soft spot for the ARC-170. I remember seeing it for the first time in the ROTS teaser trailer and thought that it was an X-Wing.

  6. Keith Palmer Says:

    I don’t usually try to “rank” things, but I do seem to like both of the chrome Naboo starships from Attack of the Clones more than the other two. The standard droid starfighter has enough “transformability” to get my attention (and I say that as someone who did seem to find the “Star Wars Transformers” toys a little strange), and the Trade Federation blockade ships are definitely distinctive. I also find the one-man scout mini-walkers and the giant wheeled clone battlewagons from Revenge of the Sith sort of interesting.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      The wheeled battlewagons were a surprise when I saw them. I thought GL always avoided the use of wheels in the GFFA because they are too reminiscent of our daily life. The Separatist Hailfire Droid also has wheels, but they IMHO look “otherworldly” enough because of their size. It would be interesting why GL allowed wheels for the battlewagon.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        “Juggernaut scale” might be one reason for putting in a wheeled vehicle, although in a lot of scenes it takes a second look to realise just how big they are. Maybe they have to be interpreted as a subtle rejoinder against those who make up lists of what’s not allowed in Star Wars…

        (As far as “big wheels” go, there’s also Grievous’s getaway bike, although that has legs as well.)

  7. Stefan Kraft Says:

    I really like the design of the Venator-class Star Destroyers. They still have a tad of elegance thanks to their sleek, dagger-like design.

  8. James Says:

    I usually prefer ground battles to space battles, but I gotta say the eta class jedi star ship was really cool. I was sad they didnt come around in the Clone wars until the last season and a half. They just have such a cool complex design that really nicely harkans back to 456.

  9. Bob Clark Says:

    The Trade Federation ships are probably my favorite. Beautiful blend of creative newness and a bit of OT spirit.

  10. hansolo1138 Says:

    Delta-7B Aethersprite all the way, baby! That or a Belbullab-22. But I might be biased because I owned LEGO models of both, and got a lot of fun out of them.

  11. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    There’s a reason my handle on the SWPAS forums was “Collor Pondrat”.

  12. Hoggle Says:

    The Solar Sailer, combined with Dooku, it’s driod pilot, and theme music, had quite an impression. Jedi Ships & their hyperdrive rings were pretty cool, AoTCs rulz it with it’s fleet of vehicles & ships in action as an episode, with alot of that romantic early 20th century sci-fi feel going on.

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